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After Allegedly Disappearing, Jesus Campos Appeared On Ellen To Set The Record Straight About The Las Vegas Shooting

On a tense and emotional episode of “The Ellen Show,” Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos recounted the tragic events of the Las Vegas shooting that left 59 people dead. Although several media outlets had Campos down as “missing,” he appeared on “The Ellen Show” to give his harrowing account of the event.

Campos told Ellen he was doing regular rounds on the 39th floor — the same floor where shooter Stephen Paddock was staying. After noticing a hallway door that was blocked with brackets, Campos put in a call on his walkie-talkie so a hotel engineer could check it out. Campos heard what he referred to as the sound of drilling, which he ignored, assuming it was construction work in a hotel room. The drilling sound was the shooter, who had already begun his shooting spree.

Campos then walked out of the stairwell, letting the door slam behind him. Moments later, Paddock began shooting in Campos’ direction, through a hotel room door rigged with cameras. One of the bullets caught Campos in the thigh. Campos called “shots fired” over his walkie and a hotel guest exited her room and saw what was going on. Campos told her to stay in her room, potentially saving her life. Shortly after, Mandalay Bay engineer Stephen Schuck arrived on the scene just as more shooting commenced. Campos was already on the floor taking cover. Had it not been for Campos, who spotted Schuck and told him to duck and cover, Schuck could have possibly been hit by gunfire.

Throughout the interview, you can see how difficult it is for Campos to recount the tale. Schuck thanks him several times for saving his life. And when given the opportunity to address people, he thanks the other service members, first responders, hospital workers and law enforcement who arrived on the scene. Neither Campos or Shuck wanted praise or rewards — both men declined financial help — but Ellen found a way to give these guys a heroes reward anyway.

Check out the video above to see how she paid back these heroes.

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WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres And Cardi B Talk About Cardi B’s High School Days


WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres And Cardi B Talk About Cardi B’s High School Days

“I made my teachers cry when I left.”

Cardi B took a trip down memory lane in her recent appearance on “The Ellen Show” as she spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about her high school days. When asked about what type of student she was in school, Cardi B recalls being very disruptive. It wasn’t that she was a bad kid, she just couldn’t resist cracking jokes during class, she clarified. Although being the class clown might have sent the rapper to the principal’s office more than often, it was her bold personality that made her so likable and memorable.

“I made the teachers cry when I left [school]…But the smartest person, the teacher wasn’t crying for them,” Cardi B said.

It was this same vibrant personality that led her to her Instagram fame. Even before her VH1 appearance in “Love and Hip Hop,” she had already gained thousands of followers on Instagram because of the funny videos she would post onto her account.

“My personality took me places. Who would’ve known,” she said to DeGeneres. This same personality shined bright in her recent performance at Coachella, where Cardi B twerked on the stage from left to right – pregnant belly and all.

Even now that Cardi B has become a huge rapper with her debut album reaching certified gold, her personality remains exactly the same. And this is what fans love about her.

The Ellen Show / YouTube

I think it’s a given that no talk show will ever be boring if Cardi B is the guest being featured.

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This Immigrant Teacher Gets Emotional On ‘The Ellen Show’ After Finding Out What Surprise Was In Store For Her And Her Students

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This Immigrant Teacher Gets Emotional On ‘The Ellen Show’ After Finding Out What Surprise Was In Store For Her And Her Students

“I make sure that they value their culture as much as I do mine.”

Recently on “The Ellen Show,” Ellen DeGeneres surprised audience member Emily Francis by inviting her onto the stage during the show. DeGeneres introduced Francis to the audience as someone who came to the U.S. from Guatemala when she was 15 years old with only a 6th grade education. Francis now teaches English as a second language at Irvin Elementary School in Concord, North Carolina.

Francis told the audience about her journey to the U.S. as an immigrant prior to becoming an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. When Francis was 13 years old, her mother immigrated to the U.S. leaving Francis behind in Guatemala to care for her four younger siblings. It wasn’t until Francis was 15 years old, in 1994, that her mother raised enough money to reunite with her children. Despite the obstacles Francis and her siblings faced as immigrants arriving to the U.S., her grandmother, who was a U.S. citizen, was able to help them.

Ever since then, Francis has worked towards becoming an English teacher. She makes it her goal not only to help children learn English, but to embrace and acknowledge every student’s culture.

After speaking to Francis, DeGeneres brought another guest onto the stage and that was Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO and Founder of “Chobani,” a popular Greek yogurt company.

Similar to Francis’ story, Ulukaya also immigrated to the U.S. in 1994 from a small village in Turkey where he grew up. Ulukaya admits that when we first moved to New York City, he was overwhelmed by the city. However, he took a risk and decided to buy a factory that was being sold for junk in 2005. “Everybody said I was crazy,” Ulukaya recalled.

With only five factory workers, Ulukaya and his employees began to produce the yogurt that his mother used to make. Now The Chobani Foundation has a total of 2,000 employees.

As a result of this success, The Chobani Foundation decided they wanted to support the elementary school Francis teaches at and surprised her with a check of $100,000. In the video above, you see that Francis was left in utter shock when they brought out the large check. She broke down in tears and thanked Ulukaya again and again.

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