AOC Is Putting The GOP On Notice For Preventing Science From Saving American Lives From Climate Change

Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is really stirring up the right with her “extremist” political efforts to address climate change as it ravages poor, marginalized communities in America. AOC has been in Congress for three months and Fox News has run more coverage on her than most Democratic presidential 2020 candidates.

While the GOP and Fox News has mocked AOC for her red lips, the van her tía drives, and attempted to shame her for working as a bartender as recently as last year, AOC has a big agenda that will not be sidetracked. She is perhaps most famous for her proposed resolution for a Green New Deal (GND), which would meaningfully address the soon to be irreversible effects of climate change.

A Republican congressman claimed that the Green New Deal was created by “rich liberals from New York or California.”

CREDIT: @ocasio2018 / Instagram

Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin literally said, “I think we should not focus on the rich, wealthy elites who will look at this and go ‘I love it, cause I’ve got big money in the bank. Everyone should do this!’” Yes. He is from the same party that pushed a tax law the upped tax liabilities on the working and middle classes while giving major breaks to the wealthiest members of American society.

Even POTUS has chimed in to mock the Green New Deal and frame it as a destabilization of the economy.

CREDIT: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

Trump has signaled to his party and elected officials to follow suit and mock AOC and the Green New Deal.

Please note: this is not a proper example of how to use the scientific term ‘carbon footprint’ in a sentence.

The GOP currently has no plan to combat climate change.

CREDIT: @JamilSmith / Twitter

It’s estimated that climate change will consume 140,000 lives every year. We only need to look at Puerto Rico to see how dangerous our planet has become for human survival.

AOC is not having any of the GOP’s erasure of environmental racism that systematically places pollution in poor folks’ backyard.

CREDIT: GuardianNews / YouTube

“You want to tell people that their concern and their desire for clean air and clean water is elitist? Tell that to the kids in the south Bronx which are suffering from the highest rates of childhood asthma in the country. Tell that to the families in Flint.”

California was on fire last year. So, yes, California and “broad swathes of the Midwest” are waiting for our government to do something about it.

CREDIT: GuardianNews / YouTube

“We talk about cost—we’re going to pay for this whether we pass a Green New Deal or not. Because as towns and cities go underwater, as wildfires ravage our communities, we’re going to pay. And we have to decide whether we’re going to pay to react, or pay to be proactive.”

“People are dying. They are dying.”

CREDIT: GuardianNews / YouTube

“…And the response across the other side of the aisle to introduce an Amendment five minutes before a hearing and a markup?”

Tell ’em, AOC!

“This is serious.”

CREDIT: GuardianNews / YouTube

“This is about our constituents and all of our lives… and we’re here and people are more concerned about helping oil companies than helping their own families? I don’t think so. I don’t think so.”

“We are facing a national crisis and if we do not ascend to that crisis…”

CREDIT: GuardianNews / YouTube

“If we tell the American public that we are more willing to invest and bail out big banks than we are willing to invest in our farmers and our urban families, then I don’t know what we’re here doing. I don’t know what we’re here doing.”

The Senate voted down the proposal.

CREDIT: @ocasio2018 / Instagram

Why? The GOP basically trolled Democrats by forcing them to go on record about their support in a swift vote on the freshman Congresswoman’s proposal.

AOC didn’t allow the GOP to split the Democratic party on this issue.

CREDIT: @l_p_o / Twitter

AOC asked all Democratic caucus members to vote “present” as a political protest of the GOP’s attempt to split the party. Many moderate Democrats who might have voted for the proposal may have lost their seats to the GOP next year.

Meanwhile, 81 percent of registered voters support the goals of the Green New Deal.

CREDIT: @ocasio2018 / Instagram

Yale and George Mason University released these poll results from December 2018, which revealed that 64 percent of Republicans agree with that statement as well. This is what the people want, and yet Trump’s mockery of AOC and the Green New Deal has shut it all down.

Climate realists are exasperated with the lack of response to what Obama called the “greatest threat to future generations.”

CREDIT: @maxberger / Twitter

This is all old news. In 2016, the United Nations stated that climate change disaster is the biggest threat to global economy, greater than weapons of mass destruction, water crises, and refugee crises.

Fans are placing AOC in comic strips where her save-the-world weapon is her voice.

CREDIT: @DustySunbeam / Twitter

Caption: “She’s my shero! Keep on AOC. We love you.”

One mom tweeted praise at AOC as her “hope” for her daughters’ futures.

CREDIT: @jespermcilroy / Twitter

Same, Jesper, same. We all need to take note on what it means to unequivocally advocate for justice, whether in the face of your racist tío or Mitch McConnell.

Even John Kerry said that AOC showed “more leadership in one day or in one week than President Trump has in his lifetime on this subject.”

CREDIT: @rosie / Twitter

Kerry looked at the many solutions AOC’s Green New Deal offered and then begged the question: “I don’t know that any of [the solutions] are coming from your party or your side of the aisle. Do you have a plan to deal with climate change?”

With climate change deniers combatting legislation to curb the effects of climate change, many voters are concerned.

CREDIT: @AOC / Twitter

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell only brought the Green New Deal up for a vote to try to stifle the national interest before it becomes more of a problem for his party. It’s all a joke to him.

Of course, the trolls are out in full force to fight for their own demise by deadly climate change.

CREDIT: @DavidOValentin / Twitter

Thankfully, Twitter user @MagicRyuuko came in hot to check this bobo:

“Agriculture accounts for ~12% of all greenhouse gasses in the last 100 years from human-run processes. That it’s cow burps instead of cow farts is beside the point – it’s like arguing “I killed him by ripping out his stomach, not his intestines” – fact is you still killed a dude”

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico just passed its own Green New Deal.

CREDIT: @KathyNi16791106 / Twitter

On March 25, 2019, Puerto Rico passed the Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act, which will put the island on its way to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. Puerto Rico would be so much better off without America.

Regardless of how GOP members treat her, AOC is an elected official with constituents to answer to and she is doing just that.

CREDIT: @SephoraGurl / Twitter

While she’s quickly become a clever politician, Ocasio-Cortez is of the people. Perhaps this is why she’s the loudest voice in Congress.

AOC has a legion of followers and supporters from across the country behind her.

CREDIT: @sunrisemvmt / Twitter

Just because the Green New Deal was expertly squashed by Mitch McConnell, we all know the issue is far from dead. Make your voice heard and pressure your Presidential hopeful to clarify exactly how they will combat climate change.

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20 Things You'll Definitely Understand If You Have A Latina Mom


20 Things You’ll Definitely Understand If You Have A Latina Mom


Remember those years of childhood when you slowly started to realize your family wasn’t like your white friend’s families? Now that you’re grown, we present you the tip of the iceberg: just twenty things that made your mom different from the other moms.

You were never allowed to go to the super-chaperoned and G-rated sleepover parties.

CREDIT: @ds_6x / Twitter

The invites didn’t include background checks on both parents or a letter of recommendation from the priest? Can’t be trusted. You’re staying home and watching a novela with your mama and you’re going to be happy about it.

Your mom cooked for a dozen people, cada noche.

CREDIT: @ItsZoeKelly / Twitter

You know, just in case your friends came over. Dinner at your house meant that everyone was guilted into eating a second or third helping. We roll our guests out and it is just a part of our culture.

Your mom made you eat dinner at home before going to your friends’ for dinner.

CREDIT: @LMVLSoCal / Twitter

“We eat dinner as a family.” Super frustrating when your family is the only one that eats past 9 p.m. Plus, mom could never be sure if you were to have real comida at your friend’s house. What if they order pizza? She can’t let her angel be out there eating bad food, can she?

Your mom is tight with God, so her word is basically His.

CREDIT: @ShroudandTilma / Twitter

Legit. Everything you wanted to do or asked for had to be screened by mom and she was ready with the word of the Lord. If it wasn’t approved by el Papa, good luck.

You can’t bring them anywhere without causing a scene.

CREDIT: @TuMadreKat / Twitter

At first, you were embarrassed, and now it just makes you smile. You never understood why she would get so angry with people in public until you became an adult. Now you know why she got so upset because some people are just, well, dumb.

You have no fighting chance against a mamá enojada.

CREDIT: @franchumble_ / Twitter

I mean, we tried. We really tried to stand up for ourselves but it was no use. We know better now and would never try such nonsense. It is still puzzling to us to see our non-Latino friends saying things to their mothers that would have gotten us slapped.

The only thing she needed to say to shut down all logic was this:

CREDIT: @killer_mugs / Twitter

Oh, and there were no rules. Just whims. Come home at 9 p.m. at any given night and it could be, “Am I supposed to wait up for you?” or “Wow, it’s so early, honey, get out of here. Have fun.”

You’re scarred from what therapists everywhere are calling ’emotional abuse.’

CREDIT: @heurMaggie / Twitter

Literally, our parents had it so easy. We know better now than to shame or threaten a kid for crying. However, back in the day, it was the best way to get us to quiet down so we didn’t cause scenes in front of her friends.

Your mom will call the police if you miss a call from her.

CREDIT: @Jayy2bomb / Twitter

Caption: “When I have a missed call from my mom these are the text messages I get”

It’s amazing how quickly they can turn any situation into a kidnapping. Like, we just want to be able to enjoy our lives without being yelled at or threatened.

Don’t expect to get brownie points with compliments.

CREDIT: @ericagerrcv23 / Twitter

Like, this was supposed to be an adult child bonding moment, mami. Instead, she was able to cut her child down to size like all of our parents do. We can feel the burn radiating through the image.

Your mom was never going to comfort you when you hurt yourself.

CREDIT: we are mitú

Never. If you got hurt, you better hope it was something that would heal fast and before she noticed. It’s still a mystery to many why getting hurt was something that would make mom so upset.

She saved you from endless illnesses by forcing you to wear socks.

CREDIT: @papermagazine / Twitter

Nothing will get you sicker than walking around the world barefoot. This is just a fact that everyone knows. Want to get sick? Be barefoot. Want to live to 120? Always wear socks inside.

Your mom never let you experience a chill. Not once in your life.


That’s why we want to cry when it reaches 60 degrees. No? Just me? Didn’t think so. It is the first step to prevent all preventable and incurable diseases, according to our moms.

Your mom taught you that if it doesn’t burn, it’s not working.

CREDIT: @SoFabby / Twitter

Doctors will tell you not to put VapoRub in your eyes, but our mamis swear it’s what Jesus used to heal the blind. Okay, that was too far. But this is the most versatile healing cream know the Latino-kind.

She also taught you to never, ever get bored.

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Latina. 9 April 2019.

We all learned how to look busy or stressed so that our mom’s wouldn’t tap us to pull hair out of our sister’s clogged drain. Oy.

She taught you that Saturday mornings are not for resting.

CREDIT: cleaning gif by spongebob squarepants / GIPHY

They’re for aggressively cleaning the house to the tune of whatever cumbia she wants. We’re all our mothers.

Our Latina moms taught us to treat every air plant like her own hijos.

CREDIT: Janet Marzouca / Facebook

Don’t ask me why, but all my tías come bearing air plants as gifts, whispering under their breath that they stole it from so-and-so’s yard.

Latina moms instill the most vivid imagination in their kids with their own childhood stories.

CREDIT: mask flirt gif / GIPHY

Yes to La Llorona and yes to all the Latin folklore. But also yes to witnessing UFO sightings above the Empire State Building and being Italian militiamen in past lives?

You probably had no say in your Halloween costume.

CREDIT: Janet Marzouca / Facebook

At least if you were a girl. I wanted to be Batman but my mom made me be a Flamenco dancer for four years in a row.

You know that this slipper could be used as a weapon at any given moment.

CREDIT: Pero Like / YouTube

But you also see this slipper and are having a major nostalgia moment, because only your Latina friends wore them. Miss you, the 90s, but glad we’re all grown up!

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