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These Organizations Are Working For Our Community So Why Not Donate To Them This Holiday Season

The holidays can be stressful af for a multitude of reasons. The consumerism is overwhelming. Maybe you’re going home to a family that *gasp* voted for Trump. Maybe you’re not going home to that family and that has a whole different set of emotions. Maybe this year is same old, same old fake smiling at the cheap shower radio your tia got you and all your cousins. Maybe you’re looking for more meaning during these trying times.


@UPROSE / Twitter

Climate change has been an evil hag to you and your Boricua family the last couple years and we’re terrified for what’s to come. UPROSE was founded in 1966 in Brooklyn and has always been at the intersection of racial and climate justice.

Support their efforts because low-income communities fo color face environmental injustices at a disproportionate level.

The Ricky Martin Foundation

@RM_Foundation / Twitter

I knoowww, you’re thinking, why does Ricky Martin need my money? He has been on the ground in a major way helping rebuild homes in Puerto Rico. Plus, nobody will fight you if you gift their Christmas gift to Ricky Martin.

Unidos Por Puerto Rico

@UNIDOSxPR / Twitter

Puerto Rico’s First Lady started this organization after the federal government’s lack of response to rebuild the island after Hurricane Maria. It might be the best organization to donate to since they’re utilizing on the ground staff to determine needs instead of those international relief organizations.

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)

@supportkind / Instagram

KIND is the leading legal aid organization that protects kids entering the immigration system of the U.S. Instead of those horrifying videos of unrepresented toddlers in court, KIND ensures that every child has representation.

Florence Immigration and Refugee Rights Project

@FlorenceProject / Twitter

Much like KIND, the Florence Project is hyper located to the Arizona border and aims to keep families intact. The organization offers free legal and social services to families who are detained during removal proceedings. We all know that that can take years, and that these detention centers are set to surpass the prison system in terms of profits.

Florence wants every family to be treated humanely and legally.

The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

@CGRShastings / Twitter

An arm of University of California Hastings, CGRS aims to protect the legal rights of refugee women, children and LGBTQ people seeking asylum in California. They give representation to people who running from trauma and terror and are going up against a language barrier.

Latino Victory Fund

@latinovictoryus / Instagram

Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee that has released controversial ads that hit GOP opponents hard. They’re training Latino leaders to run for office an doing everything they can to support them.

If you want Latino representation in government, support the Latino Victory Fund.

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

@NWIRP / Twitter

Supporting NWIRP will help make life easier for Latinos who are real out there in the diaspora. They provide direct legal services for immigrants, people impacted by the criminal legal system or who are otherwise oppressed (by domestic violence, DACA, etc.).

Latino Equality Alliance


Based in Los Angeles, the Latino Equality Alliance has the support of the LA LGBT Center. They opened Mi Centro in Boyle Heights to offer bilingual services to the LGBTQ community on the east side of LA. That’ll look like transgender support services, legal services an immigration and housing support.

Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project

@asylumadvocacy / Twitter

ASAP helps prevent wrongful deportations before the trauma of the experience by staying abreast of individuals legal standing and connecting refugee families to emergency legal aid.

Caption: “Last week co-founder Dorothy Tegeler trained a new cohort of @YaleLawSch students on asylum law and the important ways law students support ASAP’s model of remote representation. Excited to work with these students and continue the fight for asylum-seeking families!”

Voto Latino

@votolatino / Twitter

We heard all about Voto Latino during these last midterm elections, which means they’re doing their job. Voto Latino singular aim is to get Latinos to register to vote! We don’t turn out to the polls like other minority groups int his country and Voto Latino wants to empower Latinos to feel safe going to the polls.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Untitled. Screenshot. Ocasio2018. 5 December 2018.

Ocasio-Cortez is one of the candidates backed by Voto Latino and she’s already getting climate change bills backed by dozens of Senators before even being sworn into Congress. She’ll be the first Senator to ever pay all her interns $15 an hour (only 4 percent of Democratic Senators even pay their interns). We have to keep supporting her.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

@HSFNews / Twitter

Education is a HUGE component in lifting Latino voices and dignity in this country. The HSF is the nation’s largest NGO focused on higher education for Latinos. If you’re able to, your donation could help a young Latino get a college education.

Al Otro Lado

@AlOtroLado_Org / Twitter

Based in Los Angeles, Al Otro Lado serves communities in Tijuana with legal services after they’ve been deported or are seeking to return to the United States. Al Otro Lado helps close the legal gap after a primary breadwinner is deported. They help keep their American businesses running and in their name, help with cross-border custody issues and has a Wellness Center in Los Angeles for the families left behind.

Chicanos Por La Causa

@CPLCdotORG / Twitter

Founded in 1969, CPLC is part of the movement led by Cesar Chavez and remains one of the largest Latino nonprofits in the country. They combat oppression and strengthen the Latino culture in communities across the Southwest.

Caption: “Now, his student’s mariachi group has been recognized at the Tucson international Mariachi conference. His spirit of going above and beyond helped Efrain become an Esperanza Latino teacher honoree.”

The Committee for Hispanic Families and Children

@chcf_inc / Instagram

The organization is here for low-income Latino families in New York City. They offer education courses for parents as well as the ever more expensive child care to allow the family to succeed. On top of all that, they’re also providing immigrant services, and HIV/AIDS prevention services.

National Alliance for Hispanic Health

@Health4Americas / Twitter

If you nerdy and in the healthcare industry, or love someone who is, this is the organization they need to be supporting. It’s science-driven advocacy focuses on health for all. It provides health services to more than 15 million Latinos throughout the U.S. cada año.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

@MALDEF / Twitter

It’s a big name, right? Well, they give away legal scholarships to Latinos.

Caption: “Thanks to @sodexoUSA and @GeorgiaTech for teaming up with @MALDEF at a Health and Wellness workshop this past weekend. Over 100 participants from the Atlanta area heard presentations on health and nutrition and enjoyed a demonstration on healthy preparations of favorite dishes.

United We Dream


United We Dream provides a safe haven for fear-leaden undocumented immigrants living and contributing in the U.S. The organization seeks to empower young people to be calladitas no more and teaches them how to mobilize, develop campaigns, and fight for dignity and justice, Cesar Chavez style.

Unidos US

@WeAreUnidosUS / Twitter

Since 1968, Unidos US has been a nonpartisan voice for Latinos. They conduct research on how policy affects Latinos specifically, which means their research can be turned into advocacy efforts for immigrants, undereducated and underrepresented Latinos.

NPR’s Latino USA

@LatinoUSA / Twitter

Caption: “I interviewed Shariana Ferrer of Colectiva Feminista en Construcción for @latinorebels Radio about their work, the feminist lucha in Puerto Rico and their demand that the governor declare an Executive Order to fight gender violence.”

If we want to hear our voices more often, we need to support those voices. NPR’s Latino USA covers stories we want to hear: stories from the past of how Alcatraz Island was occupied by indigenous Americans on Thanksgiving day back in the 1960’s to profiles of how Dolores Huerta and her daughter live their lives today.

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Guys Talk About The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts To Give Last Minute


Guys Talk About The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts To Give Last Minute

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to cue the balloons, bouquet of red roses and pink and heart everything! The truth is, even as one of the most manufactured and cheesy holidays, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful way to remind the person in your life that you love them.

And while it often seems like the pressure has to solely be on one partner, it’s also a time of year for us all to step up.

Fortunately, Reddit is teeming with ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

Check it out below!

“I was in college (22M). I a girl I had known since high school had a crush on me and I could tell. She was a student at the same university and we would occasionally meet our group of friends for lunch. This little gathering had gone on for several semesters and we all knew each other quite well. This girl had a really rough life and a learning disability that prevented her from reading social situations and advancing in her studies. I had been trough an incredibly difficult break up the previous semester and was looking at a lonely Valentine’s day. I am not sure if she was told by a mutual friend or if she took her own initiative but she got me a little sucker bouquet in a coffee mug for me. I have a really bad sweet tooth and am a coffee addict so this was the perfect gift. We ended up getting lunch just the two of us and had a great time. I will always remember how much fun I had.” –Brighter_Lighter

“My girlfriend made me a comic book of us and all of our adventures. Yes I cried.” –FireButchJones

“When I first started dating my now fiance, we worked together, along with her ex. When he found out we were dating he tried talking to me in the breakroom, and casually talked shit, saying shes clingy, etc. Then he said “You know, I would tell you some more stuff but im afraid you’d chirp (while making a talking hand gesture)”. He tried to act ghetto to the point where I was embarrassed for him. That became an inside joke between me and her, and I started saying stuff mockingly, like ‘Im gonna chirp up in this bitch’ and ‘Im chirping in the trap.’ Then it turned into us creating comics back and forth called “The Adventures of Chirp and Trap”. Everyday one of us would draw a comic, and the other would continue the story. Chirp was a bird who usually wore either a cowboy hat or a Rambo outfit, and Trap was a bird in a cage. I think we still have them somewhere, but one of the funniest ones was Chirp having to rescue Trap from a Dothraki horde.” –Treegs

Every year, my mom makes this cookie cake with chocolate and strawberries and it’s the best thing ever. That’s the only ‘gift’ I’ve ever gotten for Valentine’s day (so far) Edit: forgot to take a picture of the first one but luckily she made an extra mini one this year. This is the first time she’s added the white chocolate, and it’s usually in the shape of a heart, but here it is.” –Zaquarius_Alfonzo

“Not a gf, but one time my parents bought me a box of slim jims as a kid and it lasted me until May. Was great.

I’ll marry the next woman who buys me a big ass box of slim jims.” –


“My parents would get me valentines day presents all the time! One year was a restaurant sized tub of ketchup (since I really loved ketchup at the time). It was both useful and fun! Though we threw it out before I finished it off, because the bottom of the tub was beginning to be a bit… off.

I’ve never gotten anything for valentines day not from my parents.” –


“A letter telling me all that she loves about me and how I treat her. It was the best. Her birthday was a couple of days after so it was very hard making her feel loved and appreciated like I felt when I gave her a shitty valentines gift.

The second best has to be nothing (different partner). Literal nothing. I bought her some of her favorite candy. But it was great because it really showed how our relationship was and I knew she wasn’t the right one for me and I wasn’t the one for her. She dumped me a couple days later. Couldn’t say I was surprised.” –cbarnes15

“one year a girl i was dating just sent me a big long message basically a letter telling me she wished she could be there with me (long distance relationship) and i was going through a rough patch and really drove home how much she cared about me and it was really beautiful, she was really good at making me feel special. i tried to do the same but i guess im just not good at it, i mailed her a letter i had written with her favorite candy but yeah the relationship eventually fell apart and i feel bad i couldn’t get across how strongly i felt about her.” –alchupanebra

“I got a steak, bourbon, a jump rope, and a bag of dorotos. I gave her a “sexy/naughty” calendar of me doing household chores wearing only an apron, a week of nightly foot rubs, I made her cinnamon rolls from scratch, and I hid 50 Ferrero Rocher around the house.” –Raininglemur

“I made a friend of mine who is a single woman a computer “game” that turned her xbox controller into a vibrator. I included all sorts of preset patterns too so that with button presses or voice commands you could change it up.” –


“I feel like I’m the only one who likes to give foot rubs. I think it’s a good work out for my grip strength and ladies love em. Like just ask and I’ll gladly give one. My ex didn’t like her feet touched though so I rarely gave them.” –drsquires

It was junior year and my psychology class was doing a secret Santa type thing but for Valentine’s Day since we were close. I got a girl who I was fine with giving a gift to. Drew her a nice rose, wrote something cute and gave her chocolates, not a lot. What I got from another girl was pretty impressive. I got a nice handwritten card, a jar of kisses, and a bunch of candy put into a cute bag. Now, I was antisocial af and this was completely unexpected. I was expecting her to give me like a chocolate bar or something but nah, she gave me the entire bag! Such a friendly girl, wish her the best in her college life now.

I also got a valentines gram which had chocolates sent to me anonymously but I already knew it was this one girl a grade above me that sent it. Weird cause I’m usually the one that never gets shit.” –Reddit User 

“When I was in high school from my first serious girlfriend. My first valentine’s day in a relationship. We had been dating about five months at the time.

I ask her what she wants for valentine’s day. She says she doesn’t want anything, just a dinner with me (I already had reservations). I ask her again, incredulously, “you don’t want anything, not even flowers?”

“No, I don’t want anything.”

“Are you sure? No flowers?”

“I’m sure.”

“No flowers?”

Don’t get me flowers.”

So… I don’t get her anything except chocolate and a dinner reservation. Definitely no flowers.

At the end of the day, she is upset she hasn’t gotten any flowers delivered. I tell her that I didn’t get her any, she told me not to. She cries, and tells me not to talk to her. Refuses to answer my calls. We don’t go out to dinner, and I spend valentine’s day alone.

My gift? One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned – don’t take women literally, it’s a trap.

Just buy the damn flowers.” – SadClownInIronLung

“My sophomore year of high school some girl who I really hadn’t thought much of gave me a card that read “To: Cute boy, you have a really nice smile”. We hung out a bit after that but things didn’t go to great (long story). Anyways that one valentine started a chain reaction that ended some serious depression I had and now I smile more often.” –supeguy212

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Socially Distanced Navidad? Here Are the Best Family Games to Play Over Zoom


Socially Distanced Navidad? Here Are the Best Family Games to Play Over Zoom

Photo: Getty Images

This Christmas, unfortunately, is going to be tough for a lot of people. With the coronavirus pandemic still waging on, many of us have had to make the tough decision to stay home for the holidays. That means no traveling out of town or visiting extended family like we have in years past.

If you come from a family that likes to get into the competitive spirit and play games over the holidays, then giving up that tradition might feel too disappointing. Luckily, we can all rely on technology to keep us connected in these trying times when we’re forced to be apart.

We’ve compiled a list of Zoom-friendly games that you can play with your family over the holidays and beyond. Take a peak at our fun picks below!

1. Charades

This one’s an easy one. All you have to do is create a Zoom link, send it out to family members and pick a topic to act out. If you’re having trouble thinking of a word, trying using a Charades word generator.

2. Card Games

Who says a little old pandemic can keep us from playing cards with our loved ones? For many of us, playing cards with our family is as steadfast a holiday tradition as exchanging gifts is. Log on to to create a custom game room to share with your family.

3. Bingo

Think about it: Bingo is the perfect game to play over Zoom. Websites like have virtual bingo games you can play for free with up to 30 participants!

4. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a game in which a player has to guess which word/topic is on their phone screen by the clues their team members are giving them. In order to make the most of this game, players at each Zoom location will have to download the Heads Up! app on their phone. And after that, it’s smooth sailing.

5. All Bad Cards (aka Cards Against Humanity)

If you’re the type of family that likes to push the envelope over a game of Cards Against Humanity, consider logging onto All you have to do is generate a party room and send the link out to the members of your “party”. Then, you’re ready to go!

6. Pictionary

Pictionary is the kind of game that Zoom was practically invented for. In order to play this game, you’ll have to fire up Zoom’s whiteboard tool and share your screen with all of the participating players. Again, if you can’t think of a topic, get some help with a Pictionary random word generator.

7. Trivial Pursuit

You’ll have to own this classic board game in order to play over Zoom, but if you do, setting it up and playing is super easy. In order to make this game user-friendly for all participants, make sure there’s someone in your location that can play on the same team as someone in a different Zoom location. That way, all the players can be sure that there’s no cheating involved.

8. Outburst

If you’re a fan of Family Feud, then Outburst is probably right up your alley. This game requires that each player brainstorm lists off of a given topic (i.e. Top Ten Christmas songs). Unfortunately, there is no virtual or online version of the game, but instead, team members can take turns coming up with topics and having other players brainstorm lists.

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