5 Things You Wish You Could Insure But Can’t…

Wouldn’t it be great if we could insure nearly everything in our lives? Just think about the amount of stress and anxiety that would go away. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing something is insured. Whether it’s your health, your car, or your home, having valuables insured is the way to go.

But…what about all those things we ​wish ​we could insure that we simply can’t? We all know that our health is important, but there are so many things us passionate Latinos care about. But why shouldn’t we be able to insure those things? To be honest, it’s totally not fair.

Here are 5 things that in a dream world, we would absolutely love to insure. Can you relate?

1. The first time you watched a fútbol game with your papá.


This was such a special day that you wish you could insure it more than anything. Your dad is a huge​ ​fútbol​ fan and loves the game almost as much as he loves his familia. You can still remember being a little kid, sitting in your oversized jersey, and watching the game with your papá. You loved how excited he got when his team scored, and his love of fútbol​ was (and still is) contagious.

2. Sunday BBQs with the familia…because let’s be real, that’s the only time you get a good meal.

Even though you’re getting older and love having your own life, there’s nothing quite like the outdoor Sunday BBQ with the familia. So yeah, you want those insured! How else will you get your mom’s delicious food? Plus…the familia BBQ means spending time with everyone at least once a week. Everyone gets so busy with their own schedules, and the weekly Sunday BBQ is tradition. It’s something that you can carry on with your own children, and it means the most to you. Besides, an added bonus is getting to do your laundry for free at your parents house after dinner.

3. The weekends when your abuela and abuelo would babysit you.


Was there anything better than those weekends when your parents would take an anniversary trip and drop you off at abuela and abuelo’s house? As a little kid, those days were the best! Your abuela and abuelo always let you eat as many cookies​ ​as you wanted and stay up past your bedtime. There should definitely be insurance to safeguard ]all those times abuela and abuelo babysat you and your siblings.

4. Your closet from your nosy little primas.

Your little primas are like your own siblings. But sometimes they just literally don’t understand personal space. Hence why you catch them on social media, wearing your favorite shirt. How do they even get in there? Do primas have a special superpower that allows them to sneak into their older cousin’s room and pilfer all of their best clothes? It’s ridiculous. Your love for your primas is deep, but can they please stay out of your closet? That can’t be too much to ask.

5. Nosy insurance for the person you’re dating…(since your family likes to get in their business).

You know your family has good intentions. They always have your back. Your papá and mom would do anything for you. But sometimes, they’re a little too nosy when it comes to who you’re dating. If there was a way to insure against nosiness from your parents for your boyfriend or girlfriend, that would be a dream. Like, do they really have to fire away questions interview-style the minute you bring a date home?

Let’s be real. It only makes sense that we’d want to insure everything that means the most to us. When things are important, you want to take care of them. And even if that insurance doesn’t exist… we can still dream.

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