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Unearthed Tapes Record Reagan Calling African Delegates ‘Those Monkeys’

The days of politicians spewing racist banter “behind closed doors” are long over. For one, our President of the United States is publicly calling on Congresswoman of color to “go back” to where they came from and even allowing for thirteen uncomfortable seconds of rally-goers shouting “send her back.” For another, the Internet has allowed the public to hear otherwise private comments that the POTUS doesn’t want immigrants from “shithole countries.”

Last August, an October 1971 portion of tape recording President Richard Nixon chatting with then-California Governor Ronald Reagan was released. In it, we hear the most influential political leaders in the world laugh at the expense of African delegates and African-Americans.

Ronald Reagan apparently called Richard Nixon to vent his frustration at the way African delegates voted to recognize the People’s Republic of China.

Credit: @complex / Twitter

“Last night, I tell you, to watch that thing on television as I did,” Reagan told Nixon. “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries—damn them,” Reagan said. “They’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!” Nixon replied with a booming laugh.

Reagan reportedly hated the United Nations and described it as a “kangaroo court” filled with “bums.”

Credit: @CFR_org / Twitter

That day in October, the UN voted to seat a delegation from Beijing instead of from Taiwan. Reagan preferred Taiwan and was enraged when the Tanzanian delegates started dancing in celebration of the news. Reagan called Nixon that very night but Nixon was asleep. They spoke the next morning, when the tape was recorded, and when Reagan pressed Nixon to back out of the United Nations.

Right after talking with Reagan, Nixon called Secretary of State William Rogers and called the African delegates “cannibals.”

Credit: @PRESIDENTNIXO11 / Twitter

In Nixon’s retelling of Reagan’s language to Rogers, he struggles not to sound racist. He fails. “As you can imagine, there’s strong feeling that we just shouldn’t, as [Reagan] said, he saw these, as he said, he saw these—these, uh, these cannibals on television last night,” Nixon tells Rogers. “And [Reagan] says, ‘Christ, they weren’t even wearing shoes, and here the United States is going to submit its fate to that,’ and so forth and so on.”

Then, hours later, Nixon called Rogers again to vent, using Reagan’s racism as permission to repeat it, “I found out what outraged him [Reagan], and I find this is typical of a lot of people: They saw it on television and, he said, ‘These cannibals jumping up and down and all that.’ And apparently, it was a pretty grotesque picture. He practically got sick at his stomach, and that’s why he called. And he said, ‘It was a terrible scene.’ And that sort of thing will have an emotional effect on people … as [Reagan] said, ‘This bunch of people who don’t even wear shoes yet, to be kicking the United States in the teeth’ … It was a terrible thing, they thought.”

Nixon recorded their conversation, but the racist portion was withheld from the public to “protect Reagan’s privacy.”

Credit: @BeschlossDC / Twitter

The National Archives had released this conversation in 2000 originally but intentionally struck the racist parts from the public record. When Reagan died in 2004, his privacy could be legally dismissed as terms for keeping the conversation from the public. Tim Naftali, a researcher at the National Archives, requested the conversations be reviewed once again. It was released to the public two weeks ago. 

But Nixon never kept his racism private.

Credit: @RadioBlackOn / Twitter

In an interview, Nixon announced that he believes Richard Hernstein and Arthur Jensen’s conclusions that IQ is tied to race–that there is a biological racial hierarchy that codifies white supremacy. He saw whites and Asians as much higher on the totem pole than Africans and Latinos. This wasn’t racism to him. It was a fact.

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People Have Taken To The Streets Across The Country In Breonna Taylor Protests

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People Have Taken To The Streets Across The Country In Breonna Taylor Protests


Cities across the U.S. are seeing a new wave of unrest following the grand jury’s finding on the Breonna Taylor case. Emotions are high as people protest against the lack of charges against the officers who were involved in Taylor’s death.

Protesters are raising their voices after the decision not to charge all of the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death.

Breonna Taylor was shot and killed on March 13 when police raided her apartment. The 26-year-old ER technician was sleeping when the police executed a “no-knock” warrant. However, police had the wrong address and Taylor’s boyfriend, believe their lives were in danger, fired at the police. Taylor was shot and killed in her apartment that night.

Major cities across the country saw major demonstrations spurred by the anger against the justice system.

A grand jury found one officer responsible for wanton endangerment after firing his weapon into neighboring apartments. There were no charges tied directly to Taylor’s death. The lack of charges has angered activists and advocates who are seeking significant police reform to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

People have become hyper-aware of the issue and are paying attention to the outcomes.

Protest signs in different crowds show that the American people are paying attention. The Black Lives Matter movement became the cause at the forefront of American mentality since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. Floyd’s death sparked national outrage and renewed energy into fighting to stop the disproportionate violence Black men, women, and children face at the hands of police.

Some motorists have turned violent against the protesters.

Video captured in both Denver and Los Angeles show vehicles driving through crowds of protesters. In Denver, the driver claims to have acted in self-defense after protesters surrounded his car. The driver claims that he did not intend to hurt anyone but reacted when protesters shattered his windshield.

In Louisville, police arrested the only Black woman in the Kentucky state legislature for protesting.

State Rep. Attica Scott was arrested for first-degree rioting, which is a class-D felony. The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department arrested 24 people Thursday night while protesting the decision not to charge the officers. Rep. Scott was arrested with other and charged with first-degree rioting and two misdemeanors for unlawful assembly and failure to disperse.

“Our call to action is to continue to make sure that the city of Louisville understands that we will not go away, that we will continue to demand the defunding of police and the dismantling of this police department because it’s corrupt from the inside out, from the bottom to the top,” Scott told NPR before the grand jury decision. “And it cannot continue to function in the way that it does.”

Taylor’s death has mobilized the nation with celebrities and politicians calling for justice.

The fight for racial justice and a systemic change to our justice and policing systems is ongoing. The people are tired of being scared and are taking a stand with their protests.

If you are out there protesting, send us your videos and photos so we can see your activism in action!

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An Abuelo Got A Hurtful Note From Bad Neighbors About His Decorations And Latino Twitter Came Into Comfort Him

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An Abuelo Got A Hurtful Note From Bad Neighbors About His Decorations And Latino Twitter Came Into Comfort Him

@goldenstef / Twitter

We are rarely more defensive than we are for our abuelos. The viejitos have always been there for us and seeing them treated unkindly is just heartbreaking. That is what one Twitter user experienced after her abuelo got a wretched note about his decorations outside his home.

This is the horrid letter left for @goldenstef’s abuelo by undesirable neighbors.

The letter, which is filled with misspelled words, calls the abuelo’s house an example of a “low class Mexican family.” The letter was written anonymously by neighbors and delivered to the abuelo in an attempt to shame him into changing his decorations. One of the most bizarre moments in the letter is when the angry author criticized the homeowner for having too many American flags claiming he isn’t patriotic and can’t fool the neighbors. Like, which one is it people?

The Twitter user followed up with photos of the house to show the decorations their abuelo has out front.

People flooded the Twitter post with comments supporting and sending love to the abuelo. Fellow Latinos are ready to stand with the abuelo and some just want the names of the people behind the letter so they can talk to them. Some people are stunned at how far the author was willing to go out of their way to be mean to an old man who just wants to decorate his home and front yard.

Latino Twitter wants to come together to let the abuelo know that his decorations are adorbs.

We need to come together to give her abuelo all of the wonderful decoration we love. Let’s turn his house and front yard into a showcase of all of the greatness that Latin America has to offer.

People are falling in love with this viejitos yard.

Honestly, this is a great yard. Who wouldn’t want a yard like this? This yard is original and adorable and worth all of the praise that we can muster. Thank you to people like this for making their yards something unique and worth seeing.

@goldenstef wants everyone to know just how much they appreciate the sweet messages about their abuelo’s yard.

It costs nothing to be kind. It is even better when you can be kind about something someone clearly cares so much about. Who cares if someone decorates their lawn a little too much. At least they are having fun with their lives and that is something we all need more of right now.

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