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Going After Children Was Too Far For This Veteran ICE Agent

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“[Y]ou have to remember that our job is not to judge.”

When Donald Trump took office in January, it appeared that Immigration And Customs Enforcement agents would be given the green light to ramp up enforcement. In many ways, they have done just that. But the policies enacted under Trump’s administration have also angered many ICE veterans, who now see their department as little more than a gang of witch hunters. Agents who were hired to adhere to the law, are now entitled by policy to indiscriminately target all immigrants, regardless of circumstance.

A veteran ICE agent spoke to the New Yorker about the negative impact these changes have had in his department. He makes no issue with the fact that his department exists to deport people, but he says that under the previous administrations, there was at least something resembling due process. “We used to look at things through the totality of the circumstances when it came to a removal order,” the unnamed agent said, adding, “that’s out the window.”

The agent also said fellow agents are letting their personal biases guide their work: “[Y]ou have to remember that our job is not to judge. The problem is that now there are lots of people who feel free to feel contempt.”

Recently, a new policy has come down the line, which allows agents to targets minors for arrest. Previously, these undocumented youths were allowed to stay in the care of families. Until now, the ICE agent had kept quiet over his growing frustrations with the department, but targeting children was too much for him. That’s why he’s decided to speak up.

For the entire interview, read the piece at The New Yorker.

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The Latino Workers At Facebook Have Joined A Union To Get Better Pay To Afford Decent Housing

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The Latino Workers At Facebook Have Joined A Union To Get Better Pay To Afford Decent Housing

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It was only in May when Mark Zuckerberg told the graduating class at Harvard University that the United States should explore the option of a universal basic income. The concept, which countries like Brazil, Denmark and Canada are testing, promises citizens a paycheck regardless of employment, wealth, job status and other factors, according to CNN Money.

In his speech, Zuckerberg said such a basic income for all the citizens will give people an option to explore new ideas since they would have a financial cushion to do so. Now, just 2 months after giving that speech, Latino contract cafeteria workers at Facebook’s world headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., have joined UNITE HERE Local 19, a union representing workers in northern California.

The workers, who are employed by Flagship Facility Services, joined the union to negotiate better pay and affordable benefits in an area of the country that is becoming more and more expensive to live in. Mercury News reports that some of the employees are only able to afford to live in garages with their families to be closer to work.

“Their quest for a better life in Silicon Valley is what moved them to unionize,” Enrique Fernandez, the business manager for UNITE HERE Local 19 told Mercury News.

The Guardian reports that a spokesperson for Facebook says the company looks forward to working with the union to address the contractors’ concerns. The spokesperson also expressed that the tech company is committed to providing a “safe, fair work environment to everyone who helps Facebook bring the world closer together, including contractors.”

Read more on Mercury News by tapping here.

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