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This Dating Show That Matched People Based On Their Zodiac Signs Always Had The Weirdest Themes

If you’re into astrology, drama, comedy and savage comments, then Telemundo’s dating show “12 Corazones” is for you. The show aired in the early 2000s and was hosted by Penélope Menchaca, who was never shy about making savage comments towards the guests on the show (especially towards the men).

The objective of “12 Corazones” was to match single people based on their zodiac signs, but not one episode was ever the same. Every time you watched an episode there was a different theme, meaning there were different props, games and costumes involved. And these themes were far from ordinary…

One of these themes included vampires. Yes, vampires.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

If this episode was aired around Halloween then that would make a little more sense. Otherwise, it would be a little creepy seeing grown men dressed as vampires in the middle of July.

Another theme featured on this show was zumba.????????

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

So if you’re ever looking for a date and want to exercise at the same time, this is obviously the show you need to be on.

If you’re scared of clowns, this is an episode you’d want to miss.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

These participants went all out with their makeup and wardrobe. They did not hold back.

On a more nostalgic side, there was also the theme of quinceañeras.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

If homegirl got dropped off in a limo, I wonder if she also went to the park with her damas and chambelanes to take cheesy pictures. Also, who are the padrinos who payed for this limo? And where is the party going to be at?

And for the quinceañera themed episode, the host even brought a waltz instructor onto the show.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

I should’ve hired this guy as the waltz instructor for my own quinceañera.

Another theme featured in “12 Corazones” was one of tigers and cheetahs.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

In this episode every single guest on the show was painted in cheetah or tiger print from head to toe. Not a single ingle of their bodies was left unpainted.

The guests on the show also dressed up in uniforms for the theme of “Back to School.”

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

How come no one told this guy that the backpack was a little too small for him?

And to stick to the theme of punk, guests came onto the show with their hair like this…

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Every single guy in this episode showed with a colored mohawk and dark eyeliner.

Even the host of the show participated in these themes, including this theme of muñecas.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

If it wasn’t for the spirit and participation of this host, the show would honestly not be the same.

Another *wild* theme featured in this show was a jungle theme.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Everyone was dressed as if they were part of the Flinstones family and they weren’t one bit shy about it.

More halloween vibes were brought onto the show with this pirate themed episode.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

This has to be the most awkward pirate I’ve seen. I mean, look at that sexy turn and eye-patch lift.

To kick things up a notch, “12 Corazones” featured a breakdance themed episode.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

These ladies did not disappoint with their badass breakdance moves.

On this slumber part themed episode, the guests on the show had the chance to get a little more cozy and comfortable.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Those red silk pajamas are on fleek. He seriously outdid everyone else on the show.

Of course, “12 Corazones” couldn’t miss having an episode with the classic theme of cops and thieves.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

It was black and white stripes and handcuffs all around.

In addition to cops and thieves, there was also the duo-theme of pilots and flight attendants.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

I’m surprised the men didn’t walk onto the stage with their arms out wide like an airplane.

Even more cliche was the theme of doctors and nurses.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

LOL. Is this what all of our doctors do on their spare time?

Things got a little more active when it came to this episode that featured the theme of sports.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Poor guy. He tried to show off his slick dance moves and the host told him to stop. ????#savage

And to heat things up a bit, “12 Corazones” introduced the theme of strippers for this episode.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Am I watching “Magic Mike” or “12 Corazones”? ????

Even though there was no sunlight in the studio, “12 Corazones” went on to feature a beach day theme in this episode.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

They did not joke around when it came to the props for this theme.

On the more sophisticated side, there was also a gala night themed episode in the show.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Gala night themed or prom night themed?

Last, but not least, “12 Corazones” aired an episode with the theme of princes and princesses.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

All of the women on the show came dressed in huge princess dresses and totally owned it.

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Latinas Talk About Love At First Sight


Latinas Talk About Love At First Sight


In an infamous scene in the 1992 book Like Water for Chocolate, the novel’s main characters Tita and Pedro swear their undying love for each other within minutes of first meeting. Just like that, they experienced love at first sight. Stories all throughout history have detailed the romantic personal experience of an instant and ultimately long-lasting romantic attraction for a stranger upon first sight. But how practical— or even true is that really?

We turned to our FIERCE readers to see just how prevalent this phenomenon is.

In a post to our Instagram page we asked Latinas for their love at first love stories.

And scavenged around Reddit for good measure. Check out what we discovered below!

“Yes. I had briefly met him before but it was the first time I ever really noticed him. We had a whirlwind romance and then he left to take a job in Europe. We kept in touch for a few years but never saw each other again. He is the gold standard I judge men by.” –

“YES with my dog the second I saw him I knew he was the one!! I’ve had him for 17years now and we are happily ever after.”- virgok1

“Yes but I’m just not brave enough to tell them they’re beautiful tho, most incredible smile I’ve ever seen the most captivating set of eyes I’ve ever looked into. But well love from afar right?” –ta_ta1009

“Yes. And it was delicious, I’ll never forget those Tacos dorados. My one and only.”- funkycold___medina

“Yes! I never knew love could fill your heart like that so instantly and so completely! It was the first time I ever saw my niece! Best feeling in the world!”- yesi_lo

“Not in love but in strong lust.” – magnetic67

“Yes! And we just got married during the pandemic (very interesting way how we got married).”-21djenne

“Just when I first laid eyes 👀 on the paletero in my neighborhood. Jokes aside I love that man, he’s so sweet.”- dreathunder

“Yup met mine when I was 17 yrs old and knew I would marry them. Here we are 18 years later and still together.” –elizabeth_pearl

HelloSchrodi1 point·4 years ago

“We were both 18 going on 19. He was a second year science student, I was a fresh faced firstie at a brand new University. I was also 95% sure I was lesbian. I saw this goofy ginger at the outdoor movie theatre, he had Styrofoam strapped to his head and declared himself Julius Ceasar, and gave me the biggest and most genuine smile. When he asked my name, it was a genuine want not just a question you ask to fill time. My heart squeezed a bit, and we kept eye contact for a bit too long before we both turned back to the screen. The next day we ended up sitting across from eachother in the cafeteria, and as soon as I saw him sitting there with a grin on his gorgeous face I knew I could love him. We were attached at the hip for at least 8 hours every day for a month, it was like a need to be around eachother, a magnetic pull and attraction. We started dating after a few weeks. We both fell in love quickly. I never believed in love at first sight, but we fit together perfectly in every way and every day, even now as we’re 20 with a lot of growth and ‘relationship strainers’ under our belts there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by where I don’t think of him and fall further in love. We’ve fought a bit, met eachothers families, he’s held my hand in the hospital and I’ve held his. We’ve had the kids talk, marriage talk, finances talk, and we’re moving in together this summer. It’s also pretty great that we have the same taste in women. I have never been happier, and he tells me the same.”-HelloSchrodi

“We met at work, when we both locked eyes we were drawn to each other. After a week of flirting with each other and staring into her beautiful blue eyes, she actually asked ME out. We dated for 8 years and got engaged; being madly in love is perfection. She walked down the aisle about 13 months after she accepted my proposal. She gave birth to her first child 10 months later, and had her second 2 years after that. She’s very happy in her life. Kind of wished she married me instead of the dickhead she met a month after leaving me.” –UrMomLikesMine

“It was a whirlwind. Can’t really explain it. Distance and heavy workloads on both our parts (we couldn’t see each other at all one year) made us end it. Still best friends, still in a sort of a platonic bond. We’ve both seen other people since then (I’ve just had a bad experience), but I don’t think I’ve ever felt that kind of… ease around someone until months have passed. When she moves here in a few years, who knows? She never will, but if she asked me to wait. I’d say yes in a heasrtbeat.” –ionised

“Yes… now married 10 years.” – juju_bees_mommy

“Well for me it wasn’t at first sight. But for him it was. Within the first week he knew I would be the one he was going to marry and spend his life with. My feelings grew quickly also and we knew we had met our soul mate very quickly. We are doing great. He’s saving up for an engagement ring, both support eachother in our respective fields (me in tattoo artistry and him in filmmaking). Once our financial situation is in order we plan to move to Seattle. I have never been so in love and I don’t regret it for a second.”- BigHeroDicks

elizabeth_pearlYup met mine when I was 17 yrs old and knew I would marry them. Here we are 18 years later and still together ❤️❤️❤️ @fiercebymitu

elizabeth_pearlYup met mine when I was 17 yrs old and knew I would marry them. Here we are 18 years later and still together ❤️❤️❤️ @fiercebymitu

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Lil Nas X’s Next Big Drop Is A Children’s Book Called ‘C Is For Country’


Lil Nas X’s Next Big Drop Is A Children’s Book Called ‘C Is For Country’

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty

Turns out Lil Nas X has more than just country rap up his sleeve. The 21-year-old “Old Town Road” rapper has a penchant for literature too.

On Tuesday, the rapper revealed that he’s written a children’s book called C Is for Country.

“I’m dropping the best kids’ book of all time soon!” the rapper shared in a Tweet earlier this week before adding that he couldn’t “wait to share it” with his fans and young readers.

Nas’s children’s book is being published under Random House Kids, a division of Penguin Random House. It is currently available for preorder on their site.

According to the Random House Kids’ website, the book is a story about Lil Nas X and Panini the pony.

“Join superstar Lil Nas X—who boasts the longest-running #1 song in history—and Panini the pony on a joyous journey through the alphabet from sunup to sundown. Experience wide-open pastures, farm animals, guitar music, cowboy hats, and all things country in this debut picture book that’s perfect for music lovers learning their ABCs and for anyone who loves Nas’s signature genre-blending style,” Random House describes in its explanation.

The book is illustrated by Theodore Taylor III and promises “plenty of hidden surprises for Nas’ biggest fans.”

C Is for County comes out Jan. 5.

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