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This Miami Artist Is Using His Skills For Both Muralism And Art Education In Latin America

Fine artist, animator and fashion designer Marlon Preuss, a.k.a. Marlon Pruz, is leaving his mark (or brushstroke) on his hometown of Miami and abroad in Latin America. The 24-year-old artist has learned how to fuse his multiple art styles and interests into life-sized artwork for music studios, clubs and schools. He is also taking his murals to schools and impoverished neighborhoods in Latin America to inspire art education.

Meet muralist Marlon Preuss.

Fell in love with my chrome plated woman.

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He is a muralist whose art has crossed borders throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

“Every stage of my life has played a puzzle piece to form who I am as an artist. Every part of my life is an influence,” Preuss said.

Raised in Miami by an Argentine mother and a Spanish father, Preuss says he finds his inspiration from skateboarding to neo-classical art lending to his unique style.

After graduating from high school, Preuss lived in New York for three years while studying art at the School of Visual Arts.

He returned to South Florida after requesting a medical leave from school in order to undergo surgery. Throughout his surgery, Preuss says he continued to work in art, making connections that eventually landed him in front of some of the biggest names in entertainment and hospitality in the city.

The first stroke of luck for the young artist came when the Basement nightclub inside the the Miami Beach Edition Hotel asked him to paint a mural from wall-to-wall.

Before long, he was painting a mural for Magnus Talent Agency, co-founded by Marc Anthony.

The man. New deal alert

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And the mural blended the talent agency along with some of Miami’s entertainment history.

His art can caught the attention of businesses in Latin America wanting a piece of his colorful murals.

Some last close ups of my new piece “Favela Christ” 2018. Mixed media. 4ft x 4ft I’ve always been fascinated with favelas and the unregulated ingenuity and creativity that goes in to the creation and maintenance of these societies. Almost everything in these vast and unique towns is make shift and constructed by the people who reside in them. This inspired me to make a piece depicting the favelas in which every building was painted with a different material. I placed the famous Christ the Redeemer landmark in the middle, because these diverse, colorful, seemingly impossible Favelas get swept under the rug when it comes to government funding and public attention. Check my last post to see the entire time lapse process. #favela #brazil #christ #mixedmedia #artistsoninstagram #art #gallery #timelapse #illustration #contemporaryart #surrealism #popsurrealism #hifructosemag #juxtapozmagazine #painting #paintingoftheday #rio #christtheredeemer #jesus #fineart #originalart #artfido #artshow #modernart #mixedmediaart #artcollector #artreception #artfair #beautiful #artlovers

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Preuss is getting ready to go to Brazil to lend his talents to a hotel looking for murals capturing the vibrance of the favelas. As Preuss mentions in his Instagram caption, he has long been inspired by the favelas and the people who live in them. The creativity and ingenuity of the people is something he admires.

Preuss already has experience bringing the joy of art to impoverished communities in Latin America.

He has traveled through Latin America. Recently, he traveled with his mother, a yoga instructor, back to Argentina. While there, he volunteered his time to paint murals with children at schools.

One of his goals is to continue pursuing his art and using the profits for global art education.

“I want to be able to make money to go to these places to make art with the locals,” Preuss says. “I want to have the world be my child.”

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The 3-Year-Old Girl Who Survived Her Father’s Pembroke Pines Massacre Finds Family

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The 3-Year-Old Girl Who Survived Her Father’s Pembroke Pines Massacre Finds Family

On a tragic evening in August, three-year-old Adriana Colon played the most frightening game of hide-and-seek in her short life. Enraged by claims that his wife, Sandra, had been having an affair, Pablo Colon Jr. began a gun-fueled rampage through their home in the Grand Palms Golf and Country Club neighborhood of Pembroke Pines, Florida, a gated community described by neighbors as “quiet.” Meanwhile, Adriana remained still, tucked under a blanket as her father murdered her mother, grandmother, and twin sister, all before turning one of two handguns on himself.

At the time of the massacre, the Colons had been renting their home in Pembroke Pines for just six months. Pablo and Sandra had met 10 years earlier, and after giving birth to their twin girls, opted to move from Fort Lauderdale in search of more space for their growing family. Sandra’s mother, Olga Alvarez, had moved in with them a few months prior to the events of August 25. It was Alvarez who made the original 911 call, an urgent plea to the local authorities punctuated by desperate cries of terror.

“He’s going to kill her,” she yelled in Spanish.

Colon Family / GoFundMe

At 8:28 p.m. on August 25, Olga Alvarez called the police, frantically shifting between Spanish and English in an attempt to seek help. After telling the operator that “he’s going to kill [Sandra],” she yelled, “Don’t! Don’t!” And then the call went silent.

Moments later, Alvarez told the operator, “La mató.” Pablo Colon had murdered his wife, and Alvarez knew she would be next.

Several moments passed before Alvarez asserted that Pablo “was going to hurt her.” Sobbing into the phone, she urged, “Quick—save the children.” After the line went silent again, Pablo Colon’s voice appeared, cursing at Alvarez in Spanish. Alvarez insisted, “I didn’t know, I didn’t know!” To which Pablo Colon replied: “Now you die—right?”

As this all unfolded, Pablo Colon spoke with his cousin, Cesar De La Hoz, about what he had done.

PCA Electrical Services, Inc.

At 8:49 p.m., the wife of Cesar De La Hoz called 911 after De La Hoz had spoken to Colon directly. 

“He said he killed his wife and the two kids,” she told the operator, while De La Hoz was heard speaking again to Colon in the background. Through tears, De La Hoz’s wife then told the dispatcher of Colon’s plan to commit suicide. 

On that same 911 call, De La Hoz was heard trying to persuade his cousin not to harm himself. “Just put the gun away,” he insisted. “Listen to me, primo. It’s not over.” After hanging up with Colon, De La Hoz hurried to the family’s house in Pembroke Pines, arriving at the same time as a police officer.

De La Hoz attempted once more to reach his cousin, encouraging him to surrender to the police. Colon was frantic and inconsolable, and after multiple attempts to calm him down, he told De La Hoz, “Goodbye,” then hung up the phone.

Three hours after the initial 911 call, SWAT officers entered the Colon residence. 

Miami Herald

On the second floor, at the foot of the staircase, they found one of Colon’s twin daughters, shot dead in her pajamas. In the adjacent master bedroom, Colon lay dead, facedown on the floor with a pistol in his hand. The bodies of Sandra Colon and Olga Alvarez were there, as well, and both had suffered fatal gunshots to the head.

While the SWAT team investigated the upstairs scene, another officer searched the ground floor. Live ammunition rounds from a black 9 mm Luger pistol and a .380 Smith & Wesson pistol were scattered all over the floor. When the officer noticed a blanket under the kitchen table, he pulled it back to reveal the other twin girl, Adriana. She was alive.

Two days after the attack, numerous relatives appeared in court for Adriana’s custody hearing. A judge ruled that she would stay with family, and she is currently in the process of being formally adopted. 

Dominique Pinzon / GoFundMe

Pablo Colon’s cousin, Dominique Pinzon, said that the events of August 25 came as a horrible surprise to the entire family. Relatives knew that the couple had issues to work on—as any marriage does—but they never suspected such a violent outcome was possible. Pinzon asserts that different members of the family are grieving in their own way, but everyone is focused on reminding Adriana that she is loved and making her feel safe.

“She’s in the best hands, and she’s going to be loved and cared for for the rest of her life,” said Pinzon to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Currently, Adriana is seeing a grief counselor and enjoying time with family. Pinzon has set up a GoFundMe page to support Adriana’s future.

Latina Porn Star Was Slut-Shamed By Drunk Miami Dolphins Fan And It Was All Caught On Tape


Latina Porn Star Was Slut-Shamed By Drunk Miami Dolphins Fan And It Was All Caught On Tape

jewelsval / Instagram

The Miami Dolphins lost 17-16 to the Redskins and the loss still stings. However, not all of the action was happening on the field last Sunday. A Miami fan who’d had a little too much to drink at the Hard Rock Stadium unloaded an expletive-rant on adult film star Valentina Jewels. The actress confirmed that it was, in fact, her who had been verbally attacked during the NFL game posting a video of the incident on Twitter and wrote: “That’s me”.

Latina porn star Valentina Jewels was enjoying a day out at the stadium when a drunk party-pooper insulted her.

Credit: jewelsval / Instagram

The Honduran-born actress was enjoying her day at the game with other employees of the adult film company, Bang Bros. The unidentified man jumped up just as the Dolphins scored a touchdown and launched the verbal attack. Holding a cup of beer and wearing a Dolphins jersey the man shouted “You’re girl’s a f***ing w***e, you ain’t got s*** on me, f***ing b**** ass mother*****” at the man accompanying Jewels. 

Jewels was attending the game with fellow Bang Bros employees on official “Bang Bus Stop” business

Bang Bros, a Miami staple, has spoken of its closeness to the city and even offered a $10 million bid to bag naming rights for the Miami Heat stadium. They took the opportunity to get close to their fans on Sunday by taking their #bangbusstop to the Hard Rock Stadium parking lot for fans to meet their porn-star idols and take pictures with them.

Fans!!! Have you ever wanted to take a picture with the World Famous Bang Bus?” read the Instagram post on the company’s official page. “We are here at the Hard Rock Stadium! West lot 31 Dolphins vs Redskins! #BangBusStop #football.”

Despite the fireworks and rivalries inside the stadium, both Redskins and Miami fans were encouraged to make a pit stop at Bang Bros’ prized attraction in the lot.

The unidentified man must’ve thought that the porn star was attending the game in support of the Redskins and proceeded to slut-shame her when his team was on the losing side of things.

The aggressive man may have been misguided in his anger against Jewels. BangBros have been very public about their support of Miami teams in the past. The adult film company even wanted to change the name of the Miami Heat stadium to BBC or ‘Bang Bros Cares’ or the ‘Bang Bros Center’ and went as far as to make a multi-million bid to make that happen. The red and white BangBros colors may have tricked the drunk man into thinking that Jewels and her companion were at the game in support of the Washington Redskins.  

Jewels confirmed that the person in the video was her via Twitter.

Credit: jewelsval / Instagram

Jewels reported that she was the Bang Bros girl who was being yelled at by the Dolphins fan by sharing a video of the incident on Twitter and took to Instagram to call out the disrespect and shine a light on “how hard it really is to deal with being a ‘star’ in a SW industry.”

“We deal with the same problems you do and on top of that we deal with masses having their fingers pointed at us,” she captioned the post. “I’m glad everyone’s getting sneak peek of how it feels like being a SW, can’t even enjoy a game without being disrespected. It’s not about “freedom of speech” there’s a bigger underlining issue there. I’m not gonna stay quiet about this, we are treated poorly & unfairly on the daily basis.”

While views on the adult industry are increasingly progressive, the widely held perceptions of the women and men in the frame remain static. 

In an interview with the Independent, porn veteran Raylin Joy, a singer and actress in the Showtime mini-series ‘Submission’ spoke about the stigma and disrespect that women receive for working in the porn industry.

“Sometimes the stigma that can come with porn is too much for some girls to handle,” she said, “Because it is not even the porn world that can really get to girls, it’s the bulls**t that girls can experience from the outside world because people think they have this idea of porn and that if you are a girl who does it then you must be a little bit weird or something.”

Bang Bros gave a great response to questions regarding the incident.

Credit: @bustedcoverage / Twitter

For their part, when asked about an official stance, Bang Bros responded to questions about the incident via a DM to Busted Coverage; “Idk, some fans can’t control their drinking. Stadium security did a great job. We had a wonderful time at the game.”

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