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Here Are 25 Of The Best Signs From Nationwide #MarchForOurLives Protests

Maggie R. Kleinow / Facebook

If you went to one of the 800+ #MarchForOurLives protests on Saturday, you were part of history in the making. It was organized entirely by the student survivors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seeing students and young children literally marching for their lives was a horror and an inspiration at the same time.

If you weren’t able to make it, no te preocupes. Here are some of the most iconic moments and signs from around the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in the nation’s capitol.

CREDIT: @marchforourlives / Instagram

Organizers say over 850,00 people showed up. If you think President Trump had to deal with this crowd, you’d be wrong. The president was in Florida avoiding the crowds.

Latinxs tell it like it is, como siempre.

CREDIT: @lgbt.saga_.support_ / Instagram

Here’s to hoping they both become less and less available. P.S. – This is coming to you from El Paso, Texas, alleged gun country.

We even brought our homeboy Jesús to try to get through to the gov’t.

CREDIT: @caffeinepdx / Instagram

I wanna say that most Latinos would get behind this message, and would definitely make sure your mom or abuelita never ever saw it. But they’d probably like it too.

Oh, and people hate the NRA.

CREDIT: @snippetsofboston / Instagram

Did we fail to mention that in the last page? People were furious with those gun-crazies. These are our lives on the line. Don’t tell me about your hobby.

Chicago was lit up with sass.

CREDIT: @stacejams / Instagram

Non-hispanic white men have carried out 63 percent of mass shootings over the last several decades. When that happens, it’s mental illness. If you’re brown, you’re a terrorist. #WhitePrivilege is in the headlines, folks.

Emma González inspired all the signs.

CREDIT: @laurenxdeutsch / Instagram

You know Emma González as one of the first students survivors from Parkland to passionately demand stricter gun control laws. Or, if you’re Iowa Rep Steve King, you might see her Cuban Pride patch and think (and then say), “Communist!”

The truth is González is inspiring students all the way in Seattle to become activists.

CREDIT: @francinescottphoto / Instagram

González’s activism automatically extends to her appearance. It’s pretty sickening to learn that Republican Maine House candidate Leslie Gibson called the teenage survivor a “skinhead lesbian” because he “cares about the Constitution.” K. We can thank González for staying strong and dragging another Republican out of the race to represent us in the House.

Gun control heated up some #WomensMarch debates.

CREDIT: @prettybirdjulie / Instagram

I mean, verdad ^, Denver. Why is that? Maybe because there are more NRA-corrupt politicians in office than actual women.

The most traumatic sightings were of some very young children holding signs.

CREDIT: @denisecrew / Instagram

Here in LA, this young boy literally holds up his own two hands to deliver el mensaje: NI UNO MÁS #marchforourlives ✊?✊?✊?✊?

“Kids Rule, Guns Drool”

CREDIT: Mary Norman Gilpin Hudson / Facebook

Adios, el corazón. It breaks my heart to see children carrying these signs. Meanwhile this is in Palm Beach, where Trump goes to procrastinate his presidential duties and golf.

Could you imagine being afraid to go to school? ?

CREDIT: @peopleandscapes / Instagram


“No guns

no guns no gun

no guns in school

no guns in school

no gun in school.”

Meanwhile in Amsterdam…

CREDIT: @marchforourlivesnl / Instagram

OK, fam, let’s move to the Netherlands. I’m rallying Latinos. Let’s do it for real. We’re known for our survival skills and this is the solution, estoy segura.

Nevermind. We gotta stay for the kids in Long Beach, California.

CREDIT: @marchforourliveslb / Instagram

This is our fight, and fighting is in our DNA. Register to vote and then vote for politicians that are not bought out by the NRA.

“Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to change the world.”

CREDIT: @marchforourlivesak / Instagram

True story: polls show that 75 percent of Americans want more gun control laws. Now we need to vote like we mean it.

People even turned out in Alaska, a pretty gun-heavy state.

CREDIT: @marchforourlivesak / Instagram

“Keegan Blain, 17 year-old Dimond High School junior // “It doesn’t matter if we are conservative or liberal, a Democrat or a Republican. There isn’t anything more important than protecting innocent lives that will soon propel our nation into the future.” #marchforourlives #marchforourlivesak”

 Austin, Texas kids say the darndest things.

CREDIT: @rachelrose094 / Twitter

I can’t tell if she’s #MomOfTheYear or is just happy that it’s not her kid calling the world assholes. Either way, this is a new kind of teenage rebellion, kid, and I’m here for it.

Teachers got loud this weekend.

CREDIT: @kareng651 / Instagram

ICYMI, President Trump wants teachers to carry guns. That’s his solution to the mass shooting epidemic: Bring more guns into schools. I like this protestor’s solution a lot better.

Oh, and teachers aren’t fans of President Trump’s ideas either.

CREDIT: @artistsforactionchicago / Instagram

Other signs noted: “Give teacher’s higher wages to teach, not to return fire.” I trust you girl.

#PosterArt you can only find in Orlando, Florida.

CREDIT: @designs_by_robert / Instagram

My second home, and more widely known as the home to the largest ever mass shooting against LGBTQ Latinos in Pulse Nightclub, the signs seen in Orlando, Florida carried a lot of passion behind them. ?

Dreamers in Atlanta, Georgia:

CREDIT: @elyserosem / Instagram

For Dreamers, this is about creating an America that we can survive in. Political activism is the best way to show you love your country, imho.

#MFOL Mantra: “Enough is Enough.”

CREDIT: Maggie R. Kleinow / Facebook

I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it must have been to create this sign, and draw the faces of school shooting victims. Ultimately, it isn’t about some ideological debate. It’s about each of these victims, piling on top of one another without any retribution or change. #EnoughisEnough

In places like Bozeman, Montana, there were counter protests.

CREDIT: Faye Dalton Craig‎ / Facebook

People actually went against these kids to “March for Our Guns.” Just shows that there are always two sides in each debate.

And then there was a Parkland, Florida rally.

CREDIT: @EdWeekMMolnar / Twitter

“She was shot on 2/14. Today she will speak to thousands in Parkland.” ?

Parkland student wisdom right here:

CREDIT: Eyoälha Eyoälha Eyoälha / Facebook

Are we not collectively disgusted by the amount of standardized testing we went through that can go completely out the window in a single second? Because all you need is proof that you’re 18 to buy an assault weapon.

The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are not giving up the fight for gun reform.

CREDIT: @marchforourlivesparkland / Instagram

This includes fighting for every other victim of gun violence, including Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile, Renisha McBride, Tamir Rice. Find out how you can keep the fight going at

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