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Three Bisexual Women And Other Queer Activists And Politicians Changing Their World

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Members of the LGBTQ community have made significant advancements in recent years in the name of equality. LGBTQ people are in elected positions and are fighting for the rights of people in and out of the LGBTQ community. One community often overlooked is the bisexual community. Here are a few queer Latinos who are turning the tides in politics and acceptance.

Emma Gonzalez

When tragedy struck at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida earlier this year, Emma Gonzalez started her gun reform campaign. The high school senior took a tragic moment and is championing the fight to pass gun reform legislation. She is openly bi and told Yahoo being proud of who she is has helped her be stronger in taking up the mantle for gun reform. “They’re definitely linked for me personally. If I wasn’t so open about who I was I never would’ve been able to do this.”

JoCasta Zamarripa

Wisconsin state representative JoCasta Zamarripa has been serving in the 8th Wisconsin State Assembly district since 2010. Two years later announced she is bisexual in an interview with The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Zamarripa is the first Latina elected to the Wisconsin legislature. Zamarripa is making history with a one-two punch as an out Latina in politics.

Evelyn Mantilla

Evelyn Mantilla was the OG bisexual politician who helped crash the glass ceiling to welcome in other LGBTQ politicians. Mantilla, who is originally from Puerto Rico, was elected in 1997 as a state representative for the heavily Latino 4th district of Connecticut. That same year, she came out as America’s first openly bisexual state official.

4. Lupe Valdez

Lupe Valdez, the first Latina and first woman to be sheriff in Texas state history, has thrown her sheriff’s hat in the race for governor. “I’ve dedicated my life to defending Texas, and I’m not done yet,” Valdez said in a news conference to announce her candidacy. She is openly gay and was even surprised by her girlfriend in 2016 when she received a shiny new red Tesla for her birthday.

Maricón Collective

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This group of queer Chicano activists and artists want to reclaim the Spanish slur ‘maricón’ (translation: faggot) through art. Carlos Morales, Rudy Bleu, Michael Rodriguez, and Manuel Paul host events throughout Los Angeles to empower and entertain the local LGBTQ community—and to encourage them to reclaim the power of the word.

Robert Garcia

When Robert Garcia was elected to serve on the Long Beach City Council in 2009, he made history in the third-largest city in Southern California in three ways: he was the youngest person, first Latino, and first gay Latino to be serving on the city’s council. Then in 2014 he made history again as Long Beach’s first openly gay mayor. Under his mayorship, he has helped Long Beach gain a $3 million innovation grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies and revived the city’s Economic Development Commission.

7. Carlos Padilla

Undocumented immigrants might feel as if their voice isn’t always represented in politics, and perhaps even more so for queen undocumented immigrants. But queer undocumented immigrant and activist Carlos Padilla is trying to change that. Padilla wrote a powerful op-ed in 2015 that reiterated how LGBTQ immigrants are some of the most vulnerable in an already marginalized group of society. Padilla has helped lead marches, gather activist groups and received awards for his youth leadership.

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25 Beauty Tips From Your Favorite Latina Celebrities

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25 Beauty Tips From Your Favorite Latina Celebrities

When it comes to all things beauty and looking young, we’ve gathered the best advice and beauty tips from all of our favorite latinas. Singers, actresses, and models; who would be better to ask for beauty tips? From DIY face masks, mayonnaise hair treatments, to the importance of sleep, sunblock, and a skincare routine. Find out all you need to know about beauty as these gorgeous ladies share their best beauty secrets!



The gorgeous Puertorican diva is sharing one of her best beauty secrets. It’s easy to see that she follows a strict diet, but she does, of course, get cravings like all of us. Instead of giving in, she fills up on protein. It keeps her full, and it’s fuel for those hard-earned muscles too.

Camila Mendes


The Riverdale brunette spends most of her days in heavy studio makeup, so her biggest issue is to keep her skin clean are her pores clear. Her best beauty advice is to get facials regularly to de-clog the pores, exfoliate, and hydrate. If you can’t get facials all the time, invest in good exfoliating and moisturizing products, and do it at home.

Salma Hayek


Known for her talent and beauty, anyone would like to take a beauty tip from the Mexican actress. Her best beauty secret is not to put too many products on your skin at night. At night your skin is regenerating and “thinking”, all you need is one perfect night cream. Given she’s past 50 years old and still looks amazing, she might be on to something!

Eva Mendes


Eva Mendes is stunningly beautiful, and the latina probably has tonnes of beauty tips up her sleeve. Her beauty secrets contain using ingredients you can find in your kitchen. As a makeup remover, Mendes uses coconut oil on a damp washcloth, and she uses regular baking soda to polish her teeth.

Christina Milian


Now, this beauty tip might sound a bit odd, but it was passed on to Christina by her mother and grandmother, and she swears by it. So, Christina’s beauty secret is to apply mayonnaise to your hair and sit with a shower cap for one hour. Rinse, and voila, you have amazingly soft and silky hair.

Joan Smalls


The fashion model’s best beauty advice is to know your skin type before embarking on an elaborate routine. Joan has oily skin on the T-zone, and normal skin in other areas, so she uses a face cleanser with salicylic acid and then makes sure to moisturize a lot not to get dry.

Jessica Alba


For the Fantastic Four star, the most important beauty tip is to find a skincare routine that works for your skin type and stick to it. Every morning and every night she will cleanse her skin, put on eye cream, and moisturize. For moisture, she uses face creams or organic face oils.

Michelle Rodriguez


It seems as if even famous Hollywood actresses battle pimples and breakouts from time to time. Michelle’s best beauty trick to get rid of a blemish is to put tea tree oil on it. This both disinfects and dries the pimple out, and it’s all natural too. As an extra added benefit, it won’t break your bank either.

Victoria Justice


Another superstar latina who has a great beauty tip for breakouts is Victoria Justice. The actress and singer learned how to best cover a pimple on your cheek or above your lip from her Dominican mother. Instead of panicking, simply color it with a brown pencil, and you’ve got an instant beauty mark!

Naya Rivera


The Glee actress learned her method of fighting blemishes from her mother. Whenever she has a breakout, she applies hydrocortisone to the spot. Now, it’s important to remember that hydrocortisone is a steroid, so make sure to use with care not to damage your skin.

Camila Cabello


If you tend to end up with lots of egg whites you don’t need, the Cuban American singer has a beauty tip perfect for you. To tighten the skin, minimize the pores, and reduce fine lines, she applies egg white all over her face. Let it dry, rinse, and it will leave your skin firm and smooth.

Eva Longoria


Growing up, Eva’s mother was always strict about using sunblock, and this stuck with the Mexican actress and producer. Her beauty secret is always to apply sunblock under your foundation, even if it has SPF.

Dania Ramirez


After giving birth, Dominican Dania wanted to get back to a healthy routine. When the Heroe’s actress is eating right, she says she looks better, and that makes her feel better too. Her beauty tip is to eat lots of fruit and veggies and to eat several small portions throughout the day.

Alexis Bledel


To keep her skin soft and free of fine lines, Biedel likes to steam her face with pure olive oil once a week. This beauty secret is refreshingly accessible to anyone. All you have to do is fill a bowl with hot water, dab olive oil on any dry areas, and let the steam work its magic.

Rosario Dawson


When it comes to sticking to your workout routine while traveling, Rosario says she’s not the type of person to go to the hotel gym. Her best beauty advice for staying active while on holiday is to try and walk as much as possible or take a yoga or pilates class.

Christina Aguilera


To feel glamorous Christina always wears a fragrance. A scent that makes you feel feminine and fierce is an excellent beauty hack that boosts your confidence. Spray at the back of your neck and on your hair, and the scent will be with you all day.

Sofia Vergara


As you get older, you learn in what makeup you look and feel your best. The stunning Colombian actress prefers to wear brown eyeliner since black can be too much for her face. And, as her mother taught her, always wear lipstick as it makes anyone look well put together.

LaLa Vasquez


The Puerto Rican American TV personality and actress is known for her extravagant looks. When it comes to her beauty secret, it’s something surprisingly simple. To fix a messed up eyeliner wing or remove any stubborn makeup, use Vaseline.

Zoe Saldana


The actress has an excellent tip for giving your hair natural, ombre highlights. Zoe swears by putting rum in your ends, and then with the sun’s help, the rum bleaches your hair, creating blonde highlights.

Evelyn Lozada


Famous from the reality show Basketball Wives, the model is known for her good looks. Her best beauty secrets are two DIY body scrubs that are super easy to make at home. Mashed avocado to give your skin glow, and ground coffee to reduce cellulite.

Sara Ramirez


The Mexican Grey’s Anatomy actress has some pretty basic beauty tips. Never go to bed without taking off your makeup as it might cause breakouts, never pick your pimples since it stretches the pores, and always moisturize.

Sessilee Lopez


This fashion model has an excellent recipe for a DIY face-cleanser. Wherever she goes, she brings honey with her. She applies it as a face mask, and it removes dead skin and makeup residue. For extra moisture, she adds avocado and apricot.


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Everyone knows the Colombian singer for her fit body and glowing skin, but what is her biggest beauty secret? If her skin is dehydrated, she buys vitamin E capsules from the pharmacy and squeezes it onto her skim.

Gisele Bündchen


Gisele shares a unique beauty secret when it comes to applying foundation. The former model doesn’t like to wear too much makeup, so she only applies foundation around her nose, mouth, and eyes. Never on the cheeks.

Adriana Lima


Although it might be hard to imagine she ever gets pimples, the supermodel shares her best trick to dry out a zit overnight. Just apply a bit of white toothpaste on the spot before you go to bed, and wash it off when you wake up.

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