You’ll Be So Grateful For Your Family After Reading These Insane Christmas Drama Stories

It’s Christmastime, and you know what that means. ‘Tis the season for family drama. We all know there’s no such thing as a perfect family, but something about this time of the year seems to bring out the worst in people.  Between traveling, money woes, and political disagreements, it’s no wonder that more heart attacks occur on Christmas Eve than any other day of the year. 

So to make us feel better about our family lives, we combed Reddit to find the most brutal tales of family dysfunction around the holidays. Here are 10 tales of the most brutal Christmas family drama to keep you grateful this holiday season.

1. The Bigoted Family Opinions

“My cousin and his boyfriend have been dating for 10 years but my cousin has always referred to his boyfriend as his ‘best friend’ whenever they went to family events because he was too scared to come out as gay. This year, he came out, and finally introduced his best friend as not only his best friend but also his boyfriend and that they were both gay, while at the huge Christmas party. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE just flipped out. Saying they were both going to hell, to get out of the house and they would never be invited back ‘unless they turned straight again.’ In the end, they both left and had Christmas dinner at Denny’s.” – Loves_me_tacos125

2. The Requisite Argument About Politics

“During Christmas lunch, one of my family members made some politically-based comment, I commented that I disagreed on the view, immediately followed by their spouse then almost yelling at me over the table about ‘not caring about the country.’ Cue my grandmother deciding we should go around the table taking a poll of which view was correct. Loaded question as I’m well known in having a different view from my family and is essentially trying to shame me/my view through majority rules.” – Feaugh

3. The Most Passive-Aggressive Gift Ever

“After repeatedly trying to squeeze pimples and blackheads out of my face, even holding me down against my will so that I’d stop squirming, my mom got me an acne brush for Christmas. I cried.” – demonchild669

4.  This Christmas Was Lit

“Our entire family was at my aunt’s house for Christmas. The fire was going in the fireplace when suddenly we hear a loud noise. A squirrel somehow managed to climb into the chimney and fall down into the fire. After it fell, it tried to climb back up but couldn’t make it all the way out and fell back down again. It tried to climb one more time and fell again, this time it must have passed out because it just stayed in the fire. The whole house smelt awful for the rest of our stay…Our family still refers to it as our fire-y Christmas.” – shioj

5. The Drunken Family Brawl

“My dad had had too much to drink at my aunt’s house so I went to pick him up on Christmas Eve. My cousin got into a drunken-argument-turned physical-altercation with her mom (my aunt). My cousin wanted to leave my aunts house so badly even though she was drunk…She sat in her car, trying to get around- hitting my car. Then we had to call the police on her because she wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was brutal. I didn’t want to be there at ALL.” – Fun_it

6. The Rude Awakening

“My mom told me Santa wasn’t real when I came in my parents’ bedroom with tea for them early Christmas morning.” – AbbottPetCare

7.  The Wild Office Christmas Party

“One of my coworkers flashed her tits at our incompetent boss [at the office Christmas party], and he just pointed his camera, took a picture and walked away. He later showed it to others just saying, ‘gross.'” – towhead22

8. When Dark Family Secrets Are Revealed

“Last year found out an uncle had another kid…born in between two of the kids he had with his wife. We find this out as each of the ‘kids’ are now at least 40. This was the biggest scandal in my family ever. My dad apparently took it to the grave.” – RoosterDad

9.  The Awkward Christmas Proposal

“My sister started dating a guy in early December. It was a few months after breaking off a serious engagement and was clearly a rebound. Anyway, on Christmas Eve my family throws a party and typically 30+ people come. Her boyfriend came and so did his immediate family…He knelt in front of the Christmas tree in front of our entire family and his and proposed after dating for three weeks…I remember my sister crying and just accepting the ring. She cried a lot that night and slept for about a week straight before telling him privately that she didn’t want to do it. I think she felt like she couldn’t say no in that moment and it killed her. His family was really upset about the break up.” – unexplainedstains

10. The Slow-Motion Trainwreck

“When my 15-year-old cousin told everyone at Xmas dinner that he got his girlfriend pregnant and they’re keeping them (Yes, they’re having twins). My grandma wanted them to give the baby up for adoption, his parents were ashamed but they told him not to tell anyone and it’s not good news, my grandpa was yelling at my cousin for being irresponsible…Meanwhile, me and the rest of my cousins were just sitting there with our thoughts”. – TheBlushJournal

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