6 Memes That Describe What It Feels Like When Applying For College

You did it! You’ve made it to your senior year of high school. Can we take a moment to appreciate how hard you’ve been working? From getting through your A-G requirement classes to keeping up with your school spirit, you’ve stuck it out. Things got tough, but you were tougher. Pretty soon you’ll be crossing that stage to accept your diploma and heading off to college to embark on new adventures.

To celebrate these milestones, we partnered with the McDonald’s® HACER® National Scholarship to bring you 6 memes that totally describe what it feels like to go through the college-bound process.


Senior year is finally here and you feel like a million bucks as you walk through the halls of your school. In a few years, you might cringe at what you were wearing, but who cares? This is YOUR senior year.


All those coffee shop study sessions on the weekends and color-coding flashcards… Well, at least you get points for getting your name right. …Right? (too soon?)


College applications are long and complicated, so of course, some of us procrastinated! Working under pressure can bring out the best in you, so don’t worry, you totally got this.


The struggle is real! Luckily, there are options to help you pay for college like the McDonald’s® HACER® National Scholarship, which offers scholarships to Latino students based on financial need, academic achievement, and community involvement. The submission period opens up on October 7, 2019, and runs through February 5, 2020. Ponte las pilas, and apply for a chance to win $100,000! 


You were nervous when you hit “submit” on those applications, and now you can’t even remember why! This time, it’s your turn to choose the right candidate, so choose wisely.


Nothing will ever match the feeling of seeing your family radiate with pride as you make your way across the stage to receive your hard-earned diploma. Make sure to take a second to breathe it all in because it’s your moment!

The McDonald’s® HACER® National Scholarship is here to help make your future a little brighter, apply for a chance to be one of this year’s 30 scholarship recipients.

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