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Here Are Some Super Sweet Spanish Nicknames For Relationships That Are Too Bizarre In English

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We’ve all heard mi amor and bonita used in Spanish to describe significant others. It makes sense since those mean my love and beautiful. However, there are some common nicknames we use to show our significant others love that would be very offensive in English. These are names you’ve definitely heard your mom or dad use in sweet moments and you’ll feel so represented in these. Write some down. You don’t know when you’ll need it.

Bichito / Bicho

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Kicking off our list is probably one of the most interesting terms of endearment in Spanish. Literally translated as ‘little bug,’ bichito and bicho are probably terms that would have English speakers scratching their heads. Like, who would call their boyfriend or girlfriend a bug? 🐞 



This term from Argentina is used to describe someone who is beautiful or handsome. Honestly, bombons in any version are very beautiful things. Whether it is using it in the endearing sense, or when talking about the actual chocolates. Bombon is just one of those words that has no negative connotations.


Guys (and ladies) if your girl’s favorite Disney princess is “The Little Mermaid,” this is one name you might like to file under ‘cute nicknames.’ Sirenita = well you guessed it, little mermaid. Sure. You might have heard someone as some point affectionately refer to their love as their little mermaid but how common is that really?


If you have got yourself a curly-headed cutie you can turn into your wife a la Kyle from the song “iSpy,” then china is the nickname you can memorize. China in Spanish isn’t talking about the country or dinner plates, but a curly-haired woman. We know. Some of these don’t make any sense but the phrase “raining cats and dogs” makes no sense in any other language.

Flaca / Flaco

You don’t hear many girlfriends/boyfriends/partners in the U.S. call each other ‘skinny’ as a term of endearment. A common nickname for baes in Latin America, flaca is also what is used as the term for ‘girlfriend’ in Peru. Though, if your family uses it to describe you, it usually means you have gotten too skinny and need to eat.

Gordita / Gordito

It’s almost an unwritten rule that adding ‘ita’ or ‘ito’ to anything in Spanish makes it a cute form of a nickname. You won’t hear people in the U.S. saying ‘Hi little fatty’ to the person they are dating, but in Spanish, this is what make a person feel loved. Also, this word is common in families and only sometimes means you are a little too fat.

Media Naranja

Similar to someone saying ‘their other half’ in English, media naranja is used to describe a person’s significant other in Latin America. It literally means ‘half of an orange.’ Might be a bit bizarre but that’s life in the Southern Hemisphere.


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Chick is often used in English for a girl, and it has its counterpart in Spanish. Used often in Chile, ‘galla’ is a term for girl.

Mi Cielo

Spanish speakers love using celestial bodies in reference to the love of their lives. This phrase literally translates as my sky. Guess you can tell that special someone that if you’re calling them mi cielo, it’s because you always have someone to look up to. 

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What are some of the terms of endearment you call your bae? Let us know in the comments and share this article with them!

A Dating Website For Uniformed People Claims A Married Cop Suing Them Isn’t As Innocent As He Claims


A Dating Website For Uniformed People Claims A Married Cop Suing Them Isn’t As Innocent As He Claims

If you’re in a relationship, hold on to them tight. If you’re not, good luck out there because the dating world is mad crazy. Trying to meet people, especially online (is there any other way?) it is rough. Millions of people are trying to find love via dating websites, which means the competition is steep. It’s also challenging to make people not swipe left, meaning, getting someone to be interested in you based on your picture alone is the ultimate goal. So what makes people interested in someone else? If you’re a woman attracted to men, it’s pretty much the same thing since the beginning of time: tall, dark, handsome, and a man in uniform. That brings us to this hilarious yet unfortunate story.

A Florida cop has filed a lawsuit against a dating website for using his picture for marketing purposes. Oh yeah, and he also happens to be married.

Credit: @wackymoe / Twitter

Before we go on, we know what you’re thinking: this cop lied to his wife, set up a dating profile online, and got caught, so now he’s suing the company, acting like he had nothing to do with it. 

However, companies of all sorts have been caught in the past for wrongfully using images without permission simply because they came across a random image online. Also, the man is hot! So, of course, these online dating websites would want to attract users by using the image of an attractive young police officer (in uniform) as a way to lure in people who are starving for love (or something else, wink wink). 

David Guzman alleges that he had no idea his image was being used as a marketing ploy for online dating websites until his friends came across his advertisement.

Credit: @Kaygirl8Lawana / Twitter

According to court documents, last year Guzman said his friends told him that they had seen his picture and informed him like ‘hey, dude isn’t this you?’ Another person who found out: his wife! Yikes!!

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that his wife asked Guzman why his picture was on a dating website, and he responded to her by saying he “had no idea.” Okay, like that’s going to be enough for her to believe him. By the way, the advertisement that accompanied his picture said: “Bulletproof vest? Nah, it’s all muscle” Catchy and enticing! But yeah, he said he did not write that either. 

The 33-year-old police officer contacted the owner of the dating websites and demanded that they take down his picture from

Credit: @joshuarhett / twitter

NSI Holdings, owner of and, didn’t take down the picture. First, they demanded that Guzman show identification, which he did promptly. Then NSI Holdings alleges that they found a dating profile that included his name, his age, and his birthdate and his email address.

Their argument is they have a right to use his picture because he apparently has a dating profile. They’re saying that either Guzman or someone close to him, started a profile and used his information. NSI Holdings also found that the person attached to that dating website did go on and “that creation of the profile was a momentary dalliance.”  

Furthermore, people who use NSI Holdings dating website sign the terms and agreements which state that they can use your image and information as they please “to reproduce and broadcast the information contained in your profile including your name, photograph” and other submissions “for marketing and other purposes,” without compensating the user. Now that is some kind of bullshit. 

Guzman alleges that the company has still not taken down his picture, and he’s not rolling over and taking this kind of harassment.

Credit: @FCN2go / Twitter

It’s unclear what Guzman is asking for in his lawsuit, aside from the company taking down his picture, but we’re sure some monetary payback is in order.

“Defendant’s use of plaintiff’s image, likeness and/or identity in connection with a dating service impugns plaintiff’s character, embarrasses him, and suggests — falsely — that he, a married person, is presently dating and seeking out other partners,” the lawsuit states according to the New York Post

Legal docs go on to state, that Guzman is “a married man and respected member of his community who has been caught with a profile on an online dating website.” Or perhaps he just got caught with his pants down, so to speak. No! We remain Team Guzman. 

Who do you believe? Let us know in the comments.

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A Dad Interrogated His Daughter’s Date Using A Ring Camera And We All Feel The Secondhand Embarrassment


A Dad Interrogated His Daughter’s Date Using A Ring Camera And We All Feel The Secondhand Embarrassment

There is nothing more embarrassing than introducing your new bae to your parents. Now, in the 21st century, it is even more embarrassing because technology is making it easier and easier to get connected. That is exactly what happened with one young woman who was being picked up for a date and her father got on the Ring doorbell and started his interrogation.

This bright-eyed and wide smile man had no idea what he was getting into when he picked up his date for a movie.

Credit: iam_droiii / Instagram

As he was waiting for his date on the porch, her father rang in through the Ring doorbell and began to ask him a list of questions. He wanted to know where they were going, what movie they were watching, and what time the movie was starting. To his credit, the young man kept his cool and answered all of Pedro Lugo’s questions.

Yet, the young woman going on the date was quick to interject and deflect her dad’s attention from her date.

Credit: iam_droiii / Instagram

Lugo originally told his daughter to wait for him to finish the interrogation but she was not letting him get away with it. She stood there and talked with her dad about when she will be home. While the father insisted 10:30, she was firm in saying 11 over and over again.

We low key love the dad for putting some heat on his daughter’s date.

Credit: iam_droiii / Instagram

Like, sure, it is very embarrassing to sit there and have to have this kind of conversation with your dad. However, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had to have these uncomfortable and out-dated conversations so our parents can feel comfortable with us leaving the house like full-grown being with free will.

Also, big kudos to the woman standing her ground and letting her dad know when she will be back.

Credit: iam_droiii / Instagram

Dad: “When will you be back?”

Daughter: “Before 11.”

Dad: “Okay. I heard 10:30 again.”

Daughter: “11.”

Dad: “10:30. Don’t make me go looking for you.”

Daughter: “11.”

Daughter’s Date: “…….”

He did make sure she had enough money to take care of herself.

Credit: iam_droiii / Instagram

The dad did say that she technically doesn’t have to pay for anything, however, he wants his first daughter to be independent and able to care for herself. That is parenting done right.

Everyone on Instagram is celebrating the dad and his conversation with the two young people.

Credit: wittjill / Instagram

These are the conversations and moments we all hate but love at the same time. It shows that your parents truly care and want the best for you. Who could be upset about that?

The whole video is just a sweet reminder of how to parent in the 21st century.

Credit: shirleyb702 / Instagram

The days of dad meeting the date at the door are long gone now that he can be at work and video call in.

Congrats, Daddy Lugo. This is one video everyone can agree with.

What do you think about the father’s interrogation?

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