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Here Are The Top Breitbart News Stories With Latino In The Headline


We decided to take a look at how Breitbart News, the notoriously alt-right news group for stories about Latinos. Let it be known, that what you’re about to see is the softer side of Breitbart, simply because they use the world “Latino” instead of “Hispanic-Latinos” (yes it is a thing here), “illegal”, “alien,” or “immigrant.”

This is how Breitbart views Latino citizens of the United States. You’ve been warned.

Breitbart: “Chicago Cardinal Says Allegations Against Pope ‘Because He Is a Latino’”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

There are so many things to unpack here but let me start with the alleged quote of Chicago Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò that “Quite frankly, they also don’t like him because he is a Latino.” Breitbart’s follow up?

“Others were also quick to note that Pope Francis is actually not a Latino, but a white European born in Argentina.”

Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that they are “unsubstantiated allegations.”

CREDIT: @ABC / Twitter

The Pope even called the letter “fake news.” America perceived Viganò’s hostility towards the Pope as stemming from becoming “too enmeshed in U.S. culture wars, particularly regarding same-sex marriage.”

Breitbart: “WaPo Slams ‘Vile, Despicable’ Latino Victory Fund Ad, Ralph Northam Campaign”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

This article further reaffirms Breitbart’s view of Latinos as “racist” against white people. The Latino Victory Fund released an ad that depicts VA’s Republican GOP gubernatorial candidate’s sticker on the back of a pickup truck running down immigrant children in the street. Then, the kids wake up from a terrible dream in their living room, watching a KKK run down counter-protestors.

Reality: That was an Op-Ed, but WaPo published this article: “New anti-Gillespie ad sparked by worries about Northam’s appeal to minorities”

CREDIT: Latino Victory Fund

Meanwhile, The Washington Post chose to air all sides of the issue, including how Latino Victory Fund’s President outright said, “Gillespie brought this on with his relentless attacks on our community. This is a direct response.” Instead of the American dream, the ad was released as “The American Nightmare.”

Breitbart: “RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: Every Democrat Should Denounce Latino Victory Fund Ad”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

Breitbart quotes McDaniel that the ad “feeds the worst of our country in terms of hate and division, and fear.”

Reality: Gillespie Smeared Northam With Lies That He Supports the MS-13 Gang

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. NY Mag. 4 December 2018.

Above is a screen shot from the first anti-immigrant ad that Gillespie ran. He claims that Northam’s approval of sanctuary cities in Virginia (fact check: there are none) have increased MS-13 gang activity (fact check: there is none). Gillespie lost the race.

Breitbart: “Biden Discusses ‘Latino Resistance to Trump’ with Hispanic Activists”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

Those “Hispanic Activists” are The Latino Victory Fund, and apparently, this fundraiser was headline worthy for its focus on the “Latino Resistance to Trump.”

Reality: The ad ran the day before, and after the attack, the ad was quickly removed.


Breitbart wants to credit The Latino Victory Fund’s advertisement with this: “[the commercial] aired after a terrorist ran over several people with a truck in New York while reportedly shouting ‘Allah Akbar.'”

Breitbart: “Government Gives San Diego State Professor $430,000 to Study Latino Grocery Store Purchases”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

Breitbart offered zero opinion on this but the way it was shared on social media by Breitbart consumers, is unsurprising given the caricature the platform paints of Latino-Americans. “You have got to be kidding me” tweets @matt_snorek.

Reality: In 2015, Latino Americans Were 1.2x more likely to be obese than non-Hispanics, according to government studies.

CREDIT: @EslVukobratic / Twitter

The study, pioneered by Professor Iana Castro, will be using eye tracking technology to see what cues specific purchases. Castro is focusing on the parent-child factors that influence Latino’s shopping behavior. Clever. Mamis are forever trying to overfeed us what we want, so this makes for an obvious angle. The goal of the study is to reduce obesity in Latino-Americans.

Breitbart: “Polls: Many Latinos Want Tougher Border Security”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

Breitbart is trying to say, “A huge CBS poll of 6,466 registered voters in battleground states showed that 38 percent of Americans with Latino heritage do not think the Democrats’ pro-migration policies are ‘tough enough.’”

Reality: 52 percent of Latinos Expect Democratic Immigration Policy is “About Right”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

You can clearly see here that Breitbart is highlighting the minority polling statistic. Támbien, the “huge” poll only interviewed 527 Latinos. That’s 8 percent of the total number of people interviewed, under-representing Latinos.

Breitbart: “Jorge Ramos: ‘Very Sad’ Latino Trump Voters Turned Backs on Immigrants”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

Breitbart’s point? That Jorge Ramos “scornfully” assumed that Latinos have a single issue to rally around: immigration. That’s simply not true, and while the documented majority of us are against Trump’s immigration tacts (and Democratic), there are many more special interests that encompass the Latino vote.

Reality: Ramos sees Latinos as a complex group of individuals

CREDIT: @DrMartyFox / Twitter

In an NPR interview, Ramos explicitly said, “At the end, three million Hispanics voted for Donald Trump. And that also says a lot. What it’s saying is that we are not monolithic. But also, I think there’s a divide within the Hispanic community, which is saying that some of the Latinos who came here as immigrants or the sons of immigrants have decided to turn their backs on the immigrants coming after them. And that’s—for me, that’s very, very sad.”

Breitbart: “Democratic Nightmare: Many Latinos Ignore Race Politics, Vote on Economy”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

Okay, this was a reach Breitbart. While they even admit that the majority of Latinos disapprove of Trump, they reach to claim, “The faster-than-average rise is due, in part, to the relatively large number of young Latinos who see rising income as they gain work experience in their 20 and 30s, and because of the reduced inflow of Hispanic unskilled illegal immigrants.”

Reality: The Pew Research Center confirms that a quarter of Hispanic voters turned out at midterms for the first time

CREDIT: @US_Latino / Twitter

Yup. Of those who cast a midterm vote, 27 percent said they were voting in a midterm for the first time, which is compared to 18 percent of black voters and 12 percent of white voters. We turned out in a major way and we voted 62 percent Democratic. Not a nightmare at all for the Democratic Party, en realized.

Breitbart: “Video: Latino Refuses Service to American, Says Cannot Speak English”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

Okay, this did happen because this Taco Bell was in Hialeah. At one point, the employee said, “This is Hialeah,” in Spanish, because 93 percent of Hialeah is Latino. We don’t see what led up to the point that the employee refused service, just her calling the customer, “Mi vida, lo siento, hay nadie que puede hablar ingles.”

Reality: Breitbart found the needle in the haystack.

CREDIT: Alexandria Montgomery / Facebook

Every other day we see videos of white people yelling at families in grocery stores for speaking Spanish or for simply wearing a Puerto Rican pride shirt. This woman was fired the next day after this video was released, which is proof that justice is more often served for the English-speakers than the Spanish-speakers.

Breitbart: “‘Silent Donation’: Corporate Emails Reveal Google Executives’ Efforts to Turn Out Latino Voters Who They Thought Would Vote for Clinton”

CREDIT: Untitled. Screenshot. Breitbart News. 4 December 2018.

According to Breitbart, the email explicitly said, “We pushed tp [sic] get out the Latino vote with our features, our partners, and our voices. We kept our Google efforts non-partisan and followed our company’s protocols for the elections strategy.”

Reality: Google confirms the emails, and denies partisanship.

CREDIT: @El_R_World / Twitter

A spokesperson told ABC News. “The employee’s email is an expression of her personal political views about the outcome of the 2016 election and those views do not reflect any official stance by the company. We have nearly 90,000 employees comprising a broad array of political affiliations. The email itself explicitly notes that she is speaking personally, and that Google’s efforts were non-partisan.”

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#IceBae Has Blown Up The Internet. Meet The Latina Border Patrol Agent Behind The Viral Hashtag That Has Latino Twitter Freaking Out

Things That Matter

#IceBae Has Blown Up The Internet. Meet The Latina Border Patrol Agent Behind The Viral Hashtag That Has Latino Twitter Freaking Out

A Latina Border Patrol agent has gone viral as #IceBae and from the looks of her new account on Twitter she seems to be enjoying the new found fame.

The agent, who identified herself as Kiara Cervantes, was photographed providing security for Mike Pence during his visit to a migrant detention center in Texas. From that photograph came #IceBae with thirsty fans calling her out for her beauty. But it also attracted many people who were appalled that a Latina would participate in the mass imprisonment of largely Latino men, women, and children.

All this started when a Latina Border Patrol guard was photographed providing security for Mike Pence at a migrant detention center.

Credit: @theprovince / Twitter

So, who is the Latina officer in the photograph? The female officer has since been identified as Kiara Cervantes.  Many of the original comments were focused on her good looks, which kicked off the pretty bizarre hashtag #IceBae

Since the photo went viral, Kiara has started up her own Twitter account and has already racked up nearly 37.5k followers in less than 2 days.

It looks like Cervantes enjoyed the new found attention and decided to create a Twitter account to capitalize on all the fame. She posted a video (which has since been deleted) introducing herself as the #IceBae.

Apprently, Ice Bae has all sorts of ‘supporters’ that she had to thank on Twitter.

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

Because of the response to the original photo and that #IceBae was trending on Twitter with thousands of thirsty comments, Cervantes decided to create a Twitter account. One of her first tweets was to thank everyone for all the ‘support’ and to tell her ‘supporters’ how much she loves them.

She’s also taken to Twitter to share some selfies of her in uniform with her new found supporters.

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

Because when you work at a detention center that houses migrants in overcrowded cages and is at the center of an international scandal, of course selfies should be on your list of to-dos.

At least a few people on Twitter tried to help her out with some caption ideas for her new photo…

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

I mean that is pretty clever if it wasn’t so depressing.

And this person who kept her caption suggestion poignant yet simple.

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

What would you caption her photo with?

Seriously, the people are not here for it.

Credit: @rates_by_me / Twitter

Apart from all of #IceBae’s supporters, her detractors are definitely speaking out on social media. Many pointed out how by sexualizing Cervantes they were also sexualizing the dehumanization of the very people being held in the detention centers.

Rapper Fat Nick, called her out as ‘literal scum’, that her family would be ashamed of.

Credit: @_FatNick / Twitter

Cervantes fired back Sunday at rapper Fat Nick who tweeted that her family will disown her and “shame on any Hispanic working for ice of anything of that nature.”

“I think that’s really rude and naive of you to say,” she tweeted. “You have no idea who my parents are and no idea what goes into my job on a daily basis… before speaking on something you know nothing about…. DONT. Regardless I’m blessed and thankful for the career I have.”

Another Twitter user pointed out what pretty much most of the Latino community is thinking.

Credit: @hcapd / Twitter

One Twitter user, among thousands of others, called #IceBae what many are thinking: a guard at a concentration camp. For people to be idolizing a person who is supporting a system of injustice, racism, and bigotry, has many people across social media very upset, particularly those in the Latino community who feel #IceBae has turned her back on them.

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J Balvin Gets In The Business Of Japanese Hip Hop As He Announces New Project For Anime Film


J Balvin Gets In The Business Of Japanese Hip Hop As He Announces New Project For Anime Film

jbalvin / mflo_official / Instagram

J Balvin is totally on a roll right now. He’s just released a surprise album, Oasis, with Bad Bunny which has rocketed to the top of the charts and now the Colombian singer has announced a new project that will take him in an entirely different direction.

J Balvin is working with a Japanese hip hop group in an upcoming anime film.

Credit: @MeetMusicLovers / Twitter

Reggaetonero and Latin music superstar J Balvin has teamed up with Japan-based hip-hop trio m-flo on the theme song for a new animated movie, called HUMAN LOST, to be released in theaters worldwide this fall.

The popularity of Japan’s anime culture is increasing around the world, so it makes perfect sense for the “Mi Gente” singer to do such an incredible collaboration.

The anime film he’s working on is based on a sci-fi novel from 1948.

The original novel, called No Longer Human, is rated as the second best selling novel in all of Japan. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume, that with the backing of J Balvin and m-flo, the new adaptation will do even better.

No Longer Human is told in the form of notebooks left by one Ōba Yōzō, a troubled man incapable of revealing his true self to others, and who is instead forced to uphold a facade of hollow humor.

The film, along with the new track, will hit theatres in the US this fall.

While the animated movie is set to hit the theaters in the U.S. in fall this year, it had its world premiere last Friday at the Anime Expo 2019 in Los Angeles.

M-Flo made a surprise appearance at the event to announce their involvement in the movie’s main theme, which features Balvin.

Turns out, M-Flo and Balvin also performed together at last year’s Summer Sonic Festival in Japan – Balvin’s first time performing in the country.

Credit: @billboard / Twitter

The “Safari” singer performed in Japan for the first time last summer at the annual Summer Sonic music festival, where m-flo’s VERBAL suggested they work on the theme song together.

A known fan of Japanese popular culture, Balvin readily accepted the offer and the collaboration took off from there.

Quite a few J Balvin fans were surprised by the annoucement but most were super excited for the project.

It’s definitely a big departure for the reggaeton singer but with the global popularity of Latino singers right now, it’s seems like a perfect match to us.

Some people on Twitter admitted they were just here for the new J Balvin track…not the anime.

Credit: @pkjd818 / Twitter

Even if that’s true for some people, anime has exploded into a giant industry worth more than $18 billion globally, so I’d say Balvin is making the right decision.

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