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Here Are 24 Iconic #InternationalWomensMonth 2018 Memes/Moments From Latinxs To Keep You Going

We cannot be stopped. Maybe it’s the fact that our government continues to place stricter and stricter laws around what we’re permitted to do with our own fierce bodies, but somos #LatinasEnojadas and we’re here for change. March was #InternationalWomensHistoryMonth and we rounded up the most iconic, badass moments, memes and #bopo illustrations to keep us going. Because the patriarchy ain’t over yet.

1. Our #WomenMonth keeps it intersectional.

CREDIT: @lauracallaghanillustration / Instagram

Couldn’t say it better than this caption by @diasporaradicalx on International Working Women’s Day:

“Whether you’ve got your steel-toe boots ready to join your local anarchist chapter during today’s march, or you’re stuck at work and opting out of today’s actions, remember that International Working Women’s Day wouldn’t have been possible without low income women. March 8, 1857 marked a socialist movement lead by and for women, where demands for shorter work days, better pay, ending child labor, and the right to vote. Give your money to femmes, single moms, sex workers, freelancers, trans women, and everyone you routinely get resources, information and labor from today and every day. #iwd”

2. Porque somos guerreras.

CREDIT: @kimbjanes / Instagram

We’re forever unlearning, and forever teaching las niñas en nuestras vidas how to be guerreras. It’s been one generation at a time, but look at how fierce and beautiful the next is. Look at Emma González and know, #TimesUp.

3. And Emma González is with us.

CREDIT: @wearemitu / Instagram

She’s a teenager. She survived a mass shooting at her high school. She’s been attacked by Republicans for wearing a Cuban flag patch, for how she looks, for her sexuality. Emma González has been nothing but grace and an unwavering commitment to get safer gun laws in honor of her friends who died. She’s all our heroes and she’s the #LatinaRoleModel for all of us.

4. Emma is also teaching young girls to value themselves first.

CREDIT: @Emma4Change / Twitter

When this 7 year old wanted to tell Emma that she’s her hero, Emma told her that she’s already the best person she could be–herself!

Here’s what the sign said:

“Dear Emma, I’m sorry that people are being mean to you, but I will never be mean to you. Thank you for being so strong. I hope I can be like you some day. Just so you know, I’m 7 years old. Love, Lyra Sage Torres.”

5. #IWD illustrations are where nos ponemos our rage.

CREDIT: @feministas_luchadoras_ / Instagram

Here’s what young girls are not: valued by when we’re able to have kids, cook, get married, or what we choose to wear. We are accountable to ourselves to do what we decide is in our best interests. Byeee.

6. Because, otra vez, we are fighters.

CREDIT: @dibujosfeministas / Instagram

Mulan was my all time favorite Disney Princess. I had a Barbie doll of her where you could pull a string and her hair goes up in a bun, and she’s ready to fight. Also had a sleeping bag. And a Halloween costume. Hey, look, now we have real life #LatinaRoleModels! (See #4).

7. And we’re forever teaching our own familia how to break out of patriarchy.

CREDIT: @kinkypinata / Instagram

Also, I’m gay. Or did you forget after the last decade of me dating zero boys? The upside: we have a whole worldwide on and offline community of Latinas who get it and got your back.

8. But also, we’re just like the women who came before us.

CREDIT: @andreagonram / Twitter

I mean, not in just the way of replacing “enviala a 20 amigos” Facebook messages with memes, but in their quest to be better. Yes, some want some dated, machismo ideals for us, but my mom sure as hell pushed me into college and to have a life better than her own.

9. We’re all fighting the oversexualization of our bodies.

CREDIT: @YenniferGoVegan / Instagram

If you’re growing up in a mostly white town, it’s especially hard to have the body that doesn’t fit the white mainstream. Don’t fret. We have memes to keep you going.

10. Follow @dominicanbrujaprincess on Instagram.

CREDIT: @dominicanbrujaprincess / Instagram

I don’t know her, but she’s one of the most #bodypositive brujas on the internet. We are Latina. We have curvy bodies. They’re literally applauding our own fine asses. It’s ? actual ? magic ?.

11. The only compliments we need start from ourselves.

CREDIT: @unidas_lucharemos / Instagram

Something I haaate is how my mom is so energized by catcalling. It’s something we learn from our culture, especially if you come from a more machismo family. Nothing has felt better than calling back and making sure my ‘no’ is well heard. If we all rise up and start throwing glitter in catcallers faces, imagine how quickly this issue would end! Whose in?!

12. We must stand united across generations.

CREDIT: @fiercebymitu / Instagram

We have to call out anyone, man or mujere, who is perpetuating the patriarchy and then welcome them in this swelling movement. We’ve helped create this social structure and we can dismantle it while respecting all the hard work that the women have done for us already.

13. How? Well. We took to the streets for the 2nd #WomensMarch.

CREDIT: @florconhache / Instagram

We take to the streets to make the streets safer for women. Even though our mamas get harried and worried and pray their rosaries. We go out there, because you know they did the same when they were growing up. We do it so the next generation won’t have to.

14. And we call out the idiots in office.

CREDIT: @all_women / Instagram

Our bodies are politicized. Our thoughts and beliefs are dismissed if they don’t go in line with the patriarchy. #WeCallBS.

15. And stand with women who do the same.

CREDIT: @ananavarro / Twitter

Like Ana Navarro, who doesn’t believe that being Republican means abandoning Puerto Rico, Dreamers, and women. But she does believe in the jellyfish and I’m about that.

16. The truth is we have an up-hill battle.

CREDIT: @dominicanbrujaprincess / Instagram

Because of the guy on the Hill.

Caption: Matando al chovinista con mi poderoso pincel ? based on a conversation w/ @directedxluie? #sundaybloodysunday #wip #qtpoc#resistencia #femmesofcolor #rebelagainst #xenophobia

17. And with more insidious, internalized messages of self-hate.

CREDIT: @dibujosfeministas / Instagram

Many of us grew up with disordered eating and mixed messaging. That our hips were getting big and also, “porque no comes” after the second heaping of rice and beans. It’s confusing in the house, and when we leave and see that thinness is the norm in media. We’re just kids. How can we filter what’s self-serving and what’s violencia? It just means working that much harder to unlearn. #FuckDietCulture

18. But we have the freedom to break through self-sabatoging ideas.

CREDIT: @brunavellaneda / Instagram

Like this artist, who promotes #bopo through her photography. The body measurements, the scale, the numbers all mean nothing for what our healthy bodies should look like.

19. “Start with self-love.”

CREDIT: @the_illustrator_of_curves / Instagram

Imagine the liberation of replacing our thoughts of self-worth, and what we’ve eaten today, and what we look like with all of our other passions, interests, and goals? That’s how we smash the patriarchy, imho.

20. Support female artists who are promoting diversity, inclusion and feminism.

CREDIT: @proyecto_kahlo / Instagram

En serio, you must see the rest of this comic series. I remember being mortified to be the first girl in my class to go through puberty and being terrified of the Nair my mom showed me. Let’s redefine Latina beauty for what it truly is: guapisima como es!

21. Keep the conversation going.

CREDIT: @feministas_luchadoras_ / Instagram

This movement isn’t going anywhere. Women are rising to power, whether men like it or not. Remember to vote in your midterm elections and vote out anyone supported by the NRA, who doesn’t support Dreamers, or whatever you believe! Just vote, plz.

22. Also, someone find out how to nominate someone for the Nobel Prize.

CREDIT: @gnuman1979 / Twitter

Because, wow, Emma. We’re with you. If I’m supposed to be my #1 role model, then you’re #2.

23. Take inventory of when we’ve been wrong and keep feminism inclusive.

CREDIT: @camipache / Twitter

We’ve all done it: judged a girl for what she’s wearing, her sex life, or overstepped boundaries in ways that are not okay. We remember what that straight jacket felt like, when we bought into what we’ve been taught all our lives. Have compassion for those who are still stuck in those thoughts. We’re all in this together on our own paths. Have compassion and fight even harder for what’s ours.

24. Porque nós podemos. We must.

CREDIT: @marquestalita / Instagram

There’s still so much to fight for: the first female president, closing the wage gap, holding men truly accountable for creating a rape culture, reclaiming our bodies and our decisions from laws made by men, for men. Somos mujeres guerreras. We will do this. Until next year.✌️

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The Los Angeles Dodgers Are Playing In The World Series And People Are Excited


The Los Angeles Dodgers Are Playing In The World Series And People Are Excited

Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The World Series is still happening despite Covid because baseball just can’t be held down. The Dodgers are playing their first World Series game today and fans are so excited to finally get some more baseball in their lives.

The World Series is here and Los Dodgers are playing their first game.

Baseball is America’s pastime and few teams have a fanbase as energized as The Dodgers. Ask any Dodgers fans about how difficult it is to get to the stadium and their commitment to the team is clear. It is not anywhere accessible by public transportation so you really have to want it.

People are super energized to celebrate and support their team.

The Dodgers made it to the championship game against the Houston Astros in 2017. The Dodgers lost to the Astros that year but three years later the Astros had the title stripped because of a cheating scandal. Now, The Dodgers have a chance to make win a title and Dodgers fans are excited to see it happen.

Even the furry fans are getting excited about the games.

It’s a fact that if a team has furry fans then they have the best fanbase. Who doesn’t want to end up at a stadium or party with these cute fluffers walking around in their Dodgers’ gear? These four-legged fans are better than child fans because they are going to get everyone’s spirits up.

The team has a lot of big names behind them cheering them on.

Los Angeles is home to some of the top celebrities and athletes. It must be nice to know that some of the most influential people are out there pushing for you to make it all the way. Bonus points if they are other athletes who know just how exciting and hard it is to compete at the elite level.

Let’s go, Dodgers!

The Dodgers play the Tampa Bay Rays tonight at 5:11 PST. Be sure to tune in and cheer for your favorite baseball team as they try for the championship again.

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Netflix Finally Gave Us The Release Date For “Selena: The Series” And Fans Can’t Wait


Netflix Finally Gave Us The Release Date For “Selena: The Series” And Fans Can’t Wait

contodonetflix / Twitter

One of the most popular and cathartic things to do in the time of Covid is to binge watch shows on streaming platforms. Why drag something out when you can watch an entire season in a day? Well, Selena fans now have one more thing to binge after Netflix announced the release date for “Selena: The Series.”

The world will forever change after Dec. 4.

Netflix is finally releasing the highly anticipated show “Selena: The Series” and we are so stoked to finally see it. The show has been on the radar of Selena fans everywhere since it was announced in 2018. We have all patiently waited for two years to finally see this show.

This is not a drill. This is not a prank. This is a gift from the entertainment deities who want to make sure that we all have something to make these hard times better. All you need is access to a Netflix account, doesn’t matter whose, and the enduring love for Selena that most of us have.

People are marking their calendars for a big day in entertainment.

That’s right. Netflix is releasing “Selena: The Series” and Disney+ is releasing “Mulan” for Disney+ subscribers at no extra charge after trying to rent it for $30 through the app. Dec. 4 is gearing up to be one of the most exciting days for people who just don’t want to leave the house during the current Covid pandemic. What a time to be a live, huh?

Netflix knows exactly what they are doing by releasing this show.

This show is approved by the Quintanilla family so there is that. This show was announced at the same time that Telemundo announced that the Spanish-language network was releasing their own series “El Secreto De Selena.”

The Telemundo show was based on the book written by journalist María Celeste Arrarás. The family has vehemently denied the accusations made in the book multiple times and Telemundo’s decision to make the series, which aired in 2018, angered viewers.

We have been promised a story about Selena that we have not seen in the past.

The Netflix series will not be rehashing what we have already seen. We know the story of Selena’s musical rise and tragic death thanks to “Selena” with J.Lo.

“Selena: The Series” is going to be showing us the life of a young Selena before the fame and musical career. It is truly amazing that after all of these years, there are still new stories to be told about Selena and her important place in American Latino history.

“Before she became the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla was a young girl from Texas with big dreams and an even bigger voice,” reads the description of the show. “The two-part coming-of-age drama ‘Selena: The Series’ explores the once-in-a-generation performer’s journey as a young artist, from singing small gigs in Corpus Christi with her family to becoming one of the most successful Latin artists of all time — and the years of grit and sacrifice the Quintanilla family navigated together before Selena’s meteoric rise to fame.”

So, mark your calendars and gather your loved ones.

This day should be a holiday as we all know that Selena is one of the greatest unifiers in the Latino community. We still sing her songs to this day and her legacy is being passed down to younger Latinos. Selena gave us representations before we knew we wanted and needed it.

It’s like we can already hear those old-school Selena y Los Dinos songs playing in our heads. Dec. 4 can’t get here fast enough and that’s a fact.

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