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These Are Some Of The Most Outrageous Ice Cream And Sorbet Flavors From Mexico

So, we say that in today’s technological world, we’ve seen pretty much everything. But have we really?

When it comes to ice cream and sorbet flavors, we are constantly finding new flavor pairings that blow our minds. South of the border, it’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to the flavors invading ice cream shops in Mexico. As we’ll find out, some of them are flavors that should have always existed and others might need to be reconsidered.

1. Avocado Sorbet

CREDIT: vegordice / Instagram

Avocado sorbet is a vegan’s dream because what it lacks in lactose fat it’s compensated by the own fatty oils in the avocado. And while it’s not a dieter’s paradise since it does have a fair amount of sugar, the flavors just explode in your mouth.

2. Rose Petal Ice Cream

CREDIT: kimanda / Instagram

Rose petal ice cream is typical from the coastal state of Veracruz where they take pride in preparing some of the most creative ice creams and sorbets anywhere in the world. Sweet and tangy, it can be a real kicker on your next date.

3. Corn Ice Cream

CREDIT: ukulelelala / Instagram

Corn ice cream can be reminiscent of a sweet tamale although the texture is definitely not of the salty treat. If you’re craving somewhat like a tortilla combined with a gelato, you’ve got it.

4. Jamaica Sorbet

CREDIT: mmigallery / Instagram

Now hibiscus, or Jamaica flower as it’s called south of the border, makes a popular infused drink, but when you turn it into a popsicle, sorbet or sherbet it takes in all new level of goodness. And if you add just a little touch of tequila or mezcal, oh yeah baby!

5. Zapote Ice Cream

CREDIT: lapetitacuinera / Instagram

Zapote or naseberry ice cream is a real treat and you can make it with or without egg, with or without milk, but definitely slip in an ounce or two of your favorite liqueur and it becomes a deceitful treat where unbeknownst to you, you’re getting loaded!

6. Cheesecake Ice Cream, pero with queso fresco.

CREDIT: Cheesecake Ice Cream. Crazy For Crust. Digital Image. May 11, 2018.

Cheesecake ice cream is popular all over the world, but in Mexico you can really taste the queso fresco and not just a bunch of sweet dough.

7. Spicy Ice Cream

CREDIT: Walnut Spicy Ice Cream. Olivia Cuisine. Digital Image. May 11, 2018.

Another of the many varieties of Mexican ice creams and sorbets is one made with walnuts and chilies, not the most likely of combinations, but when chilled and mixed with other sweet ingredients takes a personality of its own.

8. Pulque Sorbet

CREDIT: oswaldorex / Intagram

Pulque is a typical alcoholic beverage from fermented stalks of the maguey plant, a close relative of agave. Although some despise because of its gooey consistency, once converted into its frozen iteration, it’s out of this world!

9. Pasta And Chicken Broth Flavored Ice Cream

CREDIT: suhreall / Instagram

When we say pasta ice cream, were not talking about the Italian variety, but rather the Mexican-style with a definite chicken broth, tomato and spices in it. When frozen it becomes irresistible.

10. Mole Ice Cream

CREDIT: gastrogrammx / Instagram

Mole has many different variations and recipes, after all some takes on mole include over 100 ingredients, so when some ingenious master cook turns this into a frozen treat, anything can happen!

11. Jalapeño Ice Cream

CREDIT: madam_foodie / Instagram

There are many outlets in the US that make red hot ice creams, but the jalapeño concoction made just north of Mexico City provides the right balance of sweet and tangy with just a little burst of heat in the aftertaste.

12. Tequila Sorbet

CREDIT: miguelgpevv / Instagram

We’ve all heard of tequila lime chicken at franchise restaurants, but tequila lime sorbet kicks it up a notch. Some like to mix in a little bit of cilantro or parsley, while others simply spike it up with a lot more tequila.

13. Mezcal Sorbet

CREDIT: salty_nomads / Instagram

A close relative of pulque, Mezcal has become the beverage of choice of many millennials in fashionable bars across the US. But with a careful combination of ingredients, both sweet and spicy, the mezcal popsicle can easily chill you off for a week or two.

14. Champagne Ice Cream

CREDIT: mismaidkenly / Instagram

Although not Mexican by nature, champagne is a preferred beverage at all across the world. Once frozen and mixed with eggs, sugar and other ingredients it becomes quite something!

15. Cactus Ice Cream

CREDIT: albee1031 / Instagram

Cactus leaf or paddles are typically used in stews with other ingredients such as beef, chicken or pork. But the finely ground leaves, mixed with sugar, water, cinnamon and other spices takes on a whole new dimension in your taste buds.

16. Shrimp Sorbet

CREDIT: farm8 / Flickr

Shrimp might not be the first flavor you thin of when you think sweet treats, but it exists. This is what you call a foodie adventure and it’s worth experiencing at least once.

17. Mazapan Ice Cream

CREDIT: coffeenutzz / Instagram

Peanut mazapan ice cream takes from one of the most popular snacks in Mexican fare and bums it up into a deliciously tasty frozen concoction. The consistency reminds you of peanut butter but raised to the umpteenth level.

18. Epazote Ice Cream

CREDIT: Guayaba and Epazote Ice Cream. Sabore Arte. Digital Image. May 11, 2018.

Epazote, or wormseed, normally goes into black bean preparations, although in its frozen form once combined with sugar, cinnamon and raisins it gives you a mouthful of goodliness in every spoonful.

19. Red Wine Sorbet

CREDIT: lovelyair / Instagram

Red wine sorbet is another tricky frozen treat do the fact that sometimes you don’t realize you’re getting a pretty tipsy while enjoying all the sweetness in the popsicle.

A Guatemalan Boy Was Left To Die With His Father’s Body And Survived

Things That Matter

A Guatemalan Boy Was Left To Die With His Father’s Body And Survived

sofigr80 / Instagram

The migrant crisis has a death toll. Whether it is migrants dying trying to traverse some of the most hostile parts of North America, violent gangs, police brutality, medical negligence in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detention, or homicidal coyotes, the death toll is rising. Immigration policies in Mexico and the U.S. are partly to blame for the deaths and the desperation to live a life free of fear and violence is what forces families to be put in harm’s way. That is the story of Cristian, a Guatemalan boy left to die with his father’s body.

A 10-year-old Guatemalan boy is recovering after being left for dead in the desert with his father’s body.

Credit: @RafaelRomoCNN / Twitter

CNN reports that a 10-year-old migrant boy was left for dead with his throat slit next to his father’s body. The boy was found in the Mexican state of Morelos. The father and son were making their way from Guatemala to the U.S. with the help of a coyote.

Despite having hired the smuggler to get them from Guatemala to the U.S., they were abandoned in Mexico.

Credit: @gcomissi / Twitter

The father and son were abandoned by the coyote and that’s when they were kidnapped, according to CNN. That is when the pair were kidnapped by members of the Los Zetas drug cartel and held for ransom. The cartel members contacted Cristian and his father Rudy’s family in the U.S. demanding $12,000. CNN reports that they could only get $8,000 and that’s when the cartel ceased communication.

Cristian and Rudy were on the journey with Rudy’s brother and his son.

Credit: @llharley1991 / Twitter

Rudy’s brother and his son managed to escape the gang members and CNN reports that they are now in the care of Mexican authorities. Cristian was found on July 6 with his throat slit lying next to the body of his dead father. Cristian’s survival is a miracle.

Migrants are regularly the victims of crime when passing through Mexico to the U.S. border. The crimes committed in Mexico against migrants range from robbery to murder.

The latest tragedy in the migrant crisis has Christians calling out Evangelicals for their harmful and dangerous approval of Trump’s immigration policies.

Credit: @HerDensanHubby / Twitter

The “Remain In Mexico” policies and the increased restrictions on asylum claims is leading to an increase in deaths for the migrant crisis. Men, women, and children are dying trying to get the U.S. and some have started dying once in immigration authority custody.

The deaths of migrants desperate to reach the U.S. border have garnered more attention in recent months.

Credit: @ElleHM / Twitter

The tragic deaths of Óscar Martínez Ramírez and his very young daughter shocked the U.S. but haven’t spurred any change. The father and daughter were desperate to reach the U.S. border to apply for asylum from El Salvador. The father and daughter tried swimming across the Rio Grande after being denied a chance to request asylum at a port of entry.

The migrant crisis has become so prevalent in the U.S consciousness that presidential candidates are being asked how they will save lives if elected.

“Watching those images of Óscar and Valeria is heartbreaking. It should also piss us all off,” Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro said during the Democratic Debates. “If I were president today, I would sign an executive order that would get rid of Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy, the ‘Remain In Mexico’ policy, and the metering policy. This metering policy is basically what prompted Óscar and Valeria to make that risky swim across the river.”

Castro added: “They had been playing games with people coming and seeking asylum at our ports of entry. Óscar and Valeria went to a port of entry and then they were denied the ability to make an asylum claim. So, they got frustrated and they tried to cross the river and they died because of that.”

The policy of metering at the border is not new but Trump has ramped it up making it more and more dangerous for asylum seekers.

Credit: @AOC / Twitter

According to NPR, “metering is the term that Customs and Border Protection uses for a process by which it limits the number of people who can request asylum at a port of entry at a U.S.-Mexico border crossing each day.”

NPR reporter James Frederick explains, “As far as U.S. asylum law says, anyone who steps foot in the U.S. has the ability to request asylum. So what CBP is doing is they’re stationing a guard at border crossings. Asylum-seekers that show up there, they tell them they have to turn around and go put their name on a waitlist, basically, back in Mexico and wait for their turn to request asylum. And these lists are getting very long. People are waiting weeks or sometimes months for their opportunity to request asylum. The latest figure we have is that 19,000 asylum-seekers are waiting on the Mexican side of the border for their chance to request asylum in the U.S.”

It is important that Americans stay engaged in the discussion about immigration and asylum seekers.

Credit: @BetoORourke / Twitter

The Trump administration is further restricting asylum claims and only making it harder and more dangerous for people to seek legal asylum in the U.S. Call your representatives and senators and let them know what you think about the change to asylum laws attacking migrants.

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YouTuber Daisy Marquez Shared Her Story Of Being Undocumented So She Could Help Others In The Same Situation

Things That Matter

YouTuber Daisy Marquez Shared Her Story Of Being Undocumented So She Could Help Others In The Same Situation

Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, Daisy Marquez, started posting makeup tutorials on Snapchat for fun and then switched over to other platforms growing a fanbase of over one million followers across all of her social media platforms. 

What started as simply a fierce bueaty and makeup channel turned into something much more as Daisy decided to share her experience as an undocumented person living in the US.

Daisy uploaded a video to her YouTube channel to share her experience as an undocumented person.

Marquez’s YouTube video, “Story Time: I’m Undocumented,” received more than 1.3 million views, making it the most popular video on her channel. In the video she talks about her immigration status, her struggles of being undocumented and shared a story about the time she had to cross the US -Mexico border when she was 10.

In the heartfelt video, Daisy opens up about how her mom brought her to the US to help give her a better life.

As with so many of our parents who crossed into the US illegally, her mother wanted to make sure that Daisy would get a better education and have more opportunities in this world as an adult.

She then tells the story about how desperately she wanted to visit her family in Mexico when she was 10 years old.

Credit: @lalajanet69 / Twitter

After about a month in Jalisco, Mexico, with her grandparents, her mother had explained through a phone call that she would have to return to the US with a coyote and cross the Rio Grande.

Marquez was awakened by her grandmother at 3 a.m. to start the journey. Marquez begged her to let her stay in Mexico, regretting ever going down south, but alas, Marquez was taken to the coyotes who would help her cross back in the US.

In the video, as she wipes away tears, Daisy explains the entire harrowing experience of crossing into the US with a small group of people. They have to swim across the Rio Grande, encounter the Border Patrol, run out of water, and have to walk a total of nearly 7 hours.

She points out how traumatizing the experience was simply to go back to the visit the country she was born in.

And how people shouldn’t have to suffer such a traumatic experience and even risk their lives simply to visit the country they were born in. Or to visit their abuelos and other familia.

Even though she applied to 7 different colleges and was accepted to all of them, she couldn’t attend any of them.

When Marquez safely returned home to Oak Cliff, eight years had passed, and while pursuing her love for makeup and balancing school work, her new test of strength came after graduation: her immigration status held her back from doing the things she wanted to do — like attending college.

“I worked my ass off, I took college classes, graduated with distinct honors … all that went to waste all because I’m from Mexico,” she said in her video.

Marquez discussed in her video that despite being accepted to every college she had applied to, the cost of going would be at a much higher rate because of her status as an international student, a burden she did not want to put on her parents’ back.

Stuck between school and chasing her passion for makeup and fashion, she took the plunge and dedicated her life to creating more videos for her followers.

As a successful YouTuber she’s had to pass on several amazing opportunities because of her immigration status.

Credit: @daisymarquez_ / Twitter

From a trip to Bora Bora to having to move her life to Los Angeles in order to pursue her dreams as an artist, Daisy is not shy about sharing her struggles, dreams, and aspirations on her YouTube channel.

She ends her video by reminding all the people who may be in the same situation to never give up on your dreams.

Sharing a deeply personal story, as Daisy did, is often one of the strongest ways to reach people, to inspire them. And with an estimated 1.3 million eligible DACA recipients in the US, let’s hope that her story has inspired many of them to chase their dreams.

And her story seems to have resonated with a lot of people.

Credit: @daisymarquez_ / Twitter

Reactions on Twitter to Daisy’s video, range from tweets of tears and sadness for her story to “bravo daisy, you’re amazing” and “thank you so much for sharing your personal story. with it i hope others see their own potential.”

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