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After Serving 40,000 Thanksgiving Dinners To Puerto Ricans, Chef Jose Andres’ Energy Is Spreading On The Island

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Credit: 60 Minutes/ CBSNews

Before chef José Andrés lead the charge to feed Puerto Ricans in the wake of Hurricane Maria, he was well known as a restaurant owner, creating dishes that combined the culinary arts with science.

Probably not as large of an undertaking, however, as feeding 3 million people in Puerto Rico, most of whom still don’t have electricity, water or food. Even so, Andrés has figured out how to expand his initiative across the island.

No stranger to leading philanthropic efforts after disasters, he helped out in Haiti after the earthquake that rocked the small country in 2010.

Credit: 60 Minutes/ CBSNews

He brought awareness to the health risks of cooking indoors with coal, and not only educated Haitians of the dangers of doing so, but also brought over propane stoves to help solve the issue.

Now, Andrés is urging the U.S. government to prepare for future catastrophes. Providing aid hasn’t been easy. He’s found bureaucratic red tape at every turn after Hurricane Maria. Still, he’s persevered and managed to provide 40,000 hot meals for Thanksgiving. He’s even found ways to get food to the most difficult to reach parts of Puerto Rico.

After a slow start, Andrés has gathered a culinary army, which has made over 3 million meals to date.

For being up since 4 a.m., this is a fairly spry group of chef.

It’s no surprise they’re excited to be doing this work. Andrés brings high energy to his work, and it seems to be rubbing off.

I mean, the man is just making vats of gravy, but the joy in his voice brings smiles to all the faces around him.

Andrés, as one Twitter user said, is a “one man FEMA,” making it easier to bring food to those in need.

The situation in Puerto Rico continues to be dire, but with Andrés and his food army doing their best day and night, they’re making it a bit more bearable.

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John Leguizamo Told Colbert ‘Nobody Can Tell Me I’m Not American'

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John Leguizamo Told Colbert ‘Nobody Can Tell Me I’m Not American’

@johnleguizamo/ Instagram
Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/ YouTube

“I’m an American. I’m so American it hurts.”

Emmy-winning actor John Leguizamo was on Stephen Colbert last week to talk about his one-man show, “Latin History for Morons,” currently running on Broadway. No stranger to the Broadway stage, with critically acclaimed one-man shows “Freak,” “Sexaholic” and “Ghetto Klown” under his belt, Leguizamo talked about what inspired him to do a show specifically about Latin History.

Recounting the days when his family moved to Jackson Heights, Queens, one of the most racially diverse neighborhoods in the country, Leguizamo talked about growing up Latino in that community.

“You’re playing stoop ball with your friends, or off-the-wall with your friends and all of a sudden you beat them,” he recounts. “And then they say ‘get out of my country’ and I didn’t know what to say back.”

However, he felt vindicated after doing the research for his show and discovering the many contributions Latinos have made in America dating back more than two centuries.

“I felt like, I’m an American,” he says. “I’m so American it hurts.”

Something he found in his research that impacted his sense of patriotism was learning that Latinos have fought in every war since the founding of the United States. He also found that Latinos have been the most decorated minority in each of those wars.

“How incredible is that?” he told Colbert. While listing off the wars that Latinos have fought in, he doubled down saying, “Nobody can tell me I’m not American. Nuh-uh.”

Check out the interview to find out how he feels about Trump as well, calling him “the enima of this country” who he says is “going to release all the misogyny, homophobia and racism out of the anus of America.” The man has a way with words.

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