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Don Omar Sold Tickets To His Retirement Show In Puerto Rico For 99¢ And Will Be Donating Over $300K To Hurricane Irma Relief

Reggaeton star (and occasional actor) Don Omar will be going back to Puerto Rico in December for his retirement tour and he’s giving fans the hookup by selling tickets to his shows for 99¢. The announcement was initially a Christmas gift for fans on the island, which is currently in a $120 billion dollar financial debt crisis. That sense of charity has evolved in the wake of Hurricane Irma. In addition to the cheap tickets, Don Omar has also decided to donate proceeds from the three-day concert series to relief efforts on the island.

The week before Hurricane Irma became a threat, Don Omar had already announced he would be selling tickets for the Puerto Rican leg of his retirement tour for 99¢.

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 Part of his Instagram caption read:

Don Omar says goodbye to the stage with this Magna tour. He recognizes the crisis of his beloved Puerto Rico and is offering tickets starting at 99¢ as a gift… Feeling a deep bond with his roots and his people, the “Danza Kuduro” singer will perform the series of concerts this 15th, 16th and 17th of December in the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot. This is a special time, a significant moment in his career, and recognizing the difficult times that the island is experiencing, the greatest producer of urban music has decided to give his audience the opportunity to be with him and enjoy his talent at prices never before seen… this is a Christmas gift from the artist himself, after his great desire to say goodbye surrounded by his faithful fans. “

In the wake of Irma’s destruction, Don Omar shared an emotional post where he committed to donating $100k per night on his three nights performing in Puerto Rico.

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There was an equally heartwarming caption, including Don Omar’s own memories of hardship at the hands of Atlantic hurricanes:

Just days before tickets go on sale for his concerts in Puerto Rico, Don Omar announced that he will donate USD $100,000.00 for each night of music during the 3 days of events… The urban superstar, who was in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Irma identifies with those affected: “During the hurricane, in 1989, my family lost everything, we had no place to live and no clothes to wear… these are horrible moments that those affected have to live with. In 1998 the passage of Hurricane George again destroyed everything that we had worked so hard for and once more we had to demonstrate as a family how willing we were to get ahead. Many good people helped us, the memories that in an instant we went from having everything to suddenly having nothing will always live in my mind.”

Don Omar has taken an active role in relief efforts, sending funds, supplies, and clothes to areas affected by Irma.

Don Omar shared photos of donations that he received for all affected by Hurricane Irma. It seems like help is going to all islands affected. “Help has already begun for those affected by Hurricane Irma # puertorico # cuba # barbuda # stmarteen Thank you all!”

The aftermath of natural disasters can be pretty grim, but Don Omar is definitely trying to spread the hope and love.

“Any donation however small is important for those who lost everything … We wait for you with an open heart.” An open heart indeed.

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This Latina Opens Up About Her Sister's Suicide And Hopes It Encourages People To Speak Up And Seek Help

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This Latina Opens Up About Her Sister’s Suicide And Hopes It Encourages People To Speak Up And Seek Help

Claudia lost her sister to suicide 2 years ago. She hopes her message with help someone like you. She wants you to know..You Matter Get the help you need. Speak to someone. Call 800-273-TALK. #ShareIfYouCare #YouAreNotAlone #SuicidePrevention

Posted by Power 106 Los Angeles on Friday, September 8, 2017

“Seeking help sometimes just gives you a different perspective on the same situation.”

On December 9th, 2015, Claudia Gutierrez lost her little sister Katherine to suicide, and now she is telling her story to help bring awareness to the issue of mental health and suicide. Gutierrez recently spoke to Los Angeles radio station Power 106, touching on several details about her sister Katherine.

With a smile on her face, Gutierrez recalled, “She had the most beautiful eyes. They were green. She was so full of life. She had really long hair. She was so funny and witty. I have never met anyone as funny as she is. I don’t think she saw those things about herself.” Despite how happy Katherine appeared, in the summer of 2013, Gutierrez and her family got a call from Katherine’s school and were told that she was cutting her arms. It was then that Katherine admitted to struggling with depression and having suicidal thoughts. Even after Katherine tried to explain, her family didn’t understand why she suffered from depression. Her family also wasn’t aware that she was abusing alcohol as a way to deal with the pain. It wasn’t until Katherine was sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning that her family understood the gravity of her depression. “The hospital felt strongly that she was a harm to herself, so she went into the psych ward,” Gutierrez explains. Gutierrez and her family thought Katherine had improved after entering the psych ward, but that wasn’t the case.

“On November 24th, her boyfriend committed suicide,” Gutierrez recalls. After Katherine’s boyfriend committed suicide, Gutierrez and her family grew even more worried about Katherine’s life. However, Gutierrez admits, “Towards the end, she told us she was fine and I think we so desperately wanted to believe she was fine… that we did. We believed her. We thought she was okay.”

On December 9th, 2015, Claudia Gutierrez lost her sister Katherine to suicide. And today, as part of the campaign for Suicide Prevention Awareness, Gutierrez is sharing her experience and sending out a message to others who are struggling with a similar situation.

“Seeking help sometimes gives you a different perspective on the same situation. I want to help someone in my sister’s situation and also in my situation. I just wish I would’ve asked her more about her. What she wanted out of life, what she was looking forward to. Just to give her that hope and that encouragement, that there are more things that you want for your life. There are things you want to do and there are things that you will accomplish in your life. I wish I would’ve asked her that so I could’ve given her that motivation and let her know, your goals do matter. Your accomplishments do matter. You matter.”

If you or someone you know, is struggling with depression and might be having suicidal thoughts, please call for help at 1-800-273-8255. 

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