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These Videos Show That Latinos Know How To Keep Their Cool In The Face Of Mounting Hatred All Over The Country

The Elliot / Youtube / Eva Hicks / Facebook

It’s been a tough couple of days for several Latinos who were just trying to live. Anti-immigrant and anti-Latino sentiment appears to be steadily on the rise in Trump’s America. More and more videos of hate being aimed specifically at Latinos are going viral. The racists in these videos show outright hatred, all the while acting like something awful has been done to them.

This video features a man being attacked for speaking in Spanish at the airport.

Credit: The Eliot / Youtube

The man in this video, affectionately referred to as “Mike,” had a teensy-weensy problem with Hector Torres, another passenger who was waiting to board a flight. Mike proceeded to air his beef with Torres, who apparently offended him by speaking to his Puerto Rican mom in Spanish, her native language. According to Buzzfeed, Torres was on the phone speaking in Spanish with his mother, when Mike made derogatory comments at him. The rest of it was caught on camera. From telling Torres to “shut the fuck up,” calling him a “fucking spic” and telling him to “kiss his fucking ass,” Mike spared no insult and let his hatred flow freely.

Many are saying Torres did an amazing job of keeping his composure during the incident.

Credit: The Eliot / Youtube

At a certain point “Mike” gets physical with Torres, trying to slap his phone away. But Torres, a father of four from Orlando, Florida, waited for airport security to arrive to handle the situation.

In another incident, this woman threatened physical harm on a Latino who appeared to be offering to help her in a cellphone store.

The woman was on her phone talking to someone about not being able to find something she was looking for. The man in the store offered her up a helpful suggestion as to where she might be able to find it. Almost as if she were waiting for an opportunity, the hate immediately begins to spew. She threatens the man with physical violence. She mentions that her husband is there and can handle him and that she also isn’t wearing nails, so she’d be free to throw down, too. She proceeds to call him a “fucking spic,” blurts out “this is my country,” and as the man leaves the store mutters “he needs to take his ass back to Mexico,” before finishing the video with an assertion that it’s “so disrespectful speaking another language in my country.” Exemplary human being here.

Finally, we have this video of a woman in a Walmart, who takes the racist prize this week (don’t worry, there are still several days to go).

In the video above, this woman is seen telling a Latina to go back to Mexico and using the most offensive word in the English language on a bystander who tried to help. Then, like a child, she says “not my fault, she started it” when an employee comes over and tries to mediate.

If anyone doubted the existence of people like the ones in these videos, spewing hatred and vitriol at others just because of the color of their skin or their ethnic origin, look no further than here. The victims here are people who are literally just trying to live, shop, talk on the phone, exist and these racists just can’t let that happen. The poise and composure of the victims in these situations is admirable, but the days of turning the other cheek may be coming to an end. You can only push people so much before they fight back.

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Another Legal Resident Checked In With ICE And Was Immediately Deported

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Another Legal Resident Checked In With ICE And Was Immediately Deported

Phillip Barron / Flickr

Nearly a quarter of those deported since President Trump took office share one alarming quality: they don’t have a criminal record. A new report by The Intercept tells the story of Jose Escobar, who on March 22, became one of the 11,000 non-criminal deported when he was sent back to El Salvador. A resident of Houston, Texas, Escobar lived in the United States under a legal agreement with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. However, when he made his annual check in with ICE this year, Escobar was quickly sent back to El Salvador, a country in which he hadn’t resided for more than 17 years.

When Escobar first arrived in El Salvador, he was met by government officials as part of the “Welcome Home” program. As President Trump’s rhetoric against El Salvador and MS-13 has increased, those from the country have found themselves under greater scrutiny. The violence is very real in El Salvador, which is one of the more dangerous countries in the world. This violence is exactly why Escobar left the country in the first place at the age of 15. And while the violence and gangs are very real, those being deported, like Escobar, are not always part of the problem.

Escobar and his family have been in shock since his unexpected, and potentially illegal deportation. These days, Escobar spends his time at his aunt’s house in La Unión, El Salvador, where he remains cooped up in her house, rarely leaving, except with a bodyguard or to attend church with his family members. While his family and politicians in Texas fight for his return, Escobar’s only option is to wait for now.

Read Escobar’s whole story at The Intercept.

(H/T) The Intercept

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