A Lot Of People Have A Lot Of Feelings About This ‘Arroz Con Pollo’ Recipe From Tasty

Food is a very special thing in the Latino community. Every community has its own version of food that speaks to the soul of the culture. As such, recipe videos on social media are heavily criticized because people are very protective about the foods that reflect who they are. That is exactly what is happening right now with a Tasty video showing a recipe for “arroz con pollo.”

Tasty recently released a video of an arroz con pollo recipe and the responses have been swift.

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The recipe comes from Partick’s grandmother and people should understand that some people make food differently. Family recipes vary depending on where they are from, what they grew up with, and their own tastes. But, that kind of nuance is not quite readily available on Twitter.

People were immediately offended.

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Food is a sacred part of Latino life. We all know the recipes our abuelas and mamis made for us when we were growing up. We love those recipes and we can guarantee that your abuelas arroz con pollo recipe is different than your friend’s abuela’s arroz con pollo recipe.

There was some debate over the seasoning process for the chicken.

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They did add salt to the water but it is fair to question how much they added. With the amount of water they used to boil the chicken, they should have used more salt to give the chicken an appropriate salty flavor.

People are not arguing that they made rice and they made chicken but the use of the phrase arroz con pollo is too much for some.

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The dish arroz con pollo is a very specific and iconic combination of chicken, rice, and seasoning. It can vary depending on where you are from however, there is a lot to be desired after seeing this video.

Some Twitter people put the blame directly onto the people behind the dish.

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One of the greatest dangers of working on the Internet and doing things on the Internet is that people can say whatever they want whenever they want. Putting your name to something, while brave, can give people a name to rail against specifically.

Some people are trying to figure out what culture this dish really fits into.

It might be inspired by a different culture and there is nothing wrong with that. The world is a melting pot of food, people, and ideas. Sometimes there are dishes made within a family because of someone being from one part of the world and someone being from another. We did have a whole trade system in the world around spices.

Yet, people just want it to stop.

When people speak, they speak. This is definitely one way to make this happen. There is nothing confusing about what this person wants.

And people from the U.N. of Latinos on Twitter.

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So many cultures have a version of arroz con pollo. If you recognize this version, let us know in the Facebook comments so we can pinpoint the origin of this creation.

Watch the full video below and make your own decision about the recipe.

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