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Everyone Is Getting Involved In This New Challenge That Aims To Raise Funds For Non-Profits That Help Immigrants

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Lin-Manuel Miranda has teamed up with Prizeo to support the “Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition,” a group of non-profit organizations working together to improve the lives of immigrants. According to a video Miranda posted on Twitter, the prize for donating at least $10 and performing the challenge — singing a song from the musical “Hamilton” and posting it online — is an all-expenses-paid trip to see the opening of “Hamilton” in Los Angeles. For $10 and an Instagram video, you could win a flight to Los Angeles, hotel accommodations, tickets to the opening of “Hamilton” and get to hang out with Miranda at the after party. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Star and creator of Broadway musical “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda, is using his social media power to start the #Ham4All challenge, to raise funds for non-profits who help immigrants.

He teamed up with Stephen and Ayesha Curry to get the first couple of videos started.

“Hamilton” actors Lexi Lawson and Mandy Gonzalez followed suit.

The two play sisters Angelica and Eliza in the Broadway musical.

Lawson challenged “Jane The Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez, who posted to Twitter as well.

This social media challenge seems like it’s going to be huge and it’s for a good cause, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Excuse me while I go warm up my vocal chords.

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