Big Pun’s Son Responds To Media’s ‘Misinterpretation’ That His Song Is About Dad’s Domestic Abuse

Rapper Chris Rivers released this song that has some rap fans upset.

The song “Fear of My Crown” is a new song by Chris Rivers, the son of one of hip hop’s greatest lyricists of all time, Big Pun. The music video for the song features several instances of abuse. One that stands out is an abusive father performing some heinous acts of domestic violence against his wife and son. The video culminates with the boy fighting back.

Many have speculated that the song and video were specifically about Chris Rivers’ relationship with his father.

Big Pun is often listed in many “top five rappers of all time” lists. The Puerto Rican rapper from the Bronx was larger than life in more ways than one. Lyrically he was a monster. And he was also, and this is not a scientific term, huge. The man wasn’t called Big Pun for nothing. At the end of his life he weighed close to 700 lbs. He tragically rapped “I just lost a hundred pounds, I ain’t going nowhere” in the song “It’s So Hard,” which released two months after his passing.

Big Pun left behind a legacy of dope songs, many of which featured him talking tough about kicking ass and shooting guns. Standard stuff for the late 90’s. But rumors did circulate about his alleged domestic abuse issues after his passing, with many fans rejecting the idea or saying it was either too soon or wrong to speak ill of the dead. His wife Liza Rios begged to differ.

In an E! interview, Big Pun’s wife spoke candidly about his abuse and even had footage of him hitting her with a gun.

She proceed to pull a shotgun on him. This probably wasn’t the first or last time the violence occurred. It obviously influenced Chris Rivers’ growing up in the household.

Although Pun and his wife had this history, Chris Rivers took to Facebook to address speculation by fans and the frustration the video caused many of them.


In his Facebook post he made sure to say to write that yes, bad things happened, but that’s not what the song and video were about. He wrote that the song’s intention “was to raise the general awareness of domestic violence and nothing more.” He further went on to explain:

“Unfortunately the media spun it and has been targeting and demonizing my pops off of it. Their misinterpretation of the entire premise is drastic and I️ hate to see my father who was a great man who did many great things, not only for hip hop but for his community and loved ones, be marginalized into a bad person because people wanna focus on one thing. I️ as his son have long forgiven any and all things from my childhood and see him as a great man. My family also. And if we can see that then others should as well. He was abused as a child and went through so much as well as had many demons which he struggled with in his life that he needed help for.”

The song is part of his upcoming album “Deloreon.”

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