A Writer Got Roasted After Asking Mexican Restaurants To Nix The Lime That Comes With Tacos

Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. Rice and Beans. Tacos and lime. Some things just go perfectly together. Be it fajitas, carnitas, or fish, we can’t imagine tacos without the hit of citrus that lime provides. However, it seems that this preference isn’t as widely held as we thought.

In fact, one Twitter user was willing to put his unpopular opinion out there to be torn down by true taco fans.  

Sportswriter Tyler Conway took to Twitter Monday to denounce the classic combo of lime and tacos. 

Twitter / @jtylerconway

The writer stood by his opinion, saying that lime “contaminates” everything around it. This isn’t really the way lime works as it needs to be squeezed into order to give its juice. Still, he also claimed that, although he likes his food spicy, he doesn’t want or need the zest that lime provides. What followed was a well-deserved ratio full of not so kind replies to his stance. 

Twitter was quick to come to tacos’ defense and roast Conway for his anti-lime ways. 

Twitter / @cistela9

Comedian Cristela Alonza responded to Conway’s tweet with a request that he not eat Mexican food if he doesn’t like the way it is served. Lime is essential to Mexican cuisine. If he doesn’t enjoy it, there are tons of other options that are served sans lime. 

Some pointed out that it’s easy to exclude the lime with a simple request.

Twitter / @EricHaywood

The humble little lime that comes with a plate of tacos isn’t put there to be an object of contention but if you don’t like it, you can always ask for it to be excluded. It’s as easy as that to get the tacos you want without lime and without punishing the rest of us with the suggestion that Mexican restaurants stop including the fruit.  

Others suggested another restaurant to pick up tacos from. 

Twitter / @Dowbiggin

If you’re looking for a lime-less taco option, you can always hit up a much less authentic “Mexican” restaurant like Taco Bell. You’re sure to not find a single lime there. Unfortunately, you won’t find real Mexican food either.  

Many observed that an opinion like this could only come from a White non-Latinx person.

Twitter / @Hector_E_Alcala

Of course, Twitter had its usual jokes about the stereotype of White people and their preference of less seasoning. Considering Conway’s anti-lime stance, maybe the stereotype is well-founded.

Most responses were just 100% pro-lime and its fresh deliciousness. 

Twitter / @MoogleSpace

Lime is one of those ingredients that bring out the flavor in foods. If you are looking for less flavor with your dinner, you can always go for a lime-less taco. However, we can’t in good conscience support that decision. 

Ultimately, we can’t see how his controversial taco opinion was even worth a tweet.

Twitter / @kaludiasays

We hope Conway learned something after being roasted by all of taco-loving Twitter. If your opinion is going to get you noting but called out, maybe keep it to yourself. Next time, just ask for no limes on your taco plate and be done with it.


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