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Here Are 19 Gifts That Are Perfect For Anyone In Your Family

There is nothing better than celebrating your Latino family. Thanks to the mitú shop, you can also buy them merch that perfectly reflects their personality. Legit, anyone in your family no matter their moods, personalities, or relation to you is covered. Here are 19 of the greatest gifts that are perfect that you can get for any of your Latino, or non-Latino, family members. They are truly perfect for any occasion.

1. Mijo Onsie

gifts that are perfect

Welcome the newest member of your family into the world with arms wide open. This little onsie is perfect for ant child coming into the world and you can even get one that says mija.

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2. Mija Sweater

That’s right. We have made it possible for your abuelita to make sure you have an actually sueter. It is cute and comfy and you’ll never disappoint her by catching an avoidable cold.

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3. Nadie Me Ayuda En Esta Casa Shirt

Show mom that you do hear her when she complains that “No one helps me in this house” with this t-shirt. Not only does she feel validated and acknowledged, she will also be so grateful that you bought her clothes.

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4. La Jefa Mug

This is the perfect mug for any woman in your home, tbh. Whether it is for abuela, mami, or your annoying hermana, this mug will make any of them happy af.

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5. Ándale Por Pendeja Shirt

Save your mom some time and energy. With this shirt, she would have to tell you this 30 times in one day. Instead, she can just point to the shirt several times a day.

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6. El Jefe Mug

You know, because some times men get jealous when they are not included. Thats why you can get your dad a “El Jefe” mug so he can feel better while mami really runs the house.

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7. You’re The Guac To My Chip Mug

What better way to tell your significant other that you love them than this mug? Guac and chips are as timeless as your love.

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8. Who Needs Superman When You Have An Abuelita? Mug

Abuelitas are the greatest people on the planet. They cook, clean, wash your clothes and even tell you nice things. The least you can do is buy her a mug.

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9. Pupusas & Curtido Shirt

We all have that one primo who can’t get enough pupusas & curtido. Tbh, I am that primo. As someone in that community, I totally vouch for this shirt.

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10. Lo Logramos Papá Shirt

Let your dad know that you appreciate the work he put into your future. After all, it takes a village to raise a child.

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11. Lo Logramos Mamá Shirt

You also can’t forget your mother. Just make sure you switch out of both shirts throughout the day so both of your parents feel loved.

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12. Calladitas No More Shirt

It’s 2018 so there is bound to be a woke woman in your family. Gift her this wonderful shirt so she can let everyone know that she is not here for their machismo.

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13. Hold On Chisme Happening! Phone Case

Give this to your tía. She is the fist person to get involved with all of the chisme so she won’t even question why you are passing her this phone case during family dinner.

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14. Chinga La Dieta Hat

The ultimate clapback to any Latina mother who brings up your weight anytime you walk in the house. Show her how liberating it is to live your life so she can start living free herself.

Get it here

15. Guasace Tote

Give your wannabe boojie family member this almost Versace tote. They probably won’t know the difference since they can’t afford the real stuff so this might make you their favorite.

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16. You Can Do It! Shirt

Let the self-doubter in your family know that they can do anything they put their mind to. Sometimes we doubt ourselves so this is a great way to lift someone’s spirits.

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17. Throws Shade In Spanish Shirt

Another perfect gift for your tía who just can’t be a normal person. Seriously. What is it with our tía always getting involved with the chisme and throwing shade?

Get it here

18. Frida Fail Shirt

This is perfect for mom. How many times has she made this face at you? Save her energy and just let her wear a shirt with the image instead.

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19. Latino Hustle Is The Best Hustle Sweater

We all know that nobody hustles harder than Latinos. It is just something that comes naturally to us.

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The ‘How It Started’ Memes Are Filled With The Funny And Wholesome Content We All Need In 2020


The ‘How It Started’ Memes Are Filled With The Funny And Wholesome Content We All Need In 2020

@xolei3 / Twitter

It is not a lie to say that 2020 has been a year of disappointment and high-stress scenarios. We’ve had to quarantine from a virus, wildfires are destroying a lot of land, and well, everything else going on has just made things worse. Fortunately, on Twitter trend is giving everyone a chance to see that things can get better.

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a tough year for everyone but one Twitter trend is making life a little better.

We’ve all seen the “How It Started” memes taking over social media in recent weeks. The memes are both funny and inspirational with some showing some amazing glow ups and others showing the crushing reality of everyday life. We have all felt like the man crying over 2020 at some point over the last 7 months. It’s like this year just doesn’t stop.

Relationships are a big part of this meme trend.

Oof. This is painful and so many of us know this to be true. 😭 Sure, we can all blame our relationship woes on the current state of the world. However, that would just be doing a disservice to ourselves and our love lives. Most of us who are single now have been single for a very long time pre-Covid. But, hey, no one knows that you’re lying if you blame Covid.

A few wonderful people highlighted their transition into their true selves.

Stunning. Show-stopping. Magnificent. We love to see it. There is nothing better to see in this world than someone living their authentic truth. Like, go and do your thing. Slay all of the hearts you see, honey, and take no prisoners. We are all better in their world to be surrounded by people living in complete honesty.

The Lil Nas X joined in on the fun and highlighted his own meteoric rise to fame.

The “Old Town Road” singer really did make a big name for himself. Not only did his song get made into a duet and remix with every artist imaginable, he beat Mariah Carey’s record. Lil Nas X went from someone that no one knew to unseating Mariah Carey for longest time spent at No. 1 on the Billboard Charts.

There are some very clever takes on this meme.

So, like, who else feels like they are being personally attacked by this meme? College might have been years ago but these memories linger. Tequila is just one of those things that so many of use have to learn the hard way and those lessons stick with you.

Simone Biles gave us one of the most memorable glow ups of the meme challenge.

Simone Biles is one of the most legendary women to ever walk this planet. The way she was able to make herself known around the world as the best gymnast is no short feat. She is and will always be one of the best women to represent the U.S. in the Olympics.

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Latinos Share What They Admire About Their Parents- “They got dirt, *poop* and oil on their hands so I would never have to”


Latinos Share What They Admire About Their Parents- “They got dirt, *poop* and oil on their hands so I would never have to”

Peter Turnley / Getty

You don’t have to be Latino to know how amazing and full of strength our parents are. Hard-working, filled to the brim with love and wisdom, Latino parents (whether still with us, deceased or pulling the weight of their household on their own) are the backbone of just about every Latino community (big or small).

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and the parents and abuelos who raised us we posed the question below.

From the question came an outpouring of answers and love.

Check them out below.

“Their bravery in coming here and the fact that they never settled for o.k.”- tlabax

“Definitely got to say i admire everything about my mother. The fact that she’s a single mother and not only raised me but others children as well all by herself. Worked several jobs throughout the years and still came home with no sleep all to take care of her loved ones. i’ve never met anyone more selfless, more caring, or more protective. As i’ve grown older i realize just how much her acts of kindness go such a long way for those around her. She is someone to live up to. I’d count myself lucky to be half the women she is today. Shes the one person i truly admire in this lifetime.”-v.mozqueda

“My parents dedication and commitment to giving us a life they never had the sacrifice to make sure that our family unit was a healthy one even if that meant apologizing to each other or to even us the unconditional love they showed even when we have wronged them and or fucked up in the worse way my parents are great and still show this and they deserve it all.”- alexis__polanco__

“My mother instilled a very strong work ethic in me. She was a single mother and never gave up. I am grateful she showed me what STRONG meant.”-jrespinosa93

“What I admire about my parents that they are so hardworking and have made so many sacrifices for me and my sister. They never give up and have been through a lot and have sticked together for more then 30 years.”-jocy_villas

“Serious answer though… they lived in so many countries when I was a child finally settling here in the United States. 🤷🏽‍♀️I have a panic attack about moving down the street , I can’t imagine picking up and leaving everything and everyone I love behind to start over in a strange country for the good of my kids .. talk about 10 toes down.”-420mee

“They got dirt, sh*t and oil on their hands so I would never have to.”- nrodriguez1322

There unconditional love, support and commitment to each other. 44 years together and counting.”- toyitabonita23

“Talking about my mamá….that she is an incredible mentor to countless women in her life…she has always been that way and somehow she is kind of unaware of that? She just does it, expecting nothing in return.”-camilabelen2

“Everything!! But at the top of my head at this moment I’d say their work ethic.”-mrsdelarosa0810

“The courage it took to leave their home in Cuba without knowing the language or culture, just to give their kids a better life. Te quiero Papa y Mamita.”-misael.929

“Shoot what don’t I admire about my mother? I admire the courage both my parents had by coming here with nothing and starting a new life. I admire how hard my mother worked, having two jobs and not speaking the language all just so she could provide for us. Gracias Mamí! I love you!”-jannet_pinon

“Their commitment to their children to be better educated, better life, better human beings with other people, to be proud of who we are and where we come from, to be good representatives of our countries so people change the stereotypes, of who we are.”-mangelinarmelvin

“Their communication and their dedication of raising their daughters to be prepare for the future. Strict or whatever I just know they want the best for us. I can’t wait to teach my children the same. Truly bless for their commitment of giving us everything especially love.”-shata_101

“My father worth ethic he instilled that into me and my siblings. And my moms lucha in everything that she did and still does.”-sjmomz

“My mom raised us in a single parent household. We never went to bed hungry, we were provided the essentials food, schooling. She never asked for assistance from anyone. She worked and still works very hard.”-2damoon4ever

“They loved each other until they passed away.”-ednamode50

“That they came to this country and nothing stopped them from accomplish their goals.”-tori_rose30

“They adopted me and provided for me despite being older people already.”-marquez_divasi

“Perseverance. Cuando se quiere se puede.”-themelissas

“The fact that I am still alive with this mouth of mine… I would’ve beat me😂😂. Every time My step kids do you some thing I call my parents and apologize.”-420mee

“they left everything in mexico to give their families a better future & they always put the needs of their family before their own.”-asusena_castillo15

“My mom is the toughest person I’ve ever met she’s a badass.”-guillermo83az

“Their determination to make a home in new place 100’s of miles away from their families. Their determination to learn a new language, and strive for more even when faced with opposition and heavy trials! For loving each other with every obstacle presented in the past 35 yrs, for teaching me and my sisters these and many more qualities! May we be a 10th of who they are and their amazing resilience to be more and achieve more!”-mcamakeupco

“The amount of strength they have to create a life for their family and still have compassion for others. Taking a very scary journey to get to America and never even talking about all they went thru. I never even heard my moms coming to America story until I was 23. Still haven’t heard the complete story only in pieces.”-haydeliko

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