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Thousands Of DREAMers Are Not Applying For Financial Aid And Officials Want To Change That Now

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The deadline for filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is fast approaching, and every, fewer and fewer students apply for financial aid.

Millions of dollars are still on the table and tens of thousands of Pell grants have gone unclaimed in the state of California. The LA Times reports that the number of students who have applied for financial aid to college under the California Dream Act has seen a significant decline. Politicians and financial aid officials believe the stark decrease in DREAMers applying for financial aid is tied to the increased presence of immigration enforcement officials. The rhetoric coming from President Donald Trump and his hardline stance on immigration isn’t helping the decrease in applicants, Lupita Cortez Alcalá, executive director of the California Student Aid Commission told LA Times.

“I believe that students are not filing because they’re afraid to file,” Cortez Alcalá told the LA Times.

According to Pew Research Center, Latino enrollment in college has increased steadily since 2000 while high school dropout rates have declined dramatically.

Pew Research Center also found that Latinos are less likely than other groups to take on student debt, making the grants offered by L.A. Cash For College more important, since grants typically don’t require you to pay them back.

The deadline to apply through L.A. Cash For College is March 2. So go on, get that money and get your higher education!

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Read the full story in the Los Angeles Times by clicking here.

Learn more about the FAFSA by clicking here. ??

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They Weren't Expecting This Large Of A Response, But London's Wall Of Hope Received Worldwide Recognition

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They Weren’t Expecting This Large Of A Response, But London’s Wall Of Hope Received Worldwide Recognition


Love and support for Mexico is spreading far and wide.

Across the pond in London, a group of Mexican women extended kindness to counteract the anti-immigrant hate in the U.S. by creating a beautiful “Wall of Hope.”

Credit: Wall Of Hope London / Facebook 

Their small-scale but big-hearted effort invited the contributions of Latinos living in the U.K. and any others who feel that a wall will only divide us even further.

The organized event was held on Sunday, February 26, and gathering drew quite the crowd.

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“We want to build a wall of hope,” the group stated on Facebook. “Our wall is a mural that celebrates life.”

For one entire day, the community in London gathered in front of the U.S. embassy and embraced Mexican culture with traditional art, music, and food.

“Let’s bring food to share, while enjoying building the wall and singing or dancing with performers and chanting our favorite slogans,” organizers said on Facebook. “Ours is a wall that bridges, that unites and creates cohesion, that supports love and hope. Our wall is about us, all of us.”

Beautiful handmade art covered this wall of hope.

“On one side there will be a tree painted for people to hang their messages of hope and on the other side an altar that will be a celebration to life and that will be dedicated to people who have died across the border,” Feregrino said to Noticias MVS.

Organizers also held a mini-fundraising campaign to help pay for the materials to build the “wall of hope.” Their goal was to raise about $400 dollars and they accomplished it!

And they invited traditional Mexican dancers.

So beautiful, right?!

Paola Feregrino, one of the organizers, told Noticias MVS that this event was created to because of “a concern to be together as a Mexican community and of people who want to show their solidarity to Mexico.”

An event like this in London is a sign of its growing Latino population.

CREDIT: Facebook/WallofHopeLondon

44 percent of London’s population consists of ethnic minorities. Brazilians make up most of London’s Latino population, with almost 55,000 living there, according to a 2011 census report. Mexican make up almost 10,000 of London’s population.

Hopefully this is just one of the many events that will be organized by these incredible people.

“Walls are used to build houses, schools, hospitals, community centers, churches and art spaces,” organizers said on Facebook. “A wall of hope is a mural made of flowers, art and messages of peace living together.”

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What do you think of Latinos celebrating Mexican culture with a “Wall of Hope” in London?

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