5 Ways That Every Latina Mom Manages To Sneak Food Into Different Places

Latina moms are truly one of a kind. They seem to have the ability to know what you need even before you do. But here’s the thing… we all know that sometimes this ability can be a little embarrassing. Not, like, super embarrassing where you can’t ever show your face again, but embarrassing like, “Oh-Mah-Gawd, Ma! Did you seriously just do that?!”

For instance, Latina moms are the queens of sneaking food to all sorts of places. Sure, if they get caught, it can be a tragame tierra moment, but let’s be honest – we are all low-key grateful for their food-sneaking skills. Especially when they whip out something amazing from the pits of their big bolsas when you least expect it! 

Here are some ways Latina moms manage to sneak food into – well, everywhere! It seriously is an art form. 

1. Your hermanito’s old car seat.

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What better way to sneak comida, undetected, into a crowded movie theater than by using your little bro’s old baby car seat? Your hermanito might have outgrown, but that doesn’t mean your mom is ready to stop using it. We all know that paying movie theater prices for food is a no-no, and there is nothing worse than sitting through a movie without having anything to munch on. That’s where mami comes in with her porta bebe carrying all sorts of delicious treats! Honestly? It makes the movie-going experience a thousand times better.

2. Her huge purse.

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There’s a reason why Latina moms have giant purses. And no, it’s not just because they love looking extra fabulous (even though duh, of course, they do). Toting a huge purse around means having way more room to hide snacks for trips to theme parks! Feeding a bunch of hungry, cranky niños in a theme park can get pretty pricey, so Latina moms know the importance of preparing in advance. With a huge purse filled with croquetas and Cubanos, your mom can feed you and all your hungry primas y primos all day.

3. In her infamous faja.

Yes, this one might be a little outlandish but we know that there’s a mom out there who has pulled this off. You may tease your mom about wearing her faja, but you can’t deny that it’s the perfect way to sneak in the food as well as keeping it nice and warm. When it comes to hiding food, Latina moms have mad skills. It’s seriously insane.

4. In her church hat.

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Ok, hear us out! Nobody will suspect that your mom is hiding snacks in her Sunday best sombrero, which is why it’s so genius. When the hunger pain hits during misa, your mom can easily sneak you some granola bars and everything is immediately better.

5. Under her rebozo. 

Rebozos are a thing of beauty because they can be used in multiple ways – as fashion statements, baby carriers, they provide warmth, and yes, they can even hide food. That is why when it comes to using things creatively, our moms are the best. So the next time your a’ma sneaks a full-course dinner (including alfajores for dessert) in anywhere, you’ll know she did it with the help of her handy rebozo.

We really do have to give it up for our moms, they don’t mess around when it comes to food, and making sure you have it handy at all times.  And we really have to hand it to them – how else could you enjoy something as delicious as Jack in the Box’s Really Big Chicken Sandwich while you’re sitting in a movie theatre? Their food smuggling ability is a skill that nobody else has been able to master! Even though at times, they may look totally ridiculous doing it, we are so thankful.

Catch Abuela and Mirta as they try to sneak a Jack in the Box’s Really Big Chicken Sandwich into a movie theater ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


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