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Ring Camera Captures The Moment A Sacramento Police Officer Detained Two Men In Their Own Neighborhood

It seems there was some confusion when it came to two neighbors in Sacramento, California being detained over the weekend by a deputy officer. It all started when Ed Dowdy locked his keys and cell phone in his car. He would then contact his neighbor, Omar, to use his phone so he could call for a locksmith. While the two waited outside for the locksmith, security video surveillance shows the two chatting it up outside their gated community homes. 

That’s when a deputy officer showed to their property and things got interesting. The officer originally showed up to the home after an alarm was set off by Omar’s daughter earlier that morning. Upon showing up at the scene the first thing that the officer asked the men a question that surprised them. 

“‘Any of you guys on probation or parole?’” Dowdy told FOX40 when recalling the event. 

Both men didn’t know how to respond to the officer’s question and were caught off guard by the assumption of being criminals. Omar says the officer’s question was out of line and felt they were being marginalized. Dowdy is black and Omar is Latino.  

Two men were detained by the deputy officer after having trouble identifying them. According to the officer, that was enough probable reason to detain them despite the men living in the neighborhood.

“We were just having a conversation right here,” Omar told FOX40. “That kind of surprised me. It kind of shocked us like, why would he even ask that? Like do we look like criminals or something? And to me, I feel like he made up in his mind who we were at that moment.”

According to the DailyMail, Dowdy is an Army veteran and Omar is the owner of a local cleaning business in the Sacramento area.  When Omar attempted to go into his house and retrieve his driver’s license, the officer wouldn’t let him retrieve it. 

“I told him, ‘I’ve got my ID in the house. My wife and kids are inside. Do you want me to go get it? I can go get it,’” Omar told FOX40. “He said, ‘No, I’ll write it down.’ And I even spelled out my name, my last name, gave him my date of birth. He went to go check.”

When the officer came back to the two men he told them that he couldn’t find Omar in his computer system. That was enough to convince the officer to detain them both. 

Luckily for the men, there was Ring video security footage rolling the entire time. 

Credit: KTXL

“You’re out here, outside of a home where an alarm went off, right? You guys are just standing out here and your name isn’t very good,” the deputy officer was heard saying in the security camera footage. “Well, I have reasonable suspicion to believe that a crime is being committed, right? So, I can detain people.”

“We asked for the supervisor,” Omar recalled. “He’s like, ‘I don’t got to call him. I’m not going to waste his time.'”

Dowdy says that the officer acted “belligerent” and searched him “without my consent.” He was detained as well just for being right there at the scene. 

“And he said, ‘No, you don’t go nowhere either because I got to detain you.’ I said, ‘For what? For having a conversation out here?’” Dowdy said. “I don’t feel like we should be yelled at or put in handcuffs or frisked or searched.”

Omar’s wife eventually came out of the house and showed the officer her husband’s ID. They were both released after a fellow sergeant showed up to check on the false alarm call.

Credit: KTXL

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Tess Deterding reviewed the security surveillance video and released the following statement:

“From a general review of the video, it does not appear there is any violation of policy or law. However, the video is insufficient in terms of drawing a conclusion. If these individuals feel the situation was not handled appropriately by Sheriff’s Office personnel, we encourage them to contact us so we may gather more information.”

Both of the two neighbors told FOX40 that they felt mistreated by the incident and cooperated with the officer’s requests. “There are so many different ways it could’ve been handled,” Omar said. 

It’s unknown at this time if the two men will indeed follow up on the incident. 

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Couple Livestream High-Speed Chase After Trying To Smuggle Group Of Undocumented Men

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Couple Livestream High-Speed Chase After Trying To Smuggle Group Of Undocumented Men


There are organizations throughout the country that serve the undocumented community. In fact, there are some organizations based around the border that are there specifically to help undocumented people as they make their way across the tough terrain. Those groups such as No More Deaths assist by making the journey not as painful or draining by leaving food and water. They certainly don’t drive them across the border. That kind of job is typically done by coyotes — people who get paid to smuggle undocumented people across the border. All of these people are in danger of getting arrested and have been arrested for doing this kind of work. This latest story, however, is unlike anything we have ever seen. 

Last week, in Laredo, Texas, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) arrested two people after they led police on a high-speed chase while they were transporting a group of undocumented men — and they documented the whole thing via Facebook Live.

Credit: CAMERA PHOBIA / YouTube

Alejandro Vela, 22, and Karyme Espinoza, 19, from Texas, captured their high-speed chase on Facebook Live as they drove trying to evade police while driving with a group of undocumented men in the back of their 2010 Mercedes Benz. 

Vela was driving the car and Espinoza was recording on Facebook Live. She didn’t look stressed about the situation and actually didn’t seem bothered at all that the police were chasing them. In fact, she seemed to be happy about it.

Credit: CAMERA PHOBIA / YouTube

“Hey, I’m live on Facebook,” Espinoza said jokingly. “I need you to do me a favor without telling anybody,” she said. “Immigration is on my ass because I have ten guys with me.” She added “we are currently going 160 (mph),” she said. The male is then heard talking to someone on the phone. He tells them if they can open the gate and then close it behind them so they “lose them.” 

According to the New York Post, when the CBP eventually caught up with them the driver and passenger fled by foot again. They were caught in the end and arrested. 

Credit: @aintnobarbie / Twitter

The News & Observer report that Vela (the driver) was charged with “evading arrest, unlawful transport of a person and reckless driving.” The female (the passenger) “was charged with unlawful transport of a person and evading arrest on foot.”

 “This is one of the first times I do see one of the persons actually engaged in the crime actually live-streaming it,”  Texas Department of Public Safety’s Sergeant Eric Estrada said in an interview with KGNS News. “We would never think that someone would want to incriminate themselves by live-streaming the crime they are actually committing.”

Here’s the entire 10-minute video, but you may need a barf bag because you will get dizzy.

This almost looks as if it could be the plot of the movie. But we can’t help but feel bad for the undocumented people in their car. Crossing the border illegally is always a risk, but entrusting people who are willfully behaving erratically. 

This week as well, another couple was arrested for smuggling undocumented people in San Diego. That couple also led the CBP in a high-speed chase.

Credit: Unsplash

In this case, the 30-year-old driver and his 34-year-old female front passenger attempted to smuggle a large group of undocumented people and also had some in the trunk. 

According to the CBP, they suspected the couple had undocumented people in their car after they saw several people going into their car and then headed westbound towards Chula Vista. 

The CBP report that “agents turned on their emergency lights and siren to initiate a vehicle stop. The driver refused to stop and fled at a high rate of speed into a neighborhood near Proctor Valley Road.”

CBP verified they were going extremely fast. “Before agents could approach the vehicle, the driver sped off to State Highway 125, at times going in excess of 100 miles per hour,” they reported. “He continued northbound, exited, then drove westbound on Jamacha Road. The driver continued to drive erratically and, at one point, tried to run an agent’s vehicle off the road. The chase came to an end at Darby Street in Spring Valley, when the driver crashed into a parked car.”

“This is another example of the dangerous acts human smugglers perform every day for financial gain and how they show no regard for the lives of those involved,” Chief Patrol Agent Douglas E. Harrison said in a press release. “Fortunately, this chase came to a safe conclusion and ended with the driver and co-principal in custody.”

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A Military Veteran Called The Cops After Being Robbed And They Placed Him In An Involuntary Hold

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A Military Veteran Called The Cops After Being Robbed And They Placed Him In An Involuntary Hold

Youtube / Screenshot nbclosangeles

Manuel Gutierrez is proud to have served five years in the U.S. Air Force. He never thought his service would make him vulnerable to assumptions of his sanity by responding police officers. Gutierrez filed a $1 million claim against the Covina Police Department Monday for just that reason. Gutierrez was driving home around 3 a.m. when another car began tailing him. As he pulled into the driveway, Gutierrez alleges that a trio of robbers held him at gunpoint and robbed him. Gutierrez called the police. When Gutierrez told responding Officer Vanessa Pineda that he was a veteran, she began to tell him that he hallucinated the robbery and put him on a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold, also known as a 5150.

“I was denied protection, humiliated, and stripped of my sense of security,” Gutierrez said during a press conference.

Credit: Jaime Gutierrez / Facebook

Gutierrez’s father woke up to his wife screaming, “Call 911!” The family woke up to the sound of Manuel screaming, and the screech of a car pulling out of the driveway. Gutierrez’s experience of being robbed at gunpoint is harrowing. He told ABC7 News, “That’s when he [the robber] told me ‘Give me everything you got.’ I told him ‘I don’t have anything. Get away from me, leave me alone.'”

Manuel Gutierrez said he was giving his account of the story, but that the tone shifted one he disclosed his status as a veteran. 

“Once I told her I was a veteran, she began self-diagnosing me with PTSD,” Gutierrez recalled. “I calmly told her I’ve never been diagnosed with PTSD.” Gutierrez served for five years in the Air Force but was never in a combat zone. Even though his family corroborated his story, and told officers that they saw a car pull away from their driveway, the young officer deemed his story unreliable. He was strapped onto a gurney and transported via ambulance to a psychiatric hospital.

“My rights were taken away from me. My voice was taken away from me,” Gutierrez told NBC News.

Gutierrez’s father ran to a neighbor’s house and retrieved footage of the robbery within an hour after his son’s hold.

Credit: _raquelgutierrez / Instagram

You can see two sets of headlights in the upper left-hand corner, which is just outside the Gutierrez home. He showed both police and hospital staff the video of the car following his son into their driveway and then speeding off, but it still took an additional 60 hours for his son to be released. That means that Manuel Gutierrez had to endure the traumatic experience of being robbed, being effectively gaslit by a responding police officer meant to protect him, and still had to spend nearly three days in a psychiatric facility against his will.

The Covina Police Department reports that Gutierrez was acting suspiciously, and was carrying a baseball bat.

Credit: _raquelgutierrez / Instagram

Gutierrez ran back into the house to grab a baseball bat, for fear the robbers would return. Manuel Gutierrez’s sister, Raquel, has been outspoken about the treatment of her brother and is demanding #JusticeforMannyG. In an Instagram post, she shared information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and learned that Officer Pineda is a new member of the Covina police force. She’s demanding an apology from Covina PD and Officer Pineda “for allowing an inexperienced rookie to take the freedom away from a Veteran.” 

According to code 5150, an officer can legally place someone on an involuntary hold “when a person, as a result of a mental health disorder, is a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled, a peace officer [or] professional person in charge.” In an audio recording posted on his family’s social media, Gutierrez tells his sister that he met with a psychiatrist for 5 minutes, and has been on a psych hold for 48 hours already. 

The family is suing the Covina PD for compromising Manuel Gutierrez’s civil rights.

Credit: _raquelgutierrez / Instagram

Raquel wants the public to “please share his story. This could have happened to anyone, please be aware of your rights and be safe!! Feel free to share on all platforms. These criminals are still at large. We must hold Covina PD and Officer Pineda responsible. Please help my family seek justice. #JUSTICEFORMANNYG”

The Gutierrez family is concerned that the robbers are still at large and terrorizing the community. The Covina Police Department has 45 days to respond before the lawsuit is filed.

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