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There’s A War On Twitter For #AOCResign And #IvankaResign On Twitter And It’s Scary How Not Funny It Really Is

Twitter has become every bit the information resource as newspapers and TV news programs are. Where else can you get a quick update on trending politics AND a play-by-play on who is now officially canceled? This often encourages Twitter users to start their own hashtag to gain visibility on important topics. As such, we’ve gotten such gems as #OscarsSoWhite, #FamiliesBelongTogether, and #BlackLivesMatter because of this. Unfortunately, today’s newly trending hashtag comes from a much more negative place.

Conservatives on Twitter have started trending #AOCResign, a targeted attack against Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Twitter / @SilERabbit

It all started when Representative Ocasio-Cortez went public with the monstrous conditions at the border detention facilities. After touring the facilities, Representative Ocasio-Cortez shared her feelings about the state of our union. She explained that the conditions the United States is keeping these migrants in are an indication that the nation is “headed to fascism.” Of course, Conservatives were not thrilled by the reveal and focused their frustration on AOC.

The hashtag didn’t really come into creation until after Ivanka Trump’s appearance at the G20 Summit. Her presence at the international assembly caught many off guard as she had no reason to be there in an official or unofficial capacity. Pictures and videos of her awkwardly inserted into important international affairs made there rounds on the internet and soon got the Photoshop treatment under the hashtag #UnwantedIvanka.

The hashtag #IvankaResign soon followed, satirizing the fact that the Trump daughter is not an elected official but benefits from many unearned and possibly illegal perks.

Thus started the retaliation by Conservatives with the #AOCResign hashtag.

Twitter / @adamcbest

Representative Ocasio-Cortez has been the poster girl for Conservative Hate since before she was even elected. The recent anger towards the representative has come from border agents who are disputing the claims of brutality and inhumane conditions in the detention facilities. They claim that the details of AOC’s account are misleading and that she has lost all credibility by being dishonest. Video and testimonies from other Congressional figures who toured the facilities back up Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s claim.

These agents have justifiably received a lot of bad press lately. A report of a secret Facebook group run by border agents focused on making light of the migrant situation has recently been exposed as well. Representative Ocasio-Cortez also spoke out on this and received ridicule for denouncing the border agents involved.

Though the #AOCResign hashtag was started by Conservatives, Liberals quickly took to the tag to troll it.

Twitter / @johnpavlovitz

Some Twitter users pointed out that, while AOC is an elected official, Ivanka is a benefactor of nepotism. Being the president daughter is not a government position and the power given to Ivanka and her siblings is far more concerning than anything Representative Ocasio-Cortez has ever said.

Some pointed out the inherent racism that comes with this backlash against AOC.

  Twitter / @WilliamAHirsch

This Twitter account observed that the people who are protesting Representative Ocasio-Cortez have something in common. Can you tell what? It’s pretty uncanny but also completely expected.

No matter what is said, it seems that those who love and support Representative Ocasio-Cortez will always stand with her.

Twitter / @disneysherpa81

AOC is here to stay and she will continue to call out our nation’s injustices no matter what hashtags Conservatives try to get trending.

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The Miami Herald Apologizes For Including Racist, Anti-Semitic Insert In Newspaper

Things That Matter

The Miami Herald Apologizes For Including Racist, Anti-Semitic Insert In Newspaper

@BillCorben / Twitter

Readers of the Miami Herald and the El Nuevo Herald noticed a racist and anti-Semitic insert in one of the latest editions. The column in the insert compared BLM activists to Nazis while talking down about the Jewish community.

The Miami Herald recently published a racist and anti-Semitic insert.

The offensive piece, written by Cuban exile Roberto Luque Escalona, received harsh and immediate backlash. Escalona expresses his displeasure for the Jewish community and those seeking racial justice by joining BLM with one column.

“What kind of people are these Jews” writes Escalona. He then continues to “teach” Jewish people the history of the Holocaust and claims that BLM supporters are worse than the Nazis during Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, because the Nazis simply destroyed things and didn’t steal.

The newspaper has apologized for the insert going so far as to admit that it was not properly vetted and that “internal failures” were at play.

According to an open letter, higher ups at the Miami Herald admit to the insert not being read and vetted by the staff. The obvious overlook led to a 40-page insert of right-wing propaganda to be distributed to the readers of both the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. Since the publication, the Miami Herald claims to have ended their relationship with Libre, the insert with the racist and anti-Semitic content.

Those responsible at the Miami Herald admitted to not reading the insert before it was distributed.

“We are deeply sorry that inflammatory, racist and anti-Semitic commentary reached our el Nuevo Herald subscribers through LIBRE, a Spanish-language publication that paid our company to have the product printed and inserted into our print edition as a weekly supplement,” reads part of an open letter to readers. “The fact that no one in leadership, beginning with us, had previously read this advertising insert until this issue was surfaced by a reader is distressing. It is one of a series of internal failures that we are investigating in order to prevent this from ever recurring.”

Readers are outraged that the newspaper would allow such offensive things to be published and distributed.

The right-wing conspiracies pushed by Libre are part of a larger Spanish-language disinformation campaign targeting Cubans in southern Florida. The community has been inundated with disinformation ahead of the 2020 election preying on the fears and ignorance within the staunchly conservative Cuban community.

“It’s difficult to measure the effect exactly, but the polling sort of shows it and in focus groups it shows up, with people deeply questioning the Democrats, and referring to the ‘deep state’ in particular — that there’s a real conspiracy against the president from the inside,” Eduardo Gamarra, a pollster and director of the Latino Public Opinion Forum at Florida International University, told Politico. “There’s a strain in our political culture that’s accustomed to conspiracy theories, a culture that’s accustomed to coup d’etats.”

The disinformation is targeting Cubans because of the growing Latino communities who tend to vote Democratic.

According to Politico, the campaign is Cuban specific. The Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan, Colombian, Venezuelan, and Dominican communities in Florida, which continue to grow, typically vote Democratic. These shifting demographics have left Republicans doing anything it takes to keep a strong hold of the Cuban community, even by means of racism, anti-Semitism, and disinformation.

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An Abuelo Got A Hurtful Note From Bad Neighbors About His Decorations And Latino Twitter Came Into Comfort Him

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An Abuelo Got A Hurtful Note From Bad Neighbors About His Decorations And Latino Twitter Came Into Comfort Him

@goldenstef / Twitter

We are rarely more defensive than we are for our abuelos. The viejitos have always been there for us and seeing them treated unkindly is just heartbreaking. That is what one Twitter user experienced after her abuelo got a wretched note about his decorations outside his home.

This is the horrid letter left for @goldenstef’s abuelo by undesirable neighbors.

The letter, which is filled with misspelled words, calls the abuelo’s house an example of a “low class Mexican family.” The letter was written anonymously by neighbors and delivered to the abuelo in an attempt to shame him into changing his decorations. One of the most bizarre moments in the letter is when the angry author criticized the homeowner for having too many American flags claiming he isn’t patriotic and can’t fool the neighbors. Like, which one is it people?

The Twitter user followed up with photos of the house to show the decorations their abuelo has out front.

People flooded the Twitter post with comments supporting and sending love to the abuelo. Fellow Latinos are ready to stand with the abuelo and some just want the names of the people behind the letter so they can talk to them. Some people are stunned at how far the author was willing to go out of their way to be mean to an old man who just wants to decorate his home and front yard.

Latino Twitter wants to come together to let the abuelo know that his decorations are adorbs.

We need to come together to give her abuelo all of the wonderful decoration we love. Let’s turn his house and front yard into a showcase of all of the greatness that Latin America has to offer.

People are falling in love with this viejitos yard.

Honestly, this is a great yard. Who wouldn’t want a yard like this? This yard is original and adorable and worth all of the praise that we can muster. Thank you to people like this for making their yards something unique and worth seeing.

@goldenstef wants everyone to know just how much they appreciate the sweet messages about their abuelo’s yard.

It costs nothing to be kind. It is even better when you can be kind about something someone clearly cares so much about. Who cares if someone decorates their lawn a little too much. At least they are having fun with their lives and that is something we all need more of right now.

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