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Here Are 19 Gifts That Are Perfect For Anyone In Your Family

There is nothing better than celebrating your Latino family. Thanks to the mitú shop, you can also buy them merch that perfectly reflects their personality. Legit, anyone in your family no matter their moods, personalities, or relation to you is covered. Here are 19 of the greatest gifts that are perfect that you can get for any of your Latino, or non-Latino, family members. They are truly perfect for any occasion.

1. Mijo Onsie

gifts that are perfect

Welcome the newest member of your family into the world with arms wide open. This little onsie is perfect for ant child coming into the world and you can even get one that says mija.

Get it here

2. Mija Sweater

That’s right. We have made it possible for your abuelita to make sure you have an actually sueter. It is cute and comfy and you’ll never disappoint her by catching an avoidable cold.

Get it here

3. Nadie Me Ayuda En Esta Casa Shirt

Show mom that you do hear her when she complains that “No one helps me in this house” with this t-shirt. Not only does she feel validated and acknowledged, she will also be so grateful that you bought her clothes.

Get it here

4. La Jefa Mug

This is the perfect mug for any woman in your home, tbh. Whether it is for abuela, mami, or your annoying hermana, this mug will make any of them happy af.

Get it here

5. Ándale Por Pendeja Shirt

Save your mom some time and energy. With this shirt, she would have to tell you this 30 times in one day. Instead, she can just point to the shirt several times a day.

Get it here

6. El Jefe Mug

You know, because some times men get jealous when they are not included. Thats why you can get your dad a “El Jefe” mug so he can feel better while mami really runs the house.

Get it here

7. You’re The Guac To My Chip Mug

What better way to tell your significant other that you love them than this mug? Guac and chips are as timeless as your love.

Get it here

8. Who Needs Superman When You Have An Abuelita? Mug

Abuelitas are the greatest people on the planet. They cook, clean, wash your clothes and even tell you nice things. The least you can do is buy her a mug.

Get it here

9. Pupusas & Curtido Shirt

We all have that one primo who can’t get enough pupusas & curtido. Tbh, I am that primo. As someone in that community, I totally vouch for this shirt.

Get it here

10. Lo Logramos Papá Shirt

Let your dad know that you appreciate the work he put into your future. After all, it takes a village to raise a child.

Get it here

11. Lo Logramos Mamá Shirt

You also can’t forget your mother. Just make sure you switch out of both shirts throughout the day so both of your parents feel loved.

Get it here

12. Calladitas No More Shirt

It’s 2018 so there is bound to be a woke woman in your family. Gift her this wonderful shirt so she can let everyone know that she is not here for their machismo.

Get it here

13. Hold On Chisme Happening! Phone Case

Give this to your tía. She is the fist person to get involved with all of the chisme so she won’t even question why you are passing her this phone case during family dinner.

Get it here

14. Chinga La Dieta Hat

The ultimate clapback to any Latina mother who brings up your weight anytime you walk in the house. Show her how liberating it is to live your life so she can start living free herself.

Get it here

15. Guasace Tote

Give your wannabe boojie family member this almost Versace tote. They probably won’t know the difference since they can’t afford the real stuff so this might make you their favorite.

Get it here

16. You Can Do It! Shirt

Let the self-doubter in your family know that they can do anything they put their mind to. Sometimes we doubt ourselves so this is a great way to lift someone’s spirits.

Get it here

17. Throws Shade In Spanish Shirt

Another perfect gift for your tía who just can’t be a normal person. Seriously. What is it with our tía always getting involved with the chisme and throwing shade?

Get it here

18. Frida Fail Shirt

This is perfect for mom. How many times has she made this face at you? Save her energy and just let her wear a shirt with the image instead.

Get it here

19. Latino Hustle Is The Best Hustle Sweater

We all know that nobody hustles harder than Latinos. It is just something that comes naturally to us.

Get it here

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Bad Bunny, J Balvin and Reggaeton Fans React To Aleks Syntek's Comments On The Genre

things that matter

Bad Bunny, J Balvin and Reggaeton Fans React To Aleks Syntek’s Comments On The Genre

syntekoficial / Instagram

Mexican pop singer Aleks Syntek (you might remember him from that mid-2000s track “Duele el Amor”) is causing a stir once again for his comments about reggaeton and urban music. This time reggaeton stars and fans are not letting his comments slide.

Aleks Syntek posted a follow-up to the saga, and it’s clearly a dig at reggaeton artists.

“Even among poets and crazies there are codes of ethics, and if you use vulgarity and misogyny as the hook for success without thinking about the common good, then you don’t deserve respect.”

The string of uploads started with an Instagram story about his displeasure of hearing reggaeton during the day.

Syntek was having breakfast at the airport and was not okay with seeing the song’s accompanying music video on during daylight hours.

Please, keep the pornographic club music for the club, not for public spaces at 10 a.m. My children will thank you.”

Reggaeton artists such as J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and Arcangel,  as well as fans of the genre, took to social media to shut down the shade.

J Balvin responded to the critiques by tagging Syntek on his Instagram Story, saying Syntek needed a hug.

Bad Bunny also became a part of the conversation by posting a video with a young fan rapping alongside him at a concert.

He captioned the post, “A good father isn’t one who prohibits his children from listening to today’s music. A good father is one who, regardless of what music his son listens to, educates him to be a good person. Who has the heart to deny this moment to this kid?”

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Arcangel said he is a Syntek fan but asked what’s bugging the pop artist so much.

His lengthy post said through this genre, many families are living their dreams. Arcangel continued by saying reggaeton artists bring joy to the general public and their own families. He added that many artists come from a place where society expects them to become criminals.

He ended the post by saying Syntek’s music may be good, but due to his constant attacks on the reggaeton genre and culture, he can see that Syntek is a “trash human being.”

Some trap and reggaeton fans took to Twitter and Instagram as well to express their discontent with Syntek’s comments.

That is almost as bad as telling someone that you are disappointed in them.

Some were telling him to delete and chill.


One user reminded Syntek of the genre’s roots.

The user also pointed out that his fight was also a fight against the music of the African diaspora, and that reggaeton’s roots came from youth who felt marginalized on the fringes of society.

Following the backlash from fans and artists, Syntek posted follow-up posts to clarify his comments.

“I’m simply asking that the content of that entertainment be regulated, which is not suitable for children in public places and is in appropriate at times,” Syntek wrote. “My suggestion was directed at the people responsible, not the people creating the music.”

This has not been the first time Syntek has criticized reggaeton. In an interview last year, he called the genre pornographic music with lyrics about misogyny and that that “music comes from apes.” 

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