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Here’s How High School Students Across The Country Used Their Voices To Demonstrate For Gun Control

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Seventeen people died on Feb. 14 when a man with a gun entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and opened fire. Nikolas Cruz opened fire with an AR-15 and sent a group of teenagers into overdrive in demanding change and common sense gun reform. One month later, thousands of high school students walked out of class to remind everyone that they are still fighting for that change.

It has been one month since 17 people at a Florida high school were killed by a man wielding an AR-15.

The nation was devastated when the news broke of another school shooting targeting America’s youth. Yet, something about this felt different. The students began to mobilize on social media to start creating change. A viral video of young people calling “BS” on arguments against gun reform reached millions and Emma Gonzalez became the face of a new gun reform fight. As thousands of students participated in walkouts across the country, it is clear that the younger generation is not backing down.

Students in some parts of the country stood in freezing weather to honor the victims of the Parkland shooting last month.

The demonstrations took place across the country. All of them included 17 minutes of silence in honor of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Students and schools displayed photos of victims of gun violence.

Participants of the walkouts and demonstrations want people to understand the real human toll of gun violence in the country.

Entire schools joined in the walkouts.

And some school administrators joined and encouraged students in their walkouts.

Some schools, however, have threatened students with disciplinary action for participating in the walkouts. Some schools have threatened such severe punishments that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has had to remind schools of what they are legally allowed to do.

Even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo joined students in protesting for gun reform.

Gov. Cuomo joined students at Zuccotti Park for a die-in. Die-ins have been used to bring attention to other public health issues, including the AIDs epidemic. Demonstrators laid on the ground to represent the bodies claimed by gun violence to give spectators a visual representation. The demonstrators chanted “never again” and “not one more,” common phrases echoed in the movement.

Sentiment on social media is clearly in favor of the students.

While millions of Americans are at work, in class, or elsewhere, they have taken to social media to celebrate the walkouts.

With much pride, parents are celebrating their socially activated children.


This user wants people to remember that this eventually boils down to a political issue.

It is true that voting matters. If your elected representative it not doing what you want, it is your duty to vote for what you want.

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This GOP Candidate Claims He Only Called Emma Gonzalez A 'Skin Head Lesbian' Because He Cares About The Constitution

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This GOP Candidate Claims He Only Called Emma Gonzalez A ‘Skin Head Lesbian’ Because He Cares About The Constitution

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Haters are going to hate. That’s just a given. Emma Gonzalez and her classmates at Parkland have gotten the hate ever since the mass shooting occurred at her school. It’s not even hate from people her age, but from adults and celebrities. Yet, Gonzalez and her friends have handled it with more grace than many would expect.

But something much bigger is happening. Gonzalez is leading the way towards change and inspiring countless of others to rally against gun violence and some people are clearly on the defense. Leslie Gibson, the only Senate candidate from Maine’s 57th district, is the latest adult to lash out at the teenagers fighting for gun reform.

Leslie Gibson is a Republican politician who is also a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

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Gibson is running for a seat Maine’s 57th District (he doesn’t have any opponents, by the way) and had an issue with an article written about Gonzalez.

He tweeted offensive words to Gonzalez and her classmate David Hogg. These are the screenshots.

CREDIT: Twitter/@perconstantine

“There is nothing about this skin head [sic] lesbian that impresses me and there is nothing that she has to say unless you’re a frothing at the mouth moonbat,” Gibson tweeted. He also called Hogg a “bald-faced [sic] liar.”

People did not take his tweets lightly and he quickly deleted his Twitter account @LeslieEGibson2.

According to The Cut, Gibson released the following apology directly to Gonzalez saying: “I would like to extend to you my most sincere apology for how I addressed you. It was wrong and unacceptable. You are doing work that is important to you. I would like to extend my hand in friendship and understanding to you.”

He has since started a new Twitter account, but it’s currently private. Gonzalez hasn’t responded to his comments.

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