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This Town In Mexico Was Fed Up With Cartels Trying To Take Their Avocado Farms So They Fought Back

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The increase in demand for avocados has caused friction in their native land. Just like with diamonds in Central and Western Africa and oil in the Middle East, U.S. demand for certain goods can cause locals to fight amongst themselves for their livelihood.

Mexican avocado farmers recently faced the same friction with the cartels who wanted the business for themselves. But the avocado farmers in Tancítaro, Michoacán in Mexico weren’t having that shit. Not one bit.

An article in The Guardian recently said that Tancítaro, Michoacán in Mexico is “the world capital of avocado production.”

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With Avocados growing into a billion dollar industry, due to increased excitement for the fruit in the U.S. and around the world, cartels tried taking over.

Avocado farmers then created a civilian task force to protect their crops.

They’ve created fortress-like check points and have amassed weapons of all kinds from machine guns to sticks and bulletproof-glass-lined trucks.

The civilian defense force, as the Guardian reports, “was inspired by Mexico’s now well-known vigilante movement – led by controversial civilian autodefensa militia.”

However, having heard that cartels were gathering members by the dozens and attacking police and officials in towns nearby, the farmers knew they had to be ready, locked and loaded. They went about essentially building a small army, and have slowly, but surely, taken back their lands.

The farmers council created a group called the Tancítaro Public Security Force, or CUSEPT in Spanish.

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They have hired guns, who are mostly ex-military and help defend the billion-dollar industry that the avocado workers have tried so hard to sustain. Although CUSEPT is essentially a mercenary alternative, with the government’s hands tied up and busy with the Trump administration, many cities have experienced boosts in violent crime and have little time to train and support police forces around the country.

The fascination in the U.S. with the avocado isn’t helping and although CUSEPT is working right now to keep the cartels at bay, there’s no telling what the future holds.

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Proposed Immigration Bill Could "Turn Millions Of Americans Into Criminals Overnight"

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Proposed Immigration Bill Could “Turn Millions Of Americans Into Criminals Overnight”

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Immigration officers could possibly find themselves equipped with body armor, assault rifles, and Tasers, the Intercept reports. New legislation, in the form of three bills introduced by Republican lawmakers, seeks to increase the authority of immigration officers, upgrade the punishment for immigration violations, and potentially strip DACA recipients of the protections they currently have.

The proposed bills would radically change how immigration officers interact with the undocumented population.

The Intercept reports that one of the bills, known as the “Michael Davis, Jr. and Danny Oliver in Honor of State and Local Law Enforcement Act,” would transform immigration violations from civil infractions into criminal violations, which could carry a 20-year prison sentence. DACA recipients could find themselves targets, thanks to wording in the bills. The Intercept reports that New York Representative Jerrold Nadler said the bill would “turn millions of Americans into criminals overnight.”

In addition to these changes, the Davis-Oliver bill calls for an increase in immigration officers, including 10,000 new agents, 2,500 additional detention officers, and 60 additional ICE prosecutors. As mentioned earlier, officers would receive a boost in arms and protection, as well as the authority to detain and arrest immigrants without a warrant.

As the Daily Beast reported, private prisons stand to get rich from crackdowns on immigration.

As The Daily Beast reported, companies such as GEO Group, which donated hundreds of thousands to Donald Trump’s campaign, are building prisons that have the potential to earn millions of dollars in revenue each year. These privately owned prisons are vying for contracts to fill up their facilities, and in turn, this could incentivize developing legislation that targets the undocumented population.

For the full story on the three proposed bills and how they will affect immigration check out The Intercept.


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