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Racist Sentenced To 11 Years In Arson Hate Crime Against Latino Neighbors

Robert Tong — Marin Independent Journal

If you don’t think Latinos have it rough already, with ICE chasing people down and a sitting President who is anti-immigrant, I hate to break it to you, but crime against Latinos is up. A report by NBC News found that hate crimes have been up since Trump’s election. And, Richard Eugene O’Hara, 61, a recently convicted arsonist from Canal Area in San Rafael, which itself is part of Marin County, one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S., just needed to add to those crime stats.

O’Hara was charged for the crime of arson. Yes, arson, the burning of people and their belongings for the purpose of destroying their stuff and/or murdering them. No big. Just “kill it with fire” but instead of something like bugs (which you definitely shouldn’t kill with fire, but I bet people would understand if you did, because ew) we’re talking about human beings. In this case, Latino human beings specifically.

You shouldn’t kill anything with fire ever, but I’m sure someone would forgive you if you took a blow torch to these guys.

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Nope. Nope. Nope.

O’Hara was sentenced to the maximum of 11 years in prison for the 2015 crime of arson of an inhabited dwelling, and criminal threats against his Latina neighbor and her two children. According to this article in the Marin Independent Journal, the prosecutor also added hate-crimes to both charges to extend his prison sentence.

Marin Superior Court Judge Andrew Sweat, also destroyed him in his ruling, saying “This man is a racist,” and added “He has shown an unheard-of level of animosity toward our Latino community.” The Marin Independent Journal article also stated that Judge Sweat called O’Hara “a methamphetamine-addicted bigot who displayed no remorse.”

The Judge called O’Hara “a methamphetamine-addicted bigot who displayed no remorse.”

Pun intended.

O’Hara was arrested after setting his own apartment ablaze in the hopes of hurting everyone else in the building. Reports say he was shouting “F– you Latinos!” and “Now all the Latinos will die!”

Firefighters were able to get to the scene and get the fire under control before it did damage to anyone or anything else. Basically, just O’Hara’s apartment was damaged.

That’s real wicked stuff, burn all your own stuff to hurt others, and you fail, and now you’re just in prison and all of your belongings are gone. At least he’ll have the next 11 years to think about it.

[H/T] San Rafael: Latino-hating arsonist gets 11-year sentence for Canal fire

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Here's What This World Famous Astrophysicist Says Is The Greatest Threat To Democracy

things that matter

Here’s What This World Famous Astrophysicist Says Is The Greatest Threat To Democracy


“This is science. It’s not something to toy with.”

Like a teacher that’s had to deal with too many obnoxious students, Neil deGrasse Tyson has had enough with those who deny the legitimacy of true science. Tyson, an astrophysicist famous for his scientific commentary and books, just released a short video to YouTube, explaining the the potentially catastrophic problems we face if politicians continue to deny provable scientific research.

Tyson’s argument is that the United States achieved greatness by pioneering industries through science, and as a result, “science is a fundamental part of the country that we are.” The problem, however, is that people are becoming skeptical of science, and as a result, this country is losing the spirit of innovation that once made it so great.

“When you have people who don’t know much about science, standing in denial of it, and rising to power, that is a recipe for the complete dismantling of our informed democracy.”


The short video highlights several areas of science that have come under fire from politicians and citizens alike, such as teaching evolution in schools, skepticism towards vaccines, bans on GMOs, climate change and more. Tyson believes that advancements in science are as much the responsibility of scientists as they are politicians. But, Tyson says, attitudes towards science seem to be largely based on distrust of scientific information, which in turn is holding our country back from advancing further.

“I don’t remember a time where people were standing in denial of what science was.”


Tyson admits our country isn’t perfect, and that we have faced numerous challenges, including Vietnam, the Cold War, the civil rights movement, but Tyson can’t remember a time when science faced such baseless skepticism as it does today. “One of the great things about science is that it is an entire exercise in finding what is true.” Tyson goes on to remind people that science is not something we have the luxury of denying, saying, “It’s not something to say ‘I choose not to believe e=mc squared.’ You don’t have that option […] It is true whether or not you choose to believe in it. And the sooner you understand that, the faster we can get on with the political conversations about how to solve the problems that face us. ”

Tyson’s goal isn’t to attack viewers, but to warn them of the dangers we face as a people and a nation if we continue to deny the truth.

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