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Pixar Fans Are Getting Very Emotional After It Was Announced That ‘Coco’ Will Make It To The US In Spanish

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Spanish-speaking fans of Disney Pixar animated movies have some great news to celebrate. “Coco,” the largest box office success in Mexican history, has lots of people in the U.S. hyped to see the movie. Although the general release of “Coco” is in English, lots of Spanish speakers were wondering if they would have the choice to experience the film en Español. Director Lee Unkrich has answered the calls and took to Twitter to announce that “Coco” is going to be released in certain locations either dubbed in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles. The list of locations for the Spanish-language films has not been released but the mere news that those who are intimately connected to the holiday are able to fully enjoy the film has fans stoked.

Unkrich announced via Twitter that some Spanish-speakers will get to enjoy “Coco” in their native tongue.

Pixar’s latest film, “Coco” follows a young Mexican boy named Miguel who wants to become a musician despite his family’s wishes. When he enters the Land of the Dead, he goes on a journey that will change his idea of family forever. “Coco” will be a visual treat to those who are familiar or wish to know more Dia de los Muertos.

Fans are excited to see the movie come to life just how they had imagined.

Especially those who have been trying to get someone to listen to their request.

? ? ?

Earlier this month, someone created a petition calling for the movie to be released with Spanish subtitles.

Whether or not the folks at Disney heard about the petition is unclear.

The gesture to serve a community is moving some people to tears.

? ??

Mainly, folks are happy that they can take their parents to experience the movie together.

Even the in-laws. Now that is some real love.

Bien hecho, Disney.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Faced Off With This Whiz Kid On Ellen For A Presidential Show Down To Raise Money For Puerto Rico

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Faced Off With This Whiz Kid On Ellen For A Presidential Show Down To Raise Money For Puerto Rico

TheEllenShow/ YouTube
Credit: TheEllenShow/ YouTube

Lin-Manuel Miranda studied Alexander Hamilton extensively in order to write his Broadway hit “Hamilton.” But Macey Hansley’s been studying U.S. history her whole life. OK, she’s only 7 years old, but that doesn’t mean she’s to be messed with. The pint-sized historian faced off with Miranda in a  game show to end all history game shows. And even though Miranda wrote a literal book based on Hamilton’s life, there were a couple of tidbits he didn’t know about the founding father.

The game was all in good fun as it was helping to raise funds for Puerto Rico’s hurricane Maria recovery. I won’t tell you who won, but Miranda did raise 20k for the island. On the other hand, little Macey Hensley won a pair of tickets to see a matinee of “Hamilton.”

Miranda gave her the two VIP tickets after finding out she’d fallen asleep during the evening show she previously attended.

All in all, everyone was a winner, including the audience, who got to watch a kid dressed up as a founding father beat Miranda on some questions he really should have known.

Earlier in the show, Ellen had Miranda on to talk about his trip to Puerto Rico and all of the work he’s doing there to help rebuild the island.

Credit: TheEllenShow/ YouTube

Miranda sat with Ellen and expressed how he felt about the situation in Puerto Rico, saying, “It’s maddening and it’s frustrating, but here we are.”

For more information on how to help Puerto Rico check here.

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