After Being Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor, This Makeup Artist Started Creating Full Blown Masterpieces On Her Lips

If you’re one of the millions that mentions Selena Quintanilla’s name at least once a day — this makeup artist just created a way for everyone to know how much you truly adore Selena without saying a word.

A 25-year-old makeup artist from Sydney, Australia just created the most stunning tribute to Selena.

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While some of us can’t even outline our lips, this makeup artist drew the “Amor Prohibido” album art by hand on ??her?? lips??. And it’s so detailed!

Meet Jazmina Daniel, the mastermind behind this insane lip artwork.

How flawless is she?!

Her personal story is as incredible as her artistry. Last year she told ABC News that she became a makeup artist to relieve stress after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“In 2006 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which forced me to leave school,” Jazmina said to ABC News. “I spent most of my days inside and focused on art for happiness. From canvases I began working on my own face, which then led to doing a few makeup courses during the time I was unwell and working then as a makeup artist.

“After that I became unwell again and had to have surgery to remove my tumor, and it was shortly after that I started to get creative with my lips instead of just glamour makeup,” she added.

Lip art brings me happiness. I find joy in it and it definitely is an amazing stress reliever,” she told ABC News.

And with a tiny palette like the one you see below, she creates her works of art.

Warning: You’re about to be blown away…

The outcome of her go-to stress reliever is insane! She’s mastered how to draw everything on her lips from “Beauty And The Beast”…

I’d love to wear this to Disneyland.

To “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”…

So classy and perfect.

And she even recreated a masterpiece of Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement photos.

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How long does this take?! Where does she wear this to? Is it kiss-proof? So many questions!

Her artwork is seriously an optical illusion.

How does she do it?!

Here’s a collage of her most popular creations:

We wonder how long it takes to create this magical beauty.

And here’s one more look at her Selena lip because it’s so ?.

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I mean, just outlining my lips like that would be a victory in my book.

So what did Selena fans think?


This is just a snippet of some of the comments that gave Jazmina glowing reviews.

 Jazmina, you are a true queen.

We hope you continue to bless us with your artwork.

Check out how she actually creates her masterpieces, here.

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