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After Posting Photos With His Boyfriend, Jenni Rivera’s Youngest Son Comes Out As Bisexual

“I am in a gay relationship right now and I am in love with this person.”

Johnny Lopez, the youngest son of the late Jenni Rivera, caused a social media storm over Thanksgiving weekend after sharing photos of he and his boyfriend. The 16-year-old decided to open up about his sexuality and address the backlash in an interview with Universo.

He recorded the video with his supportive sister, Chiquis Rivera, sitting by his side. The siblings addressed the negative reactions, and Lopez came out as bisexual, explaining that he never actually felt like he was hiding. Rather, just trying to figure himself out.


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“I’ve been dealing with this part of myself for a long time now,” he says, addressing that he has dated both men and women. “I still don’t know my preference, personally.”

“But I do know that I love [my boyfriend] a lot,” he adds. “I’ve been in love with him for two years now. And I’m happy. I’m really happy. It’s the happiest I’ve ever been.”

The siblings did talk about their mother and the reaction they think she might have had to the news if she were still alive. Rivera assumed the role of protective older sister and called out the haters in the video.

“This is one of the reasons that I think that mom was afraid or just didn’t want that lifestyle for her children,” Rivera says. “Unfortunately, I’ve seen that since this news has come out. There have been some really mean people that say really mean things. I want to tell those people that I am going to pray for you.”

Rivera expressed her pride in her brother, especially considering scary it is for so many to accept themselves or come out of the closet. But she’s got his back.

“I’m here to support him and to love him,” she says. “I’m always going to do that. I’m proud of you because it take some balls, honestly, to come out and you’re so young.”

“I wanted to make this video first for everyone to understand me,” says Lopez.

Get it, Johnny. Be proud of who you are. You have an entire community that supports you and your boyfriend. ?

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Mourners In Brazil And Colombia Remembered The Chapecoense Players Killed In A Plane Crash Last Year

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Mourners In Brazil And Colombia Remembered The Chapecoense Players Killed In A Plane Crash Last Year

Nelson Almeida / AFP /Getty Images

One year ago, Brazilian pro soccer club Chapecoense was flying to Medellín, Colombia to play the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final against Colombia’s Atlético Nacional. Chapecoense, a small club that had moved up to Brazil’s top flight in 2004, was set to play two of its most important matches in club history. Unfortunately, tragedy struck before they landed in Colombia. Eighty-one people were aboard Chapecoense’s plane, which crashed just moments before reaching Medellín. Seventy-five people died, including athletes, coaches, journalists, and crew. Here’s how those lost in this tragedy were remembered one year later.

Soccer players and friends of those lost in the plane took time to reflect.

“What happened to Chapecoense was something that’s very hard to talk about,” said Neymar, who lost friends in the accident. “It was a tragic accident that involved soccer players, but also their families.”

In La Unión, Colombia, the closest city to the crash site, people gathered to remember those who died.

According to El Colombiano, military personnel and mourners took over the main square of La Unión to pay tribute to the athletes killed that day. A moment of silence was observed out of respect for the victims.

Officials unveiled a commemorative plaque in the city square honoring the dead.

Displayed on the plaque are the names of the victims and survivors. The names are grouped together to show the players, journalists, flight crew, and the other passengers on the plane.

There is a time capsule that officials in La Unión are giving to the city of Chapecó. Atlético Nacional players and fans filled the capsule with notes.

The time capsule will be sealed for 40 years, according to El Colombiano. The capsule will make its way to Chapecó after passing through the Atanasio Girardot stadium.

Residents of Chapecó gathered at the town’s stadium just after midnight on Nov. 29 to mark the time the plane crashed.

CREDIT: AFP news agency / YouTube

“It is best to choose reflection and seek peace,” a club spokesperson said in a statement, according to The News and Observer. “Our eternal champions deserve all the tributes, but on this day we need to be respectful with those that remain and with the good memories that need to be eternal.”

Fans filled the stadium with chants for the team they held close to their hearts.

CREDIT: Al Jazeera English / YouTube

They even took to the streets to march in remembrance of those lost.

CREDIT: Al Jazeera English / YouTube

The team that meant so much to so many might be gone but they are definitely not forgotten.

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