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A Crowd Of People Prevented Tragedy From Happening When A Ride Began To Dangerously Tip Over

The word hero is so often associated with tights and special powers but we’re more interested in everyday heroes. Those people who come together in a moment of need or tragedy and find a way to make the situation better. We’re talking about the neighbors who help each other during hard times and the strangers who come to someone’s aid without expecting any thanks. 

Those are the heroes we like to hear about and we’ve found an amazing story of such heroes coming out of Mexico. 

When a ride at a fair in Mexico began to tilt and fall, it was saved by a group of fairgoers in one of the most incredible rescues we’ve ever seen. 

Twitter / @DetJessRamirez

A video sharing the daring rescue popped up on Reddit’s r/HumansBeingBros sub-thread on August 2nd. The video shows an event at a local fair in Durango, Mexico. In the video, we see the tall yellow, green and blue spire of an Eiffle Tower-inspired gondola ride as it begins to tilt. Among the chaos of the rescue, the video also shows us that the ride was active with passengers gliding towards the tilting tower. 

Almost right away, fairgoers surrounding the base spring into action — together, pushing the tower in the opposite direction it’s falling in order to right it. Once the fixture has been pushed enough towards its base, more good Samaritans grab at the bottom of the tower and use their weight to pull it down to its rightful place. In the end, everyone on the ride was safe and the helpful fair goers continued their fun with little fanfare. 

What’s most impressive about this rescue is that we don’t know the names of these saviors. The ground of fairgoers who helped rescue this ride hasn’t been named. They did a heroic deed just because it needed to be done. They probably saved lives with their actions but did not expect a “thank you” for doing so.

Reddit users were just as amazed as we are and had a lot to say about the rescue. 

Reddit / r/HumansBeingBros

As these comments point out, this was an amazing act of strength. It was only able to be accomplished by the collective power of the group. The added adrenaline that everyone was feeling no doubt helped a lot with this impressive rescue but this show of community is so important, especially in face of the recent attacks on Latinx folk.

Some people saw this video and swore off carnival and fair rides altogether. 

Reddit / r/HumansBeingBros

We totally get it. Watching this makes us what to skip the Ferris wheel next time the carnival is in town. However, as one comment by @PennythePup pointed out, traveling carnival rides are actually safer and more regulated than the kinds of rides you find at an amusement park. These traveling rides have to pass regular safety inspections while the amusement park ones do not. This kind of makes us rethink any future visits to California Adventure. 

One comment pointed out the irony of the French-themed ride in the Mexican town.

Reddit / r/HumansBeingBros

This comment reminded us that France and Mexico haven’t always had the most friendly relationship. The Battle of Puebla — when Mexican soldiers drove out the French occupation — was over 150 years ago. We doubt this was any kind of intentional revenge by the French, as this comment jokes, but it’s a funny coincidence nonetheless. 

Another comment pointed out that — had this happened in the United States — it would have been a much bigger deal. 

Reddit / r/HumansBeingBros

This daring rescue didn’t get nearly the kind of coverage it would have in the States. There isn’t much info about it now but, had it happened in the US, it probably would have been all over the news. Knowing how news travels in America, this observation is probably true. 

Mostly, the comments centered around how helpful and welcoming the people of Mexico are. 

Reddit / r/HumansBeingBros

The thread soon turned into a place to share other amazing experiences of Mexican people coming to the rescue. Whether it was a spontaneous invitation to a quinceañera or saving the day after a car accident, the Reddit thread filled up with experiences with and appreciations for everyday Mexican and Mexican-American citizens. 

While this rescue didn’t get a lot of press, we can’t ignore how amazing it was and give props to the nameless Durango heroes who saved the day.   

Watch the full rescue below!

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This Teacher Received A Nissan Pickup Truck Decked Out As A Mobile Classroom

Things That Matter

This Teacher Received A Nissan Pickup Truck Decked Out As A Mobile Classroom

Like students around the world, kids in Mexico have been forced to take school online or tune into programming on public TV in order to learn. But that’s just the kids who are lucky enough to have access to Internet or a TV. Many students live in rural areas and lack the adequate resources to continue their studies amid the global pandemic.

But thankfully, there are many good samaritans out there (aka compassionate teachers) who have invented their own ways to bring the classroom to kids wherever they are.

A Mexican teacher was gifted a decked out pickup truck by Nissan.

Since schools were forced to close last year in April, Aguascalientes special education teacher Nallely Esparza Flores, has been driving four hours a day to educate students one-on-one at their homes from her truck bed, outfitted with a small table and chairs.

News of her project spread across social media, eventually reaching the corporate offices of Nissan México. This week, the company surprised Esparza with the gift of a new pickup truck specially outfitted with a small open-air mobile classroom built into the truck’s bed.

“Today I feel like my labors and the help that we give each day to children and their families is unstoppable,” she said on Twitter Wednesday, sharing photos of her new vehicle. “My students no longer have to take classes in the full heat of the sun,” she said.

Nissan representatives said they decided to give Esparza the adapted NP300 model, 4-cylinder truck after hearing her story because she was “an example of perseverance and empathy.”

“When we learned about the incredible work of this teacher, we got together to discuss in what way we could contribute to this noble work,” said Armando Ávila, a vice president of manufacturing.

The mobile classroom is pretty legit and will allow Esparza to continue her good deed.

Esparza inside her new classroom.

The decked out Nissan pickup truck has three walls (the other is a retractable sheeting) and a ceiling made with translucent panels to protect teacher and student from the elements while letting in natural light.

It also has retractable steps for easy access to the classroom, electrical connections, a whiteboard and an easily disinfected acrylic table and benches that are foldable into the wall to provide space. The table also has a built-in plexiglass barrier to allow social distancing.

Access to education in Mexico is highly inequitable.

Esparza, like many teachers across the country, found that not all distance learning was equal. Many of her students in Cavillo were from poor families without internet access. So she used social media networks to keep in touch with such students via cell phones, but even that was not necessarily an available option for all — and not ideal. Finally, she decided to solve the problem by hitting the road in her pickup truck.

According to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), only 58% of students in Mexico had a home computer – the lowest percentage among all OECD countries. And only about one third (32%) of the school computers in rural schools in Mexico were connected to
the Internet, compared to more than 90% for schools located in urban areas.

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Sen. Ted Cruz Makes Quick U-Turn From Mexico After Outrage He Abandoned His Frozen Texas

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Sen. Ted Cruz Makes Quick U-Turn From Mexico After Outrage He Abandoned His Frozen Texas

Sen. Ted Cruz has faced a series of outrages since being accused of helping to incite the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. The latest problem plaguing Sen. Cruz is his trip to Mexico while his constituents in Texas freeze during an extreme weather event.

Sen. Ted Cruz was caught boarding a flight to Mexico as Texans are left freezing.

Texas is being slammed with a historic extreme winter weather storm. Hundreds of thousands of Texans are without power for the fifth day in a row while the senator from Texas was heading off to Cancun. Critics are angered that Sen. Cruz would leave the state while his constituents are forced to boil water to survive one of the worst winter storms on record.

Politicians are calling Sen. Cruz out for leaving his constituents during a natural disaster.

The Castro brothers are speaking up as well. Texans are dying from the extreme weather after the power grid was overloaded from sudden demand. The power outages have lasted for multiple days and the death toll continues to climb from the freezing temperatures. So far, 24 people have died from the winter storm.

Part of the problem is that Texas has their own power grid separated from the rest of the nation in an attempt to avoid federal regulations. The decision was made in the 1930s after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed the Federal Power Act. This allowed the federal government to oversee interstate electricity sales. However, Texas utilities did not cross state lines. This created an electricity island.

People are not letting the trip go unnoticed.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is responsible for overseeing the power grid and officials had a grim revelation about the power outages. On Tuesday, ERCOT CEO Bill Magness addressed the media about the power outages.

“We needed to step in and make sure that we were not going to end up with Texas in a blackout, which could keep folks without power — not just some people without power but everyone in our region without power — for much, much longer than we believe this event is going to last, as long and as difficult as this event is right now,” Magness said about the call to cut power to some customers as the icy conditions settled in on the area.

He further explained that some of the power outages could last for an undetermined amount of time.

This is not the first time Texas had weather-induced power outages because of winter weather. The state saw the same situation on a smaller scale play out in 2011. The winter storm in 2011 knocked out power across the state and yet Texas officials did not follow suggestions to prevent the current crisis.

A report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation called on Texas to “winterize” their energy infrastructure. The report highlights how the current infrastructure was not ready to take on the weather it experienced in 2011 and, according to The Texas Tribune, Texas didn’t heed the warning.

On Tuesday, 60 percent of Houston businesses and households remained without power because of the weather.

Sen. Cruz quickly booked a return flight to Houston after the outrage.

Facing mounting anger over his warm escape from Texas, Sen Cruz quickly U-turned back to Houston. He claims to have been accompanying his daughters to Mexico and not going on the vacation himself.

A flurry of tweets about the situation show a growing number of people who are skeptical of the senator’s statement. Ted Cruz was photographed with luggage both in Texas and coming back through the Cancun airport. The luggage has set off a debate about whether or not Sen. Cruz honestly went to Mexico to drop his daughters.

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