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The White House Hosted An ICE Event But Everyone Is Talking About Trump’s ‘Perfect English’ Comment

The White House held a special event this week in honor of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and their agents. President Donald Trump was there as was Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of Homeland Security is Kirstjen Nielsen. The event included a panel that discussed what ICE is about and the type of the work they do, which served as a way to dispel the notion that ICE only detains undocumented immigrants. All the attention, however, is being given to one agent who was introduced by President Trump as speaking “perfect English.”

President Trump and other high ranking government officials wanted to celebrate the work of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in a special ceremony.

Twitter/@annalectaYet, things didn’t quite go as planned for the event. Several people on social media pointed out that Trump kept referring to the Customs and Border Protection as “CBC” and not its correct acronym which is CBP even though it’s on the teleprompter.

Present Trump then asked one Latino agent up to the stage and jokingly asked if he was nervous. Trump also prefaced the introduction by making it clear that he speaks English.

The agent’s name is Adrian Anzaldua and he was being honored for stopping a smuggler who had 78 undocumented immigrants in a truck.

Trump did not make any attempt to pronounce the agents last name when calling him to the stage.

According to KSAT, on Aug. 11 Anzaluda made the stop in Laredo, Texas. He pulled over a refrigerated tractor-trailer and in the locked trailer were 78 people from various countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil, Ecuador, India and the Dominican Republic.

Anzaluda didn’t make mention to Trump’s comments when speaking to the audience.

Instead, the agent spoke about what happened on the day he discovered 78 undocumented immigrants in the back of a tractor trailer. According to Anzaluda, the truck skipped a mandatory checkpoint which prompted him to pull the truck over and conduct a search.

Trump then shook his hand and said that Anzaluda had done a good job, and that the following day Anzaluda would probably “run for office.”

People on social media were astounded that Trump would comment on the agent’s language skills just because he’s Latino.

Some Twitter users pointed out that he is an American so the comment was unnecessary.

Some people were quick to make jokes about the president’s command of English.

Trump has a well-documented history of Twitter typos and incorrectly used words.

But, the actual surprise of the comment is not really there for most people.

Omarosa made news recently for admitting that she recorded conversations in the White House that will reveal racist language and inappropriate conduct. However, a lot of people following the Trump residency don’t feel the need to listen to the tapes.

So many people are tying this to the long-running narrative of the Trump administration.

The transcripts from the speech shows President Trump spending more time making jokes than highlighting Anzaluda’s career.

Of course, the comment is all the more bizarre if you consider how many Latinos speak English.

In fact, there has been a drop in Latinos speaking Spanish at home.

Instead of these events, the American people want a real, honest press conference.

So, let’s hope that at some point, now that Paul Manafort has been found guilty and Michael Cohen took a plea deal, we will finally start getting answers.

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Joe Biden And President Donald Trump Are Battling It Out For Florida’s Crucial Latino Vote

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Joe Biden And President Donald Trump Are Battling It Out For Florida’s Crucial Latino Vote

joebiden / Instagram

Florida’s Latino vote is a crucial part of a winning strategy in the Sunshine State. The demographic shifts in recent years because of natural, financial, and governmental disasters has led to a big Puerto Rican diaspora in Florida. President Trump’s handling of the Hurricane Maria recovery has left Puerto Ricans upset with the administration.

Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are battling for Florida’s Latino voters.

Both the Democratic and Republican nominees are making concerted efforts to shore up Latino support in Florida. There are 3.1 million eligible Latino voters in the swing state and make up a crucial voting bloc. While a large number are conservative Cubans and Cuban-Americans, there are also other Latino communities representing different parts of Latin America.

The polling tells a story of two candidates locked in a heated race for the Latino vote in Florida.

Polls, like The Washington Post-ABC News poll, show Biden taking the lead with Latino voters in Florida. According to that poll, Biden is leading Trump 52 percent to 39 percent. However, Hillary Clinton won the Latino vote in Florida 62 percent to 35 percent in 2016. Clinton’s success with the Latino community of Florida shows that the Latino vote is not the only way to clinch the electoral college votes.

On the other hand, President Trump wants everyone to pay attention to one poll. President Trump is sharing a poll by The Washington Post and ABC News that shows him leading in Florida. According to the poll, Trump leads in Florida by 4 points.

The Latino community in southern Florida is being bombarded by a disinformation campaign.

The disinformation is aimed at Florida’s Latino voters and is peddling conspiracy theories against Biden. One of the most prominent examples of this disinformation was the racist and anti-Semitic insert published in a recent edition of the Miami Herald. The insert compared BLM protesters to Nazis but argued that Nazis were nicer since they didn’t steal anything.

Both candidates are pouring money into their campaign efforts in Florida. Both are spending time and money trying to court the Latino vote in an effort to win the key state.

Critics of the president are pointing to the sudden relief package to Puerto Rico is a grab for votes.

President Trump was harshly and fairly criticized after he didn’t respond to the natural disaster in Puerto Rico. The 2017 hurricane devastated the island and left millions without power for weeks. One of the most memorable moments of that time was President Trump throwing paper towels to Puerto Ricans recovering from the disaster.

President Trump, during an election, approved $13 billion in relief funds for Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican voters have not forgotten the three years it took for the president to approve relief funds to help rebuild the island after a devastating storm.

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People Have Taken To The Streets Across The Country In Breonna Taylor Protests

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People Have Taken To The Streets Across The Country In Breonna Taylor Protests


Cities across the U.S. are seeing a new wave of unrest following the grand jury’s finding on the Breonna Taylor case. Emotions are high as people protest against the lack of charges against the officers who were involved in Taylor’s death.

Protesters are raising their voices after the decision not to charge all of the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death.

Breonna Taylor was shot and killed on March 13 when police raided her apartment. The 26-year-old ER technician was sleeping when the police executed a “no-knock” warrant. However, police had the wrong address and Taylor’s boyfriend, believe their lives were in danger, fired at the police. Taylor was shot and killed in her apartment that night.

Major cities across the country saw major demonstrations spurred by the anger against the justice system.

A grand jury found one officer responsible for wanton endangerment after firing his weapon into neighboring apartments. There were no charges tied directly to Taylor’s death. The lack of charges has angered activists and advocates who are seeking significant police reform to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

People have become hyper-aware of the issue and are paying attention to the outcomes.

Protest signs in different crowds show that the American people are paying attention. The Black Lives Matter movement became the cause at the forefront of American mentality since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. Floyd’s death sparked national outrage and renewed energy into fighting to stop the disproportionate violence Black men, women, and children face at the hands of police.

Some motorists have turned violent against the protesters.

Video captured in both Denver and Los Angeles show vehicles driving through crowds of protesters. In Denver, the driver claims to have acted in self-defense after protesters surrounded his car. The driver claims that he did not intend to hurt anyone but reacted when protesters shattered his windshield.

In Louisville, police arrested the only Black woman in the Kentucky state legislature for protesting.

State Rep. Attica Scott was arrested for first-degree rioting, which is a class-D felony. The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department arrested 24 people Thursday night while protesting the decision not to charge the officers. Rep. Scott was arrested with other and charged with first-degree rioting and two misdemeanors for unlawful assembly and failure to disperse.

“Our call to action is to continue to make sure that the city of Louisville understands that we will not go away, that we will continue to demand the defunding of police and the dismantling of this police department because it’s corrupt from the inside out, from the bottom to the top,” Scott told NPR before the grand jury decision. “And it cannot continue to function in the way that it does.”

Taylor’s death has mobilized the nation with celebrities and politicians calling for justice.

The fight for racial justice and a systemic change to our justice and policing systems is ongoing. The people are tired of being scared and are taking a stand with their protests.

If you are out there protesting, send us your videos and photos so we can see your activism in action!

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