A Study Says The 52 Minutes We Spend Gossiping A Day Is Actually Good For The Soul

Let’s keep it real. We all live for some gossip.

And a study has found that each of us spends on average nearly an hour spilling the tea, each and every day.

But guess what? Although most assume that gossip is nothing but trash talk, according to the study, the vast majority is nonjudgemental chit chat.  

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According to the study, nearly 75% of all the gossip we share is neutral. Apparently, most of us really do spend our days talking about how our mamis make the best pozole or how our best friend’s tia just got back from a trip to the Bahamas. I didn’t realize we were all so boring.

About 15% of our gossip is actual trash talking though. We’ve all heard the whispers.

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Though according to the study, even negative gossip can serve a helpful purpose, especially in the workplace.

I mean imagine you find out your co-workers are talking sh*t about how you’re always late. You’re probably gonna want to change your actions, arrive to work on time, and gladly tell them to shut the f-up. Right?

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved to discover it’s not so bad to gossip considering many of us basically grew up on chisme.

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Like, Latino culture is letting you sit with the grown-ups to hear all the family gossip once you’re old enough.

And some of us find that special someone just to share the chisme with.

Like if this isn’t me and everyone I know.

The study also pointed out something I think few of us are actually surprised by.

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Consider another misogynistic myth disproved: women don’t share more negative gossip than men. All good ammunition the next time someone tries to tell you that women are intrinsically bitchy, or female friendships thrive on cattiness, or one of the many other desperately worn-out stereotypes about women.

Like for real though….

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Men engage in just as much gossip as women do. So now if your papi, novio, or hermano tell you to stop with all the chisme, well now you’ve got the ultimate clap back.

Excuse me, while I pretend to be shocked.

Few of us with any men in our lives are surprised by this so-called revelation.

Another misconception about gossip is that it’s something only the younger generation does but this study proves that chisme knows no age.

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I mean we all knew this already. The señoras who go to church and then lunch at each other’s houses are the OGs of gossip. Though the study did point out that the younger you are the more likely you are to engage in negative trash-talking gossip.

So the study points out that we spend 52 minutes every day talking about someone who isn’t around. But I mean it’s pretty obvious why.

People just want to connect, talk and share. They’re less keen on being mean about someone else than just trying to fit in.

This is remarkably hopeful for humanity as a whole and for office life in particular. Especially when you realize how much time we spend dishing out the chisme.

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