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People Are Sharing The Most Stupid Things They’ve Ever Heard

People say a lot of things. You’ve probably been guilty of it, too: telling an exaggerated story to seem cool on a first date or citing a meme like a scientific article. Sometimes we just fumble our words, or something gets lost in translation—pero no hay pedo, it happens to everyone (communication is hard, tbh). Even still, occasionally we find ourselves in a truly shocking interaction, where someone shares a questionable idea or makes a bizarre statement that leaves us thinking . . . what just happened? The internet is teeming with these strange and disorienting tidbits, and we are totally into it.

When asked “What’s the dumbest thing someone has told you?” Reddit users responded accordingly:

This person had too much faith in the power of floppy disks, and also didn’t understand the concept of the internet. But it was probably the 90s, so we’ll let it slide.

Credit: Pinterest

“Someone once told me they saved the Internet on a floppy disk. They actually saved their dialup connection shortcut but they truly were convinced that it contained the whole Internet.” –timetraveller1977

Someone who doesn’t know history very well thought one of the Beatles was the first president of the United States to be assassinated (the truth: the first US president to be assassinated was Abraham Lincoln, and no Beatle has ever been president).


“John Lennon was in fact the first president to be assassinated.” –Dame_Mort

This young person asked an existential (and actually kind of poetic) question about the relationship between the sun and the ocean.

Credit: Unsplash

“Watching a sunset on the ocean one day when a late teens person asked me why the ocean doesn’t put the sun’s fire out.” –dosta1322

This person must have REALLY sharp vision.

“That windshield wipers wear out faster in the middle, because that’s the part you look through the most often, as if your sight is an energy beam that degrades the rubber or something.” –Habaneroe12

This woman didn’t quite comprehend the concept of a tire.

Credit: Shutterstock

“My ex wife (wife at the time) came home late, said she had a flat tire and that her and her girlfriend were able to put the spare on (I taught her that) then she said there was something she didn’t understand. She said she saw a screw in the tire and wanted to know that if the screw was in the top of the tire, why was the bottom flat.” –Tool_Time_Tim

This interaction speaks for itself (smh).

Credit: Global Look Press

“Her: I think the law that requires you to wear a seatbelt is sooooo stupid. My body, my choice.

Me: Well what about your five-year-old son? You wouldn’t want to hurt him if he was riding with you, right?

Her: (shrugs) When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.

Me: Really? That’s how you feel about that? I mean…why even look before crossing the street, if ‘When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go’?

Her: Actually, I usually don’t look when I cross the street.

Edit: She is under 30, but already has terrible knees. Why? Get ready…she was hit by a car in her teens while she was crossing the street. –Gween_Waynjuh

This person might not have gotten enough Parental Guidance…

“My step sister told me we should see the PG13 movie because PG meant ‘pretty good.’” –itti-bitti-kitti

This person may not know how to count (and may want to study A LOT before trying to complete the math section).

“Friend in high school told me he didn’t take the SAT because he heard it’s easier the second time.” –ImReallySorryMom

This person might have skipped biology too many times in high school.

Credit: Shutterstock

“If you swallow your chewing gum, your lungs will stick together.” –marchese51

This person really, really needs a geography lesson. And a social studies lesson. And a critical thinking lesson.

“I was teaching about hurricanes shortly after Christmas break a few years ago and when I brought up the Caribbean Sea, I asked if anyone went there over their break. A couple of hands went up, and one boy shouted out ‘yo, we went to Fake Mexico, and nobody even spoke Mexican.’

When I asked him what he meant by Fake Mexico and where he actually went, he said ‘Man, I don’t even know.’” – Gneissisnice

This person does not know much about etymology, but these words do sound similar (and we have to admit, the idea is kind of interesting):

Credit: Amazon

“The root word of infant was ‘infinite’, therefore, infants have infinite wisdom.” –She_Likes_Cloth

This person needs a calendar (though it really shouldn’t be necessary).

Credit: Shutterstock

“Someone once asked me and I quote, “When is 9/11 again?” I didn’t know if they were joking or not so I laughed. They were serious.” –OfficialAzif

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Get Your Jajas From These Netflix Specials To Ease Your Holiday Blues


Get Your Jajas From These Netflix Specials To Ease Your Holiday Blues

Nothing makes life a little better than some hearty jajajas. Whether you are alone with your fur baby or in the living room with your quaranteam, it’s good to laugh. Netflix is ready with some hilarious stand-up specials from Latino comedians.

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: “One Show Fits All”

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias is back to keep us all rolling with laughter in his Netflix stand-up special. The comedian who has kept us laughing for years does not disappoint in “One Show Fits All.” The set is filled with celebrity impressions and jokes about the family and some at his own expense. His show will give you the nostalgic feels you didn’t know you needed will leaving you in stitches.

Tom Segura: “Ball Hog”

Tom Segura came to play in his Netflix stand-up special “Ball Hog.” Get ready for an uncomfortable ride through jokes about moms, dads, follow dreams, and everything in between. If you’re a parent, you’ll get his brutally honest take on parenting and protecting yoour children from anything bad by all means necessary.

Franco Escamilla: “Bienvenido al mundo”

Franco Escamilla is bringing observational humor to everyone willing to listen. If the trailer is an indicator for how funny the set is, you are in for a treat. There is something so relatable about Escamilla’s view of the world that is littered with funny moments in the most mundane tasks, like learning someone’s name.

George Lopez: “We’ll Do It For Half”

Love him or hate him, George Lopez really understands the Latino community. He knows how our families work. Not only are we a loving and united group when it comes to the outside world, we are savage with each other. Lopez’s “We’ll Do It For Half” takes you through the most incredible and wild understandings of latino families. Like, your non-Latino friends won’t understand this stand-up as deeply as your own family.

Tiffany Haddish: “They Ready”

Tiffany Haddish promised several women comics that she would help them if she made it, and she did. “They Ready” brings together a group of hilarious women comedians and gives them a chance to be seen by the Netflix audience. One of the women welcomed to the stage is Aida Rodriguez and she slays the audience. Her stories of her wild life are so funny that you will be left breathless. These women are hilarious so bundle up and get ready to laugh till it hurts.

Liss Pereira: “Reteniendo líquidos”

Liss Pereira is a Colombian comedian everyone should know about. Her take on relationships cuts deep and will educate all of you clueless men out there. Her biggest bit of wisdom is about how men and women approach relationships different. Men like to think they are the ones who are making the decision and weighing the option. That’s cute. Everyone knows that it is the woman who decides if a relationship is worth pursuing and she is not getting into one if she does not see a real future with you.

“Lugar de Mulher”

“Lugar De Mulher” is a giving Brazilian women comedians a chance to let their humor be shared with the world. You might have to turn on the subtitles to understand the Portuguese but it will be worth it. These mulheres cover all aspects of being a women in the kind of comedy that only Latin American women can.

“Zona Rosa”

Gey. Gay. Gay. “Zona Rosa” gives four LGBTQ+ comedians in Mexico their time to shine in the limelight as they tackle what is means to be queer in Mexico. The first season had four episodes and fans are waiting for the second season to drop. The comedians discuss everything from sex to drugs to learning about their own sexuality later in life. It is a wild roller coaster so buckle in and enjoy the ride.

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The ‘How It Started’ Memes Are Filled With The Funny And Wholesome Content We All Need In 2020


The ‘How It Started’ Memes Are Filled With The Funny And Wholesome Content We All Need In 2020

It is not a lie to say that 2020 has been a year of disappointment and high-stress scenarios. We’ve had to quarantine from a virus, wildfires are destroying a lot of land, and well, everything else going on has just made things worse. Fortunately, on Twitter trend is giving everyone a chance to see that things can get better.

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a tough year for everyone but one Twitter trend is making life a little better.

We’ve all seen the “How It Started” memes taking over social media in recent weeks. The memes are both funny and inspirational with some showing some amazing glow ups and others showing the crushing reality of everyday life. We have all felt like the man crying over 2020 at some point over the last 7 months. It’s like this year just doesn’t stop.

Relationships are a big part of this meme trend.

Oof. This is painful and so many of us know this to be true. 😭 Sure, we can all blame our relationship woes on the current state of the world. However, that would just be doing a disservice to ourselves and our love lives. Most of us who are single now have been single for a very long time pre-Covid. But, hey, no one knows that you’re lying if you blame Covid.

A few wonderful people highlighted their transition into their true selves.

Stunning. Show-stopping. Magnificent. We love to see it. There is nothing better to see in this world than someone living their authentic truth. Like, go and do your thing. Slay all of the hearts you see, honey, and take no prisoners. We are all better in their world to be surrounded by people living in complete honesty.

The Lil Nas X joined in on the fun and highlighted his own meteoric rise to fame.

The “Old Town Road” singer really did make a big name for himself. Not only did his song get made into a duet and remix with every artist imaginable, he beat Mariah Carey’s record. Lil Nas X went from someone that no one knew to unseating Mariah Carey for longest time spent at No. 1 on the Billboard Charts.

There are some very clever takes on this meme.

So, like, who else feels like they are being personally attacked by this meme? College might have been years ago but these memories linger. Tequila is just one of those things that so many of use have to learn the hard way and those lessons stick with you.

Simone Biles gave us one of the most memorable glow ups of the meme challenge.

Simone Biles is one of the most legendary women to ever walk this planet. The way she was able to make herself known around the world as the best gymnast is no short feat. She is and will always be one of the best women to represent the U.S. in the Olympics.

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