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A Canadian Woman Is Recovering In A Hospital After She Was Violently Attacked By People At Her Tulum Resort

It can be dangerous for women to travel alone. It’s an unfortunate thing to say, but a harsh reality when you look at the statistics of violence against women when they travel to foreign countries. As much as we are proud to be independent and fierce, the reality is predators often seek out women who are alone and in unfamiliar settings. This latest story out of Tulum is just proof that women are vulnerable even in the most luxurious of resorts. 

On Nov. 11, a 29-year-old woman from Canada was almost killed in an attack at a resort in Tulum

Credit: @CBCNews / Twitter

The woman, who was traveling alone at the time of her attack but awaiting the visit of her mother, was staying at the Grand Bahia Principe resort in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is known to be one of the most sought after vacation spots by foreigners and us typically a very safe place to travel to. 

According to her brother, Mathew York, Alexandra York, who also goes by Lexie, was beaten severely by another guest at the same resort where she was staying. The attack occurred late on Nov. 11 after Lexie went to eat at the resort restaurant. It was there that a couple befriended her. 

“Later that evening, there was a knock on Lexie’s door, and the man claimed to be there to check on Lexie,” her brother stated. “It was then that he attacked her in her room and left her lying there beaten, strangled, and unconscious.”

Thankfully Lexie was able to escape her hotel room despite her injuries and called out for help “until another guest heard her and came to her aid. She was taken by ambulance and admitted to Hospital Playa Del Carmen, and was later transferred to a hospital in Cancun.”

Her injuries were so severe that she needed more than nine hours of surgery, and she has yet to be approved to return home to Canada.

Credit: @annvillegas / Twitter

According to CTV News, Lexie “underwent extensive reconstructive surgery on her face after the assault, including plates placed in her cheek and mesh around one eye to help stabilize the muscles.”

Lexie, who remains in Mexico until she can be discharged, said she is very grateful to the medical staff in Cancun for taking good care of her. 

“I’m so thankful for the doctor who has been working with me. He did an amazing job. I’m just so thankful,” she said from her hospital room, according to the local Canada news station. 

Lexie also recalls that she never expected her assailant to go to her room after the group had retreated from the restaurant. 

“I never really thought it was going to be an unsafe situation.”

Police arrested a suspect named Ricardo Sanchez Pichardo and have charged him with attempted murder. 

Credit: @JoeSeven / Twitter

“This incident is extremely upsetting, and our hearts go out to the victim,” a Grand Bahia Principe spokesperson told Newsweek. “The safety and security of hotel guests and staff has been and always will be our number one priority. As soon as the hotel was informed of the incident, the staff immediately activated our internal security protocol. That included providing urgent medical assistance and alerting the local authorities, who immediately arrested the suspect, a guest in the resort. We wish Ms. York a speedy recovery and hope that the authorities get to the bottom of this incident as soon as possible.”

After her attack, her brother launched a GoFundme campaign to help pay for her medical care. 

Credit: Gofundme

“Your donations will help with the ongoing care Lexie has yet to receive, as it is unclear when Lexie will be cleared to travel back to Canada,” her brother stated. “Please help us raise some money to help with Lexie’s recovery and to bring her home as soon as it is safe for her to do so. Presently Lexie has family with her in Cancun, the funds would also help to ensure that someone Lexie trusts may stay with her at all times to help comfort and make her feel safe. With your generosity and donations, we can bring Lexie home to everyone who is excited to see her back in Canada safe and sound!”

Impressively, her brother has successfully raised more than $55,000 of his $30,000 goal in just a few days. We do wish Lexie a speedy recovery.

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One Town’s Residents Made A Citizen’s Arrest Of Their Mayor For Alleged Corruption And Shoddy Construction

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One Town’s Residents Made A Citizen’s Arrest Of Their Mayor For Alleged Corruption And Shoddy Construction


Residents of a village in Chiapas, Mexico have become so fed up with their mayor that they decided to do something about it. Eschewing long, bureaucratic legal processes to hold him accountable, residents of a southern Chiapas town decided to hold their mayor accountable for what they said was a public works project so poorly done that it was useless.

A mayor in Chiapas was tied to a tree by his own residents for a job done badly.

Residents from eleven neighborhoods of the Chiapas town Comalapa held their mayor accountable for his inaction on a public works project. According to reports, the residents arrested Mayor Óscar Ramírez Aguilar to a tree in a public area to expose him to the rest of the town. They told the newspaper Diario de Chiapas, that they wanted to expose him for the “bad public servant” that he is and that he shouldn’t be reelected.

The townspeople say the municipal water storage cistern — whose installation they say was a campaign promise — is in such poor condition that it does not comply with water safety requirements. It currently has no water, they said, due to leaks, and the residents accuse the government of merely patching the tank — badly — to stop them.

In a video on social media, residents showed how the concrete patch job is already chipping away and easily crumbles.

“He promised us that this would be a public works project worthy of Comalapa residents, but [this tank is] a farce; the water system doesn’t work well. It’s an old problem that he should have attended to properly and should have been a priority during his administration because he came to see us in our homes with this promise, and now he doesn’t want to live up to it,” a resident told the newspaper.

But the mayor is denying what happened in a social media post.

The mayor though has a totally different version of events. After he was released, Ramírez posted a video on his official social media account to counter the residents’ version of the story.

“They did not tie me up,” he claimed. “The meeting was with 11 representatives of Comalapa neighborhoods in order to agree upon details regarding a major public project, the introduction of potable water.”

However, photographs clearly showed the mayor standing before a tree with his hands behind his back.

Three years ago, another local official suffered a similar fate after allegedly failing to deliver promised funds. He was bound to a post in the the central plaza of Comalapa.

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A Tourist Was Arrested For Illegally Climbing Up The Pyramid of Kukulkán


A Tourist Was Arrested For Illegally Climbing Up The Pyramid of Kukulkán

Jon G. Fuller / VW PICS / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

It is important to be a responsible tourist. This means following rules, acting responsibly, and not violating sacred places. That is something one tourist learned the hard way when she climbed the Pyramid of Kukulkán in Chichén Itzá.

Here’s the video of a tourist running down the steps of the Pyramid of Kukulkán.

The Pyramid of Kukulkán is one of the most iconic examples of Pre-Hispanic architecture and culture in Mesoamerica. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most visited archeological sites in Mexico. In 2017, more than 2 million visitors descended on the site.

Of course, #LadyKukulkan started to trend on Twitter.

You know that Twitter was ready to start calling out this woman for her actions. According to Yucatán Expat Life Magazine, the woman was there to honor her husband’s dying wish. The woman, identified as a tourist from Tijuana, wanted to spread her husband’s ashes on the top of the pyramid, which it seems that she did.

The video was a moment for Mexican Twitter.

Not only was she arrested by security when she descended, but the crowd was also clearly against her. Like, what was she even thinking? It isn’t like the pyramid is crawling with tourists all over it. She was the only person climbing the pyramid, which is federally owned and cared for.

The story is already sparking ideas for other people when they die.

“Me: (to my parents) Have you read about #ladykukulkan?
My Dad: Yes! (to my mom) When I die, I want you to scatter my ashes in the National Palace so they call you “Lady Palace,” sounds better, no?” wrote @hania_jh on Twitter.

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