From Wearing Lucky Underwear To Hanging A Goat, These Are All Of The Bizarre Traditions That Could Get You Love In The New Year

When it comes to the year’s final stroke of midnight, y’all know the whole world knows how to turn up. Live streams from across the globe have shown all of the colorful, lively and spectacular ways nations, cultures and people ring in the new year. But the truth of the matter is, that when it comes to the moment the big ball drops, it’s really the people in Latin America that have a leg up on having a good time. With so many culture and traditions, New Year’s Eve celebrations in Latino households get wild.

From starving down food at the stroke of midnight to setting things on fire these are some of our favorites.

1. Cramming grapes down your throat at midnight

jeffreywmiller/ Instagram

Just at the stroke of midnight, people across Spanish-speaking countries like Cuba and Ecuador measure out 12 grapes and pop them into their mouths. One grape is meant to be good luck for each month of the new year. It’s a pretty cute tradition if you think about it!

2. Sweeping down the house

lucathesheltie/ Instagram

The tradition of keeping up with a broom can be seen in various Latin American countries. In some peopleclean and sweep their home to ensure they’re “out with the old” in others they toss out their brooms to symbolize this.

3. Tossing a bucket of water out of the window

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Various Latin American countries get rid of evil and the old with this fun tradition. Some countries like Cuba toss out buckets of water from the front door or window of a house to dump out all bad luck that could come in from the new year. No word on what could happen if someone’s standing below the dumping of water!

4. Selecting all of the underwear and organizing it properly

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The tradition of new underwear for the New Year can be seen across countries throughout the world. But in Latin American countries many believe that the underwear you wear for New Year’s Eve can have a big hand in what ultimately happens to you in the year that comes. For example: red underwear brings in love, yellow underwear brings in fortune. Whatever you do! Don’t wear black, it’s said to bring bad luck.

5. Circling the block with a suitcase

dido_hilton / Instagram

Eager for a travel adventure in the New Year? Many Latin American cultures subscribe to a believe that if you walk in a circle with a suitcase around your home or neighborhood jet-setting opportunities will come for you in the new year.

6. Getting lit with some effigies:

santiago_a6400 / Instagram

For people living in Panama and Ecuador burning “muñecos” — or effigies of famous people, is a way to do away with the old. People who keep up with tradition put muñecos on display after Christmas and then burn them in a bonfire.

7. Ringing in the new year with some carols

oldetownecarolers/ Instagram

Mexicans in Colorado and New Mexico keep up with the caroling tradition by singing  “Dando los Dias” for neighbors on the night of January 1st. On their journey singers are supposed to set out to find anyone by the name of named Manuel and go to his house after all St. Emmanuel is the patron saint of new years.

8. Exchanging hands with silver

ashtrickartist / Instagram

Countries throughout Latin American believe that it is good luck to hold on to silver to bring good fortune in the new year.

9. Sounding off and shooting some bullets into the air

workingclassglobetrotter / Instagram

Gun control people! Still, in Latin neighborhoods in Miami, you can hear the sound of guns being sounded off into the air as a celebration.

10. Hanging with some peeps in an old graveyard 

cruelrav / Instagram

For the New Year, Chilean’s often hangs out in Chilean graveyards to say goodbye to the dearly departed.

11. Storing up and stashing back the cash

moneyllicious / Instagram

 In Ecuador, hiding money around the house is thought to bring prosperity. At the very least, if you’ve forgotten where you’ve hidden your cash and end up finding it again a few months down the road, it’s like getting free money.

12. Donning white

tendancehunter / Instagram

For a fun Brazilian new year treat, wear white underwear or even dress completely in white! If you do this while jumping seven waves and placing flowers into the ocean you might not just get good luck with money, it could be love and advancement too!

13. Popping off with the fireworks to burn up an Effigy

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Paraguayans and Colombia ring in the new year by creating an effigy called the “Año Nuevo.” They then set it on fire with fireworks at midnight to get rid of all of the bad luck.

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