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All These Kids Want For Christmas Is For DACA To Be Saved So They Are Reaching Out To Ellen DeGeneres

Dear Ellen, These Girls Have a Letter for You

The best thing you’ll watch today: These young daughters of Dreamer moms skipped a letter to Santa this year and instead wrote to Ellen DeGeneres.

Watch then show your support for a #DreamActNow:

Posted by on Thursday, December 7, 2017

These girls want Ellen DeGeneres to bring attention to the DACA debate.

Gabriela Zuniga and Abigail Escobar have a message for Ellen DeGeneres: they want her help. Rather than writing a letter to Santa this year, the girls wrote to DeGeneres because they want support for DACA. In a video created and shared by MoveOn.Org, the two girls plead with the talk show host to use to her platform to further the discussion and activism around Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

“I love my mom more than anything in the world and all I want for Christmas is to know that she will get to stay here in the United States and be with her family,” Zuniga says to the camera. “She signed up for DACA to protect Dreamers like her from being sent to countries that are not their homes.”

The girls say that seeing DeGeneres wearing a Dreamers shirt gave them hope.

You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. #DreamAct

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Both girls speak openly about the positive impact DACA of and the increase of detentions and deportations of non-criminals by ICE, which has affected many families, including their own. Congress has the chance to pass legislation to protect all those that would be impacted by DACA and more by passing The Dream Act. Some legislators have taken a stand against passing a budget if the issue of DACA and the undocumented community is not addressed by the end of the year. The girls hope that DeGeneres would be willing to activate her fanbase to pressure Congress to act and pass The Dream Act.

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This Woman Is Taking Solar Lights To Areas Of Puerto Rico The Government Has Not Assisted

things that matter

This Woman Is Taking Solar Lights To Areas Of Puerto Rico The Government Has Not Assisted

She is helping her hometown since the government has not.

Evelyn Cartagena-Meyer lives in Colorado but she comes from Puerto Rico. She’s about to take her second trip to her hometown with supplies to help those who have been suffering since Hurricane Maria devastated the island. While she previously raised funds for supplies, this time around she is focusing on bringing solar lights to those living in darkness.

There is still no power in many places in Puerto Rico, including her hometown of Salinas, which has been struggling to receive aid. According to The Denver Post, Salinas is one of the places that federal government has not been able to reach yet, leaving those residents without supplies.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spokesman Patrick Loch told The Denver Post they’re working in about 41 out of the 78 municipalities on the island.

“We’re working everyday, all day, knowing we’re not going to stop until we get Puerto Rico back where it needs to be,” he says.

During her first round of supply and fundraising, Cartagena-Meyer raised $50,000 that she used to buy tarps, water purifiers, and other supplies that people on the island desperately need. She mailed all the supplies the first time but will be making the trip to Puerto Rico in person to deliver the solar lights and other supplies. It will be her first time in Puerto Rico since Maria.

“Puerto Rico is my home,” Cartagena-Meyer told CBS Denver. “I’m proud to be Puerto Rican and I want to help my people in Puerto Rico.”

Cartagena-Meyer is raising more money to continue her relief work with Puerto Rico. If you would like to donate to her effort, visit her YouCaring page here. So far she has been able to raise another $15,000.

(H/T: The Denver Post)

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