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Juanes Posts On Instagram To Show Solidarity With Venezuelan Protestors In “Mother Of All Marches”

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No stranger to political activism, Juanes’ mind was on the people of Venezuela today. The Colombian rocker posted an a cappella rendition of the classic Venezuelan folk song “Tonada de Luna Llena” to his Instagram, writing in the caption “Hoy me desperté pensando en ti Venezuela, llevándote siempre en mi corazón. #venezuela #simondiaz” “Today I awake with Venezuela on my mind, I carry you in my heart always.”

Juanes took to Instagram Wednesday to show solidarity with the people of Venezuela as violence broke out during protests.

As indicated by the hashtag, the song’s original writer and singer was the universally loved “el tio Simon,” Simón Díaz, who had a long illustrious career centered around Venezuelan folk music. Even when Díaz began working in film and TV, promoting Venezuelan music and the people and prosperity of Venezuela was important to him.

Henrique Capriles, Governor of Miranda and figurehead of the opposition to President Nicolás Maduro, also posted the video, thanking Juanes for keeping Venezuela in mind during these politically charged times.

The governor’s account was active throughout the day as protests went on in the streets. A a major point of contention between the people and the government is that Maduro has banned Capriles from running for political office for 15 years (until 2032), due to an alleged misuse of government funds which Capriles has denied.

Juanes’ message comes on the heels of massive protests occurring in Venezuela, which has as of late been swamped in financial and political strife.

With a food crisis on their hands and political turmoil at a fever pitch, the people and the government have been at war in the streets. CNN reported that today protestors marched to fight what they see as President Maduro’s dictatorship. In recent months, Maduro has delayed state and local elections and continues to halt attempts to remove him from power.

This protestor clashed with Maduro’s forces and refused to move.

“Pure Venezuelan dignity” said @MariaCorinaYA of the protestor, reminding us all of another powerful moment of protest.

 Juanes wasn’t the only celebrity to chime in and stand with the people of  Venezuela. J. Balvin posted on Instagram in solidarity as well.


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“Venezuela! Only good vibes! We love you all!” the reggaetón superstar said on his personal Instagram account.

A peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in Venezuela seems hard to achieve right now.

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We all hope for a peaceful resolution for the Venezuelan people, but with this level of protest and fighting in the streets, it looks like that may be far off.

[H/T] ‘Mother of All Marches’ Turns Violent in Venezuela

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After Butting Heads With President Trump, This Judge Will Now Oversee Case Of Deported DACA Recipient

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After Butting Heads With President Trump, This Judge Will Now Oversee Case Of Deported DACA Recipient

@ALapovsky / TWITTER

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel is back in the news, and no, it’s not because President Trump is calling him a “hater.”

Last year, Donald Trump claimed Curiel was too biased to handle the Trump University case because Curiel is of Mexican descent. Trump claimed his stance on Mexico and desire to build a wall would work against him in the case. Though Judge Curiel was born in Indiana, Trump took every opportunity he could to undermine the judge’s credibility. Several politicians and legal experts came to Judge Curiel’s defense, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, who claimed Trump’s comments were racially motivated. Trump’s attempts ultimately failed, and he was ordered to pay a $25 million settlement on March 31st.

Judge Curiel is back in the news because he is set to oversee the case of Juan Manuel Montes Bojorquez, the recently-deported DACA recipient.

As mitú reported, 23-year-old Montes came to the United States at the age of 9, but in February he was deported to Mexico, despite his valid status as a DACA recipient. The deportation caused outrage and set a dangerous precedent that DACA recipients could be deported, despite President Trump’s promise to show “great heart” towards people in Montes’ position.

After filing a complaint to the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of California on Tuesday, Montes’ case was coincidentally assigned to Judge Curiel, the Washington Post reported. Montes’ case states that he was not provided with the necessary legal documentation for why he was being deported to Mexico.

Since his deportation, Montes has been living with his aunt and uncle in Mexico while he waits for his day in court.

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