Desus & Mero Returned To ‘The Tonight Show’ And Roasted Jimmy Fallon About His Homemade Pickles

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

“Do marshmallows have feelings?”

Only a couple of months after their first appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” podcasters and TV hosts Desus and Mero returned to the show to discuss some of their most “fuego” takes of the moment. The Bronx-bred duo were on to plug the new Netflix series “Neo Yokio,” an anime parody starring Jaden Smith which features Desus and Mero as the characters Gottlieb and Lexy, respectively. Fallon, who usually spends his interviews slapping his desk and telling guests they’re “the best,” took this interview in the same direction he did the first: he turned the segment into an impromptu episode of Viceland’s “Desus & Mero,” asking the pair to give their takes on various topics, including apple picking, the new iPhone and their beloved New York Yankees. And of course, the duo wasted no time sharing their most scorching takes, like this gem about apple picking: “Apple picking is fun until you realize it’s one of the stupidest things you can do.”

Desus & Mero Made It From The Bronx To ‘The Tonight Show’ And They’re Loving Every Minute Of It

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