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This Man Is HIV-Positive And Face Deportation To Venezuela Where HIV Medication Is Very Scarce

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“I told him, you’ve sent me to death.”

Ricardo Querales is an HIV-positive Venezuelan man living in Florida. Originally, Querales was granted asylum 13 years ago and didn’t have to worry about his immigration status. A minor drug offense, according to WPLG Local 10, landed him in the legal system and cost him his safety in the U.S. The man was given adjudication withheld, which in Florida means he was never formally convicted of a crime and was given probation as his punishment. Despite never being convicted of a crime, the arrest was enough to strip him of his asylum leaving him at the mercy of Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents at his routine check-ins.

For Quealres, the fear is more than being deported, but losing access to necessary medication. “I have friends dying everyday because they don’t have medication,” Querales told WPLG Local 10.

Venezuela is in the middle of a major economic crisis after global oil prices plummeted. The result is people going without food, education, and even life-saving medication. That is Querales’ fear, according to WPLG Local 10. NBC News reports that the antiretroviral medication that is used to slow down the progression of HIV and stop infections that could be life-threatening has become scarce. Hospitals have stopped testing for the virus and people are dying from HIV and AIDS because there just isn’t medication to treat the patients.

Querales is worried about being sent to a country in the middle of an economic turmoil so severe that the life-saving medication he would need to survive does not exist. According to WPLG Local 10, Querales is trying to use the humanitarian issue of sending him back to stay the deportation proceedings. As of now, he is expected to report to ICE offices in Miramar, Fla. at the end of February with his passport and plane ticket to Venezuela.

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Jaime Camil Blames Award Shows For Perpetuating The Lack Of Latino Representation By Not Including Latinos

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Jaime Camil Blames Award Shows For Perpetuating The Lack Of Latino Representation By Not Including Latinos

@jaimecamil / Instagram

Actor Jaime Camil sounded off about his feelings towards the lack of Latino representation in Hollywood, and he’s not a fan. The Mexican-born actor followed the lead of his “Jane the Virgin” character Rogelio de la Vega and let out just how angry he is that Hollywood and the entertainment industry continues to exclude Latinos.

Recently, Camil was a guest on Slate’s podcast “Represent.” He didn’t hold back. Camil shared his candid thoughts about Hollywood and what he thinks the Latino community can learn from the African-American community about a united front.

Jaime Camil started the conversation strong calling out the award shows for their lack of Latino nominees.

“I think this ‘minority,’ quote-unquote, is the economic engine of this country, basically. It’s ridiculous right now … Gina Rodriguez and everybody at the show, we were outraged about the fact that SAG-AFTRA and other award shows didn’t nominate one single Latino in their shows,” Camil told the podcast host Aisha Harris. “It is not that we want to get an award for free, like, ‘Oh, the poor Latinos, throw them a little bone. Throw them a little award just for them not to feel ignored.’ No, no, no. F*ck you. It’s not about that.”

His sentiment was because he believes Gina Rodriguez deserves more recognition than she has been getting.

“Do you think Gina Rodriguez doesn’t deserve a nomination? I mean, she won the Golden Globe, for the love of God,” Camil told Harris. “Do you think she should not be nominated for a SAG-AFTRA award or for a Critics’ Choice or whatever? It’s ridiculous … I mean, ‘Modern Family’, again, for the 12th year, same nominations? Really? Can’t we move on? Can we look to the other amazing shows that are being created, like ‘One Day at a Time’ with Justina Machado?”

Camil doesn’t totally blame award show members and studio execs for the lack of representation, though.

“Also, the other problem we have with the Latin American communities is that we don’t come together as one, and this doesn’t happen with the African-American community. They really support each other immensely, and unfortunately, the Latin American community doesn’t support each other,” Camil told Harris. “They draw lines between Colombians, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, or Ecuadorians, Mexicans, and that’s wrong. We should be united more.”

And Jaime broke down the unrealistic way Hollywood handles the Latino market and where they can do better in his opinion.

“You shouldn’t [have to] watch Univision or Telemundo or speak the language to know who to cast in your next project if you want to hit or tap into the Latino market. It’s very easy. You just ask your people to give you the statistics of the last shows that aired on Univision or Telemundo and the ratings they have,” Camil told Harris. “You will see that they beat every single mainstream network. Right? Then out of these seven shows or whatever, you will have 15 or 20 actors that already are household names within the Latino community, with the 50 million Latinos living in this country, so just you see who of them know how to act and which of them don’t act like this. Then those guys, you ask if they speak English or not.”

Listen to the entire interview below…

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