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People On Social Media Are Calling Out A Bar In Puerto Rico That Kicked Out A Party For Two Men Dancing

Two men vacationing in Puerto Rico were shocked when a restaurant worker told them they were only allowed to dance with women. The weekend before the New Year, a gay couple and their friends went to Gyros Sample Bar in Orocovis. Heterosexual couples started dancing, so two men in the group naturally decided to join. One of the victims, Trey May, shared a video of the encounter to Twitter to announce, “HOMOPHOBIA IS REAL AND ITS GLOBAL.” Luis Santiago-Rivera, May’s boyfriend, said that the worker explicitly told them, “Heterosexuals can dance, not a man with another man,” according to CBS reporter David Begnaud. The video has since gone viral, but the establishment’s apology isn’t satisfactory to most. 

Gyros Sample Bar’s story has changed multiple times, first going on the defense, saying the establishment was being “defamed,” then to say it was a misunderstanding, and finally to offer a “profuse” apology.

As you can see, another heterosexual couple was dancing at the same time that the two were asked to leave for dancing.

“Okay, so, this place is very homophobic,” May said while speaking outside the bar he was just removed from. “Just got kicked out for dancing with someone who wasn’t even my boyfriend. So if you’re ever in this area in Puerto Rico, do not go. These people are very homophobic,” he added. Until that night, May had a positive experience of Puerto Rico, captioning the video to say, “Okay… hate to interrupt the beauty I’ve been posting about Puerto Rico but this is something I feel NEEDS to be exposed. HOMOPHOBIA IS REAL AND ITS GLOBAL my boyfriend’s FAMILY AND I got kicked out of this bar because Kelvin (boyfriend’s friend) and I were DANCING together”

Since then, his tweet has been viewed nearly 300k times and retweeted and liked nearly 10k times. He’s since included a follow-up video that his friend took to capture the lovely moment of May and Kelvin dancing, which was interrupted when an employee approached them to tell them to stop.

May alleges that the worker used homophobic slurs and told the women who tried to get involved to “shut up.”


“NOT ONLY did they disrespect us, but they also disrespected the WOMEN pictured by telling them to shut up after the incident and basically telling them to stay out of it,” May tweeted. I would be shocked if homophobia wasn’t ever well-paired with machísmo. 

In response, the bar initially claimed that it was because the two were smoking e-cigarettes. Then, Gyro’s business Facebook page changed the story to defend their actions, saying in a post that the problem was that they were “dancing inside the business between tables, the bar, and the bathroom,” and that they “even stumbled onto one of the clients.” The post alleges that the employees simply directed both couples to dance outside, as is designated. “Believe me that we are not homophobic at all and we have never had problems with anyone of this kind, and we receive LGBT clients every day,” the restaurant page admin added. According to May, the post was active for just 25 minutes before it was deleted. May tweeted his outrage that “an apology was never offered. THEY ONLY DEFENDED THEIR ACTIONS.”

CBS reporter Begnaud tweeted, “Bar officials now claim the 2 men dancing bumped into people and that’s why they were asked to leave. I asked the gay couple involved & they claim no one mentioned anything about that, only that 2 men were allowed to dance. The bar has changed its story 3 times, so far.”

Since then, the restaurant has come under fire for not giving an adequate apology and placing blame on the gays for feeling “offended.”


“Those apologies are BS,” offered Twitter user Catherine J. Badillo (@LENTJUELA), adding, “The establishment is taking no responsibility for their homophobic actions, and it almost seems like they are blaming the affected part for feeling “offended”.” Finally, the restaurant’s spokespeople have admitted that the employee did use homophobic slurs and that their “doors are open” to receive the LGBT community. In the same post, the admin stated in Spanish, “TO THE BOYS WHO OFFERED OFFENSES. If they communicate with us, we can give them to them personally.” 

“Their apology would have been more sincere if they would not have denied it from the get-go. Now the apology seems like damage control so that their business won’t be affected,” another Twitter user concluded. Meanwhile, Puerto Ricans are offering sincere apologies on behalf of the restaurant. “I am very sorry that you had this bad experience,” Homar Betancourt tweeted, saying “Puerto Rico has many places where the LGBT community is accepted and loved. I am Puerto Rican and places like these we don’t sponsored them when we know of actions like the one that happened to you today. So sorry for that.”

Watch the full video below after they were kicked out of the bar.

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Who Is Mari Pepin? Everything You Need to Know About the Puerto Rican Beauty Queen and ‘The Bachelor’ Frontrunner


Who Is Mari Pepin? Everything You Need to Know About the Puerto Rican Beauty Queen and ‘The Bachelor’ Frontrunner

As you probably know by now, a new season of the never-ending reality series “The Bachelor” has just started.

And this season is destined to be especially exciting–not just because of the promise of non-stop drama, but because the franchise has finally hired its first Black male lead, Matt James, after 18 years on the air.

And with the first Black “Bachelor” comes the most diverse group of contestants competing for the lead’s heart that they’ve ever had.

And one of the contestants that is capturing the hearts of both fans and Matt James alike is 24-year-old Puerto Rican-born pageant queen Mariela “Mari” Pepin.

On this season’s premiere episode of “The Bachelor”, Mari was immediately clocked by viewers as one of the front runners by the way that Matt reacted to meeting her. The former Wake Forest wide receiver was struck speechless by her beauty and couldn’t keep his eyes off her when she parted ways with him. It was obvious that Mari had made quite the first impression on him.

And because we love to see #representation on screen (and especially on reality TV), we decided to do our due diligence and find out as much as we could about this gorgeous and accomplished Latina. Here’s everything you need to know about Mari Pepin.

She’s Boricua–and proud of it!

Something that immediately endeared Mari to fans was the fact that she is so vocally proud of being Puerto Rican. In her first sit-down conversation with Matt, she opened up about how hard its been for her family to live through the relentless natural disasters that the island is going through.

She’s a military brat.

According to Mari’s personal blog, she spent the first few years of her life in PR before relocating to Germany because of her father’s military career. According to Mari, her unique childhood contributed to her love of traveling as an adult.

She was 2019’s Miss Maryland USA.

According to Mari’s official “Bachelor” bio, she began competing in pageants when she moved to Maryland as a teenager. She won Miss Teen Maryland and then went on to win the title of Miss Maryland. After that, she placed in the Top 10 of the Miss USA competition.

She’s wicked smart.

According to Mari’s LinkedIn page, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Towson University and she’s currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Marketing Intelligence from the same institution. It’s safe to say she values education.

She’s multilingual.

Not only does Mari speak both Spanish and English flawlessly, but she’s also fluent in French and American Sign Language.

Based on all this info alone, we can’t wait to see Mari Pepin crush this season of “The Bachelor”. Hopefully, this Boricua beauty will be popping up a lot on our screens for years to come!

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Bad Bunny Talks Depression And Says Sometimes He Still Feels Like The Boy Who Bagged Groceries Back Home


Bad Bunny Talks Depression And Says Sometimes He Still Feels Like The Boy Who Bagged Groceries Back Home

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Bad Bunny is on top of the world. Or, at least, that’s how it appears to all of us on the outside enjoying his record-breaking year. Not only did he release three albums in 2020 but he also landed his debut acting role in the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico and from his Instagram stories, he seems to be in a happy, contentful relationship.

But like so many others, Bad Bunny has his experience with mental health issues, of which he recently opened up about in an interview with El País.

Bad Bunny recently spoke up about his struggle with depression.

Despite his immense success that’s catapulted him to, arguably, the world’s biggest superstar, Bad Bunny admits that sometimes he still feels like the young man who bagged groceries in a supermarket.

The reggaetonero revealed in an interview with El País that right as his career really started to take off, he was not happy. “You asked me before how I hadn’t gone crazy. Well, I think that was the moment that was going to determine if I was going to go crazy or not. From 2016 to 2018 I disappeared, I was stuck in a capsule, without knowing anything. The world saw me, but I was missing,” he said.

Although no doctor diagnosed him, he is sure of what was happening. it only did he feel lost and empty but he had stopped doing many of the things that brought him joy, like watching movies and boxing. Without realizing it, he had also fallen out of contact with much of his family, with whom he was typically very close.

“And that’s when I said: who am I? What’s going on?” he told El País. When he returned home to Puerto Rico from spending time in Argentina, he was able to get back into the right state of mind and remember who he was.

Despite his success, Bad Bunny still worries he’s in financial trouble.

Although today, he is the number one Latin artist on Spotify and the awards for his music keep coming, there are times when Bad Bunny still thinks that he has financial problems.

“Not long ago, I was 100% clear in my head what I have achieved, maybe a year or six months ago; but until then, many times I forgot, I felt that I was the kid from the supermarket. He would happen something and say: “Hell!” And then: “Ah, no, wait, if I have here,” he said, touching his pocket.

Much like Bad Bunny, J Balvin has also been candid about his own mental health struggles.

Bad Bunny is just the most recent to speak to the emotional havoc he experiences despite being a global superstar. And, thankfully, like many other celebrities, he’s been able to find refuge in a reality that allows him to keep his feet on the ground so that he too can enjoy the achievements of his career.

Much like El Conejo, J Balvin is known for the brightness of his style and mentality. But he’s long addressed the importance of caring for one’s mental health. During his Arcoíris Tour, he encouraged people to not be ashamed of seeking professional help, and let the audience know they are not alone.   

“Las enfermedades de salud mental son una realidad. Yo he sufrido de depresión y he sufrido de ansiedad, así que tengo que aceptarlo. Y eso me hace más humano, me hace entender que la vida tiene pruebas,” Balvin said. “Pero si alguien está pasando una situación difícil, no están solos, siempre llega la luz. Tarde o temprano llega la luz.”  

“Mental health illnesses are a reality. I have suffered from depression and anxiety, so I have to accept it. And this makes me more human. It makes me understand that life has challenges,” Balvin said in Spanish. “But if someone is going through a difficult time, they are not alone, light always comes. Sooner or later, the light comes.”  

We need more men like Benito and J Balvin to speak up about their mental health struggles, to help destroy the stigma that exists within our community.

And in the same interview, he also spoke about why he works to elevate the Spanish language.

As for the possibility of singing in English, the answer remains the same: a resounding no.

“You have to break this view that the gringos are Gods…No, papi,” he told El País. And, although he’s collaborated with artists like Drake, Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez, he has always sang in Spanish and with his famous accent.

“I am very proud to reach the level where we are speaking in Spanish, and not only in Spanish, but in the Spanish that we speak in Puerto Rico. Without changing the accent,” he said.

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