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The White House Is Rumored To Restart Family Separations. Here’s What We Know

The Washington Post reported that the White House is “actively” considering plans to begin separating parents from their children at the U.S.-Mexico border once again as a ‘deterrent’ method.

There’s no question that this is completely unacceptable and painful news to hear, but it’s important to understand the facts.

The New UN human rights chief announced that Trump’s family separation policy was “unconscionable”.

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Caption: “A mural by Michelle Angela Ortiz detailing family separation at the border and at the Berks County Immigration Detention Center is rankling @senatorscarnati and other GOP leadership, claiming that it’s too political for this election season.”

President Trump is defending his decision to use family separation as a deterrent.

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Trump’s entire platform has been built upon the belief that immigrants from Mexico are “murderers and rapists.” He has defended family separation as a means to deter migrants when he told reporters at the White House, “If they feel there will be separation, they don’t come. You’ve got some really bad people out there.”

More than 2,500 children were taken from their parents in less than six weeks.

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Trump’s goal with a “zero tolerance” immigration policy has been to end what he calls “catch and release,” or what most reasonable people would call common sense.

“Catch and release” allows migrant families to wait for a hearing outside of government run facilities. It allows them to work, create a home, and maybe not traumatize their kids.

Hundreds of still separated children are expected to be adopted by new families.

Many organizations, including the ACLU, are fighting to make sure the administration follows the court’s ruling to reunite the families they tore apart once and for all.

Now, the administration is “revamping” the family separation policy.

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Meaning that while the administration was not even prepared to reunite families by keeping track of family ties, they’re tinkering with a plan that is internationally regarded by the UN as torture.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions implemented the policy and supported it till he left the administration.

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Session has said that the harsh policy is a result of an immigration crisis.

Reports and numbers show that the United States is experiencing record low numbers of border crossings.

U.S. corporations are profiting off detaining migrant families and building new facilities to house them.

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We all know the private prison industry is corrupt. They lobby Republican politicians to get stricter and stricter mandatory sentences on crimes, most often committed by people of color and low-income communities.

Let us tell you how Trump is trying to rebrand this reality:

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Caption: “Trump Official Says Detention Centers For Immigrant Children Is ‘More Like A Summer Camp’”

Stephen Miller, the senior advisor to the president, has pushed for a harder immigration process.

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The Washington Post reports that some senior officials are “concerned about the optics…of renewed separations, Miller and others are determined to act.” Miller’s uncle wrote an op-ed detailing how Miller’s family benefited from immigration laws to come to the U.S.

In reality, the numbers show that family separation didn’t deter crossings.

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You’ll remember that reporters interviewing migrants revealing that they don’t follow Trump on Twitter and were unaware of these policies. They were blindsided at the border when their children we taken from them.

Arizona Republican Sen. John Kyl is supporting harsher enforcements.

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Sen. Kyl was appointed to the position when Sen. John McCain died. Since taking the Senate seat, he has broken away from McCain’s beliefs and has pushed for the administration to pass harsher and harsher immigration laws and punishments.

Policy Option No. 1: Expand ICE’s jurisdiction to detain children.

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As in, at these high-level meetings at the White House, officials have proposed new rules that would permit them to withdraw from a 1997 federal court ruling that bans Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from detaining children for longer than 20 days.

Option No. 2: “Binary Choice”

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The Washington Post reports that Trump is most seriously considering detaining asylum-seeking families together for up to 20 days and then giving the parents a choice: stay in family detention as a family for as long as years until their case has closed, or allow the government to take their children to a government shelter or so other relatives can seek custody.

All this news on the heels asylum seekers starting to reach the southern border after walking from Honduras.

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The New York Times reported that mothers were walking up to 20 miles a day with children as young as three months old.

Pictures of viejos walking on crutches, trans women arm in arm carrying a rainbow pride flag and mothers with children on their shoulders have flooded social media.

Now that the midterm elections are over and Democrats control the House of Representatives, Trump has stayed relatively quiet about the asylum seekers.

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Caption: “Mexicans place clothes and shoes out for caravan migrants in Huehuetan. There is still kindness and generosity in the world.”

He spent weeks calling the asylum seekers invaders as he campaign for Republican Congresspeople nationwide.

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He is seized on these images of refugees as a ploy to get Republicans to the polls and even called them a “blessing in disguise”. They are refugees, but Trump has convinced his base that they are dangerous “rapists” and “bad hombres.”

They are people who are legally allowed to come to this country and seek asylum.

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Trump also attempted to scare his base into thinking that terrorists had invaded the group of refugees seeking asylum.

To date, ICE has three “family residential centers,” which can detain up to about 3,000 people.

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So, asylum seekers aside, when Trump deploys a new policy that would once again start family separation, forced or not, corporations benefit.

Activists are fighting harder than ever for the rights fo those peacefully seeking asylum.

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Until every bed is empty. Until there is a new immigration system in place.

Look out for protests near you.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaigned and won on the promise of abolishing ICE. Now is time to see if the progressive values that elected so many members to Congress at the midterms can pass.

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Joe Biden Promises To Fight For Dreamers If Elected In November

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Joe Biden Promises To Fight For Dreamers If Elected In November

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An overwhelming majority of Americans support protecting Dreamers. Hundreds of thousands of young adults rely on the protection from deportation and work authorization to live with dignity and out of the shadows. Presidential nominee Joe Biden wants to make sure they stay protected.

Dreamers are looking to a Biden administration to finish what an Obama administration started.

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According to the official Biden campaign website, the presidential nominee will work with Congress to reinstate DACA protections and to create a pathway to citizenship. DACA was won by undocumented activists putting fear aside and publicly fought to change the minds of Americans and politicans.

“Undocumented ‘youth’ are no longer youth,” says Moises Serrano, DACA activist and the man profiled in the documentary “Forbidden.” “DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants have been living in fear and instability for decades now. We survived eight years under the Obama administration and four years under the Trump administration. Immigration reform was promised under the Obama-Biden platform; a promise that is still unfulfilled.”

He added: “We hope that President Biden puts an end to the instability in our lives once and for all, or we are ready to hold him accountable in the same way we held Obama accountable in our fight for Administrative Relief.”

Biden’s policy proposes protecting Dreamers and helping them advance in this country.

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Biden promises to reinstate DACA to protect Dreamers and will be looking into ways to protect their families. The policy put forth by a potential Biden administration is pivotal in giving those who are DACA recipients a chance to live without fear and with all of the rights as their fellow citizens.

“After living through a deep loss in 2016 after losing my second mother and only being granted access to be on her deathbed in Mexico through my ability to get advanced parole through DACA I learned that no loss would ever be greater than that,” said Cindy Nava, a DACA recipient, political operative and policy advocate. “However, November rolled around and another loss took place. One that impacted my life, that of my family and my community.”

DACA is a very important issue as hundreds of thousands of Dreamers are on the line.

Credit: Biden For President / Flickr

People like Nava are hopeful that a Biden administration will bring that dignity back to the immigrant community. It is a community that is vibrant and has contributed vastly to American culture. A BIden administration would be a chance for Nava to see herself reflected in government.

“I am hopeful to see the daughter of immigrants, a woman of color, and a woman I can finally feel represented by be sworn in as the first woman VP of this country,” Nava says. “I will look forward to an administration that listens to the communities it intends to represent. An administration that empowers the entire country to work with each other to support, strengthen, respect and uplift each other each and every day. An administration that values and is grateful for the contributions that immigrants bring to the foundation of our country each and every day.”

Nava wants to see an immigration reform that puts immigrant humanity at the forefront. One that understands the needs for people to seek refuge and a better life in a foreign country.

“No immigrant seeks to find a fix on a silver platter. Nor do they believe that this will be an easy task,” Nava says. “The only thing our families ask for is a chance. Una oportunidad para recordarle a este pais that their lucha and determination comes from a deep sense of ganas to create a life filled with more opportunities than they ever had.”

The battle over DACA is far from over but it is clear that the Trump administration is on the wrong side of public opinion. Biden’s plan would strengthen DACA and restore the program to its full functionality.

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President Trump Falsely Claimed That Covid Is To Blame For Ending DACA

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President Trump Falsely Claimed That Covid Is To Blame For Ending DACA

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In 2017, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions held a press conference terminating Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on behalf of the Trump administration. Since then hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients have lived in uncertainty. President Donald Trump tried to rewrite history at his town hall event Oct. 15.

President Donald Trump blamed the end of DACA on Covid during his town hall.

The truth is that President Trump’s administration attempted to end DACA in 2017. Former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was the attorney general at the time and made the announcement in a press conference. Since then, the Trump administration has continued to advance a lawsuit to terminate the program. DACA allows for hundreds of thousands of adults to work and live in the U.S. without fear of deportation.

Long before Covid, the Trump administration was told to resume DACA as intended.

Instead, the Trump administration has violated federal orders and continued to restrict DACA and those who can apply. The Supreme Court refused to hear arguments against DACA meaning that the lower court’s ruling stood. The ruling was that the Trump administration had to reinstate the program in full. However, the Supreme Court did not dismiss the case allowing for the administration to come back.

President Trump also claimed that DACA recipients and Dreamers are not that same.

Another falsehood by the president at the town hall. DACA recipients are indeed Dreamers. The term Dreamers does apply to DACA recipients who would benefit from the DREAM Act. The legislation would legally enshrine the protections of DACA and was introduced by Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois in 2001. Over the course of 19 years, the piece of legislation has not moved despite the overwhelming support from the American public.

People watching the town hall were quick to call out President Trump.

People are not letting President Trump get away with trying to rewrite history about DACA. His administration is the one trying to strip DACA recipients of their protections. At one point, President Trump tried using DACA recipients as political pawns in an attempt to secure funding for his border wall.

Voters are calling on other voters to help protect the program in November.

The two nominees have very different DACA plans. President Trump has and will continue to try to take away the protections from DACA recipients. Former Vice President Joe Biden has a plan to offer citizenship to DACA recipients, something American voters support. DACA is a wildly popular program that gives some of the most vulnerable people in our society a chance to live a normal life.

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