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A Monkey, Puma, Hippo And Zebra Have Died, Now Authorities Are Investigating El Salvador’s Zoo

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A series of suspicious animal deaths at the National Zoo of El Salvador have led to an investigation by authorities, the BBC reports.

After the death a puma and a baby monkey at the zoo last week, which died in an accident, prosecutors are investigating allegations that animals at the zoo are subject to improper care and neglect. Prior to these most recent deaths, the zoo lost a zebra and their beloved hippo, Gustavito.

The zoo originally reported Gustavo was beaten to death, though an investigation revealed the hippo actually died of neglect.

As mitú reported in February, reports of Gustavito’s alleged murder created outrage among the people in El Salvador. However, police in charge of the investigation could find no evidence backing up the zoo’s claim that the animal had been stabbed or beaten to death. It wasn’t until a thorough investigation of the hippo’s body was conducted that authorities found out the real cause of death.

A full examination of Gustavito’s body showed the hippo died from a hemorrhage in its lungs, the BBC reported.

It turns out zoo officials were not being honest about the death of Gustavito, which has increased suspicions about the care of animals at the zoo. As prosecutors investigate the deaths of these animals, El Salvador’s Culture Ministry has expressed interest in converting El Salvador’s National Zoo into a wildlife park.

[H/T] El Salvador zoo: Prosecutors investigate ‘suspicious deaths’

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A Town In Oregon Is Showing What Trump's Immigration Policies Look Like IRL

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A Town In Oregon Is Showing What Trump’s Immigration Policies Look Like IRL

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Immigration raids turn Woodburn, Oregon, into a ghost townIn Woodburn, Oregon, Latinos aren’t a fringe minority. They are the very fabric of the town. Since President Trump’s immigration order, the dream many families worked decades to build has begun to unravel. Full story:

Posted by The Oregonian on Monday, May 1, 2017

This is what the fear of deportation can do to a town.

Woodburn, Ore. is a rural, agricultural town that has a population of about 25,000. It is Oregon’s largest city with a Latino majority (roughly 60 percent). According to The Oregonian, the Latino population — one quarter of the Latinos there are undocumented — is what helps the town thrive. Yet, the recent narrative of Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids and detentions have struck fear into the heart of the town and it is the town that has begun to suffer. When ICE agents started to show up in the town, undocumented residents went into hiding rarely leaving their homes to work or even shop for food.

“Almost everybody in town is impacted,” Woodburn school superintendent Chuck Ransom told The Oregonian. “Everybody knows somebody or is related to somebody for whom that situation is real. Nobody can escape.”

The Oregonian has reported that business has dropped by a staggering 80 percent since ICE raids and detentions began in Woodburn. They further report that since the ’40s, Woodburn has a long history of being propped up and built by the same Latino community that is under attack now. For decades, the Latino community has helped to boost the economy in Oregon and Woodburn by working on the farms, now they are too scared to go out without being rounded up by ICE.

You can check out the full story from The Oregonian here.

(H/T: The Oregonian)

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