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This Is Why Kate Del Castillo And Other Latino Celebs Are Boycotting SeaWorld

Hey guys, guess what?! SeaWorld has been losing money like nobody and is targeting Latinos specifically to increase ticket sales. Because they think they can win us over. ????

Meanwhile, some of our favorite, famous Latinos are saying it all for us. Here are 7 Latinos against SeaWorld and their reasons why.

1. Kate del Castillo

“KatedelCastillo” Digital Image. PETA. 26 June 2018.

In all her glory, she worked with PETA Latino to show the world how “37 orcas have died and none of them for natural reasons, which is devastating.”

In her own words, “we need to be the voice for animals.” I’ll do anything you tell me to, Kate. ????

“No tenemos el derecho a abusar los animales.” -Kate del Castillo

peta2 / YouTube

“We don’t have the right to abuse animals.” – Kate del Castillo.

You can watch Kate get emotional with PETA Latino about the horrific conditions that orcas are kept in. Their lives are miserable, but their deaths can be worse. Like when Kandu got into a fight with another orca while trying to protect her only calf, Orkid (after 7 of her babies already died in captivity).

Kandu accidentally rammed her jaw open and bled out for hours in front of Orkid.

And death isn’t even the worst case scenario for orcas.

“SeaWorld San Antonio 1 orcas in tank” Digital Image. peta2. 27 June 2018.

Orcas typically travel 100 miles per day in the wild. At SeaWorld, they’re in the human equivalent of a bathtub… and they have to share it with other kidnapped, stressed af orcas.

According to a water-quality diver for SeaWorld, the orcas fight so often, and so fiercely that they rip off each other’s skin, which sink to the bottom of the tanks. Employees will casually gift strips of dead flesh to their families as a souvenir of the horror show of their lives. ????

2. Christian Serratos

@cserratos / Twitter

Remember Angela from Twilight? Well, she’s been Rosita on The Walking Dead for a few years now, and she’ll throw shade at anyone who even associates with SeaWorld.

Because anyone with “orca masturbation” in their job description should reconsider.

Untitled. Digital Image. PETA. 27 June 2018.

That is an orca penis you’re looking at, folks, and those are employees tasked with “sexually stimulating” Tilikum, the famous orca at the center of the documentary, Blackfish.

SeaWorld has bred him so many times that 50% of the orcas at SeaWorld parks around the country are his offspring. Talk about daddy issues.

3. Kat Von D

@thekatvond / Twitter

After the orca star of the critically acclaimed documentary Blackfish died at SeaWorld, people poured in the streets to protest. Meanwhile, Kat Von D definitely poured out her heart on Twitter.

When Tilly died, some celebs were relieved.

@ASabbs123 / Twitter

SeaWorld kidnapped Tilly from his family in the wild, off the coast of Washington, when he was just a baby. There’s enough heartache in this world when we talk about humans, which is why it’s so offensive that SeaWorld would think to target Latinos.

4. Daniella Monet

@DaniellaMonet / Twitter

Daniella Monet is a huge animal lover, and she’s got nothing against whales. She does have a lot against SeaWorld.

Some things are best said in four words or less.

Latinos can relate more than anyone to savage sibling revenge.

“Seaworld san antonio 5 rake marks” Digital Image. peta2. 27 June 2018.

We’re all triggered by furniture shopping, and the countless hours our moms would spend at El Dorado, lured in by the promise of ice cream, and rage slowly bubbling up for hours. SeaWorld trainers don’t have chanclas, but they do withhold food. Inevitably, the orcas take their frustration out on each other.

5. Adriana de Moura


Real Housewives of Miami star, Adriana de Moura, hates Miami Seaquarium so much that she stripped for a PETA ad to raise awareness about the inhumane conditions at the amusement park for Lolita.

Lolita is the longest living orca in captivity. She’s been in an enclosure that was as deep as my diving pool in high school, on a key off Miami Beach. She can probably hear other orcas in the wild, but she’s trapped in a pool with no other orcas–effectively solitary confinement.

So could you live in a pool by yourself for the rest of your life?

Answer: No.

Untitled. Digital Image. PETA. 27 June 2018.

Orcas are often seen vomiting, something that is rarely seen in the wild. Just as we often felt nauseous and sick on Saturday mornings when the Cuban mop came out. “I feel trapped. Please set me free.”

6. Alfonso Herrera

PETA / LatinoYouTube

Afonso Herrera actually went with PETA Latino to visit SeaWorld San Diego and what he saw was lifeless orcas floating instead of swimming, and a host of unnatural behaviors.

Like gnawing on their prison bars until their teeth are worn down.

@ScienceDaily / Twitter

Virtually every orca at SeaWorld is in a state of pychosis, from boredom, to the point that they’re gnawing on anything they can find, and every orcas needs extreme dental work to repair the damage.

They’re also all medicated with anti-depressants. ????

7. Ireland Baldwin

@peta / Twitter

PETA asked it’s followers what they’d rather do instead of going to SeaWorld, and Brazilian model, Ireland Baldwin, responded with beauty and grace. JK, but she did delete the tweet after. ????

Like most of us, animals do better with their families than with a corporation.

@peta / Twitter

SeaWorld definitely has some great rescue programs, but they account for less than 1 percent of the profit they make off the animals who just want to go home.

Plus, hanging with frustrated, angry wild animals is dangerous.

@peta / Twitter

This summer, SeaWorld is creating more animal encounter experiences than ever–something that no wild animal is interested in. Don’t be fooled by that permanent smile on dolphins–she enojada af.

SeaWorld es lo mentirosa of all the parks.

@OrlRising / Twitter

If Disney is your friend always stepping out in acrylics, eating huge turkey legs every day, and fake sobbing while saying, “I just can’t gain any weight,” then SeaWorld is your Uncle Omar who lies between every drag of his cigarillo, but he gives you weed and Cuban coffee so you just go along with it.

Literally, SeaWorld said they gave this dolphin birth control, but she magically got inbred anyway and gave birth to a calf that died within minutes in captivity.

TBH, SeaWorld is like the pimp of the animal kingdom.

Untitled. Digital Image. PETA. 27 June 2018.

Like, remember that time that they separated best friends Szenja and Snowflake so that they could drug and rent her out to the Pittsburgh Zoo to use for breeding there?

Szenja died not long after, after spending 20 years with the only polar bear she knew, probably of a broken heart.

SeaWorld casually took 11 penguins from Antartica and just put them in this cage.

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

But they would rather talk about the rescue and rehab they do, and really  don’t want this kind of information getting out. Whoops.

Which sucks, because, claro que sí, all of us would like to see penguins in action, but not if we know they could be swimming free and that by us paying to see them, we’re affirming SeaWorld’s shady business ways.

….wtf is this?

Untitled. Digital Image. PETA. 27 June 2018.

I mean, this picture says it all. That’s literally just a 2×4 of fake grass in a glass enclosure that is probably very confusing and stressful to these guys.

Plus, a former employee describes seeing garbage in the penguin enclosure, which is a hazard. If I put my dog in an enclosure with trash, she will eat it and need an ER visit.

Bottom line: SeaWorld exploits animals for profit.

“Much like a piece of equipment, Nanuq was “on loan” to SeaWorld for profit.” Digital Image. peta2. 27 June 2018.

Nanuq died in March of 2015 while “on loan” to SeaWorld for breeding purposes. He was removed from the water 42 times to retrieve sperm, and was shipped to five different parks. Before that, he was just living his best life off the coast of Canada with his pod until the Vancouver Aquarium decided to own his body.

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There’s A Mysterious “Bat Cave” Full Of Blind Snakes Near Cancun And It’s Creepy AF

Things That Matter

There’s A Mysterious “Bat Cave” Full Of Blind Snakes Near Cancun And It’s Creepy AF

Mexico is full of incredible natural beauty, so it’s no wonder that it’s frequently one of the world’s most visited destinations. People love to visit the picturesque beaches, the ancient ruins, lively cities, and relaxed pueblos. But we would imagine that few people would add this mysterious ‘bat cave’ to their list of destinations, considering it’s full of blind snakes that hang from the ceiling to catch their prey. 

Mexico’s mysterious ‘bat cave’ is part of a truly unique ecosystem. 

Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s home to some of the world’s greatest beaches and tons of adventure at cenotes and Mayan ruins. But, apparently, it’s also home to a unique ecosystem that includes a so-called bat cave home to thousands of blind snakes that hang upside down. Yikes!

The cave, located less than 180 miles from Cancun’s spectacular beaches, is home to a species of blind, deaf snakes that feed mainly on flying bats.”This is the only place in the world where this happens,” Arturo Enrique Bayona Miramontes, the biologist who discovered it, told Newsweek.

The cave system remained completely unknown to tourists and surprised many scientists, who marveled as the jungle was peeled away to reveal another species, another hidden natural world.

The “cave of the hanging snakes” has a 65-foot wide mouth from which thousands of bats of seven different species swarm out every night, seeking food in and around Lake Chichancanab, some 2 miles away. When the bats return from nighttime feeding, some become food for the snakes.

The cave is a bat paradise – unless they become food for the blind and deaf snakes.

The giant cave is home to hundreds of thousands – perhaps even millions – of bats who cling to the cave’s roof. Joining them in the cave are a unique species of blind and deaf snakes that strike unsuspecting bats as they fly by.

The technique of the yellow-red rat snake is frighteningly precise, Bayona Miramontes said. “These snakes do not see or hear, but they can feel the vibrations of the bats flying, and they use that opportunity to hunt them with their body, suffocating their victims before gobbling them down.”

If you’re feeling adventurous, the cave is open to a limited number of visitors.

The cave is located nearby a very small Mayan community in Kantemó, on the Yucatan peninsula. Although the village is so small that it only has one church, the community has been working hard to protect this unique ecosystem.

Only 10 visitors are allowed inside the cave at a time and no photography is permitted. Since the pandemic began, the cave has been closed but it will reopen when the health department of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo allows tourism again.

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Video Of A Sweet Mama Bear Struggling To Get Her Cubs Across Busy Road Goes Viral


Video Of A Sweet Mama Bear Struggling To Get Her Cubs Across Busy Road Goes Viral

It’s often said that a mother’s work is never done. A recent roadblock that occurred in Winsted, Connecticut is proof that this saying holds true beyond the human species. A woman in Connecticut witnessed this for herself when she came across a mother bear attempting to wrangle her four distractible cubs across a road.

The woman captured the sweet moment of the mother and cubs crossing a road.

ViralHog/ Youtube

“First, I thought one baby had been struck by a car. I came back 15 minutes later to realize mama was simply trying to get all four babies to cross the street together! I can relate as a mom of four myself!” the driver explained to ViralHog.

Fortunately, when the woman drove back and checked on the mother bear and her cubs she watched them finally make the journey across the road.

The footage of the mother bear shows her attempting to move her cubs across the street, picking each up in her mouth one by one.

ViralHog/ Youtube

The video shows the mother working quickly, and with the patience of a saint, as she manages to get one cub across, only for one or two of her other cubs to trackback. During the process, the cubs prance around the road, attempt to play with their mother, climb a tree while also return to the original side of the street. Thus, forcing their mother to start the process all over again.

Check out the hilariously cute and full clip below!

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