Marijuana Is About To Be Legalized For Uruguayan Citizens


In 2013, Uruguay voted to legalize the mainstream sale and consumption of marijuana, and starting in July, Quartz reports, citizens will have the ability to purchase weed from retail establishments.



Of course, we don’t mean that retail establishments like Wal-Mart are going to be selling it.

Starting in July, Uruguayan consumers can purchase up to 40 grams a month at sanctioned pharmacies.

You just know the Yelp reviews at these places are going to get super weird.

And they can get it at the low price of $1.30 per gram.


While it’s not free, it’s definitely cheaper than most places, Yahoo! reports. The low price is Uruguay’s way of undermining the black market, which currently charges more twice that price.

As Quartz points out, weed can cost residents of Washington, where recreational marijuana is legal, around $7.00 per gram.


That’s quite a big difference in price.

Tourists won’t be able to purchase marijuana. Only Uruguayan citizens and legal residents can register to buy recreational weed.

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Pot has been mostly legal in Uruguay for a while, Yahoo! News reports. Uruguayans have had permission to have their homegrown weed, and it has been legal to smoke in clubs. The law making pot legal for consumers to buy was passed in 2013, but it has taken several years to get the specifics ready. Consumers will have to submit fingerprints so that the government can keep track of their consumption.

Uruguay’s government has sent out public service announcements using the hashtag #RegularEsSerResponsable.

Or, “To regulate is to be responsible.”

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Sally Yates Destroyed Ted Cruz And Social Media Did A Victory Lap


Sally Yates Destroyed Ted Cruz And Social Media Did A Victory Lap


Ted Cruz is no stranger to arguing the finer points of an issue. The 46-year-old Texas Senator has won national debate championships and he has fared well in multiple town halls, including his recent sparring match with Bernie Sanders. Yesterday, however, Rep. Ted Cruz found himself up against former acting Attorney General Sally Yates in an exchange that was the political equivalent of Canelo v. Chavez Jr. Yates and Cruz discussed many issues around President Trump’s travel ban, which Yates famously blocked, leading to her removal as Deputy Attorney General. Several times, Cruz attempted to undermine Yates’ authority on legal matters, but she was the acting Attorney General, so she was more than fluent in the language of the law, leading to many awkward moments for Cruz during the exchange.

Cruz’s attempts to one-up Yates fell flat, and many were impressed with the easy work Yates made of the Texas Senator.

Those who follow politics loved how poised Yates was during the exchange, which many described as “heated.”

Because Sally Yates brought the fire.


And they hated Cruz’s attempt to “mansplain” legal matters to someone with years of legal experience.

Did anyone really think Sally Yates would crumble because of Ted Cruz?

Yates’ performance was the breath of fresh air so many people needed.

Many wondered how Cruz would recover.


Democratic Senators, though probably biased, also agreed that Yates clearly outclassed Cruz in the exchange.

Other people consider this Cruz’s most cringe-worthy moment since that time his own daughter refused to kiss him.


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