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As Hurricane Dorian Kills Bahamians, Ann Coulter Thought It Was A Good Time To Make Jokes About The Storm

Hurricane Dorian might be the strongest storm in recorded history, and as it was decimating the Bahamas Monday afternoon, conservative pundit Ann Coulter compared the storm to undocumented migrants at the U.S. border. “At least Dorian patiently waits outside our border before crashing ashore, more than can be said for your average illegal,” she tweeted. Coulter followed up that tweet with another, saying, “At one mile an hour, at least you could outrun Hurricane Dorian. What’s it’s going to do? ‘Wait up!'”

Coulter used to be one of Trump’s loudest supporters. Why has she turned into his biggest critic? 

Ann Coulter is dismayed with Trump because he has failed to deliver on the border wall.

Credit: @mediaite / Twitter

In an interview with Bill Maher, Coulter admitted that she was “a very stupid girl” to have believed Trump would follow through on his promises, walking back the premise of her book, “In Trump We Trust.” She told Bill Maher that “it’s crazy that I expect a president to keep the promise he made every day for 18 months.” In fact, Coulter has lamented for the days of Obama, who deported more immigrants than any president in history.

Of the many nuanced ways her tweet was received as offensive, folks especially cringed from the “average illegal” comment.

Credit: @AnnCoulter / Twitter

“Humans seeking asylum are not illegals,” tweeted one Bruce Christian, and he’s right. Trump’s new immigration policies have sought to demonize asylum-seekers, refusing to grant them entry into the United States to await their asylum case hearing. Another Twitter critic by the name of Sleeping Giants, tweeted “Only you could make a weather event xenophobic.” Her supporters have laughed at the statement, telling her that they’re all on the same page. Meanwhile, another critic asked Coulter, “Have you considered seeking professional help? Something inside of you is not right, but counseling and the proper medication will probably help.”

A therapist even responded to offer his services to Coulter.

Credit: @c6a3t / Twitter

Coulter has long rooted her career as a political pundit on speaking for shock value. She is the author of “¡Adios America!: The Left’s to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole” released in 2015. The book details her issues with the immigration policies in the U.S. during President Obama.

Ultimately, Twitter has taken to roasting her for being a “crasher” herself.

Credit: @PlanetX59 / Twitter

Overwhelmingly, the comments in response to her tweet are highly critical. Many are outright shocked at the level of insensitivity for both immigrants and Bahamians undergoing the worst storm in the nation’s history. Several others wanted to point out her own ancestral history, which is rooted in immigration. “Whose border is ‘ours,’ Anne? Is the land and country collectively owned?” asked a Twitter user named Dan. Coulter doesn’t have a birthright to U.S. land given that she is not an Indigenous American.

Someone else just left this image of what is believed to be the original territory of the Aztecs, Atzlán, which was stolen by the U.S. through a violent war.

Credit: @danielangell2 / Twitter

Indeed, the United States is an ancestral homeland to Native Americans. Trump’s campaign has relied on depicting Mexicans as “rapists” and “criminals,” and that rhetoric has created undue stress on Latino and brown Americans, who have been led to feel like the U.S. is no longer a welcome home for them. Twitter roasters want to make sure we don’t forget the history that stretched long before the last three years of scapegoating.

Still, Coulter then proceeded to make jokes about the Hurricane’s slow pace while it killed at least 5 people in the Bahamas.

Credit: @AnnCoulter / Twitter

“People are dying and she makes jokes,” responded one critic. Another suggested considering, “There is great suffering because of this Hurricane … perhaps you could spare the humour and think of those who are suffering instead and show some basic decency and compassion.” One Latina soberly responded, “Yeah. I’m sure that’s what the people of the Bahamas have been doing for the past day.” Others have cracked their own jokes, tweeting, “Yeah Ann, not even hurricanes want to enter the US because of our GOP-NRA-enabled murder rate.”

Coulter has not walked back her statements on the Hurricane, and has since called Hurricane Dorian “lazy” and “shiftless.”

Credit: @AnnCoulter / Twitter

Coulter continues to be tone-deaf to the death and destruction that Hurricane Dorian has caused the Bahamas. While she was tweeting jokes, folks were climbing onto their roofs to withstand the hurricane after 28 feet of water flooded their homes. At least 5 people are confirmed dead, including a 7-year-old boy. 

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Two Weeks Ago He Lost His Home To Hurricane Eta And Now Hurricane Iota Threatens His Entire Community

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Two Weeks Ago He Lost His Home To Hurricane Eta And Now Hurricane Iota Threatens His Entire Community

Once again, the year 2020 is delivering a shocker but this time it‘s in the form of devastation caused by a record-breaking hurricane season. So far, the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane season, which is set to end on Nov. 30, has had 30 named storms, 13 of them hurricanes. And six of those hurricanes were considered “major”— Eta and Iota among them — meaning they were Category 3 or higher.

Meteorologists have been forced to use the Greek alphabet to name the new systems after having exhausted the 21-name list that is prepared for each hurricane season. The last time the Greek alphabet was used was in 2005, when there were 28 storms strong enough to be named.

Now, as Hurricane Iota ravages Central America, it’s becoming clear that an imminent humanitarian catastrophe is setting up across the region.

Hurricane Iota is ravaging Central America just two weeks after communities there were hit by Hurricane Eta.

Late on Monday, Hurricane Iota made landfall as a powerful and “extremely dangerous” Category 4 hurricane. Aside form the catastrophic winds and life-threatening storm surge, the hurricane is impacting already devastated communities recently hit by Hurricane Eta.

People across Central America will feel the impacts of this record breaking storm, which is expected to produce up to 30 inches of rain in some areas of Nicaragua and Honduras through Friday. The intense rainfall could lead to significant flash flooding and mudslides in higher elevations, the hurricane center said.

Dozens of Indigenous communities were evacuated throughout the weekend in Nicaragua and Honduras, where the military shared pictures on Twitter of soldiers helping people out of stilted wooden homes and carrying them to safety. One of the soldiers stood in knee deep water, holding a resident’s pink backpack in the same arm as his service weapon.

The forecast, at least, offers some hope for those in Iota’s path. The National Hurricane Center expects the storm to rapidly weaken over the next 36 hours as it moves toward El Salvador across the mountainous terrain of inland Nicaragua and Honduras.

Honduras was hit particularly hard by Hurricane Eta.

Central America is still reeling from Hurricane Eta, which struck less than two weeks ago and made landfall about 15 miles from where Iota did. Aid workers are still struggling to reach communities cut off by washed-out bridges, downed trees and flooded roads.

According to the Red Cross, more than 3.6 million people across the region have been affected by the storms.

Antonio Herrera told Mitú in an interview that his modest home had already been reduced to rubble by Eta. Herrera and his daughter were staying in an improvised shelter but it’s directly in the path of Hurricane Iota. A GoFundMe has been setup to help Herrera and his family recover from the devastation wrought by both hurricanes.

“This Hurricane Iota is a monster,” he said. “After Eta and the damaged it caused, I’m afraid for all of us.”

Herrera added that even without a disaster devastating the region, Honduras is a country where half the population doesn’t have enough food to eat. And now, because of Hurricane Eta, Herrera counts himself among that group of Hondurans.

He adds that, “Honduras is a challenging place just to make sure that the everyday needs are met. And of course, all of this happening during a global pandemic — no possibility of social distancing, obviously, in those sheltering situations.”

Many Central American leaders are blaming climate change for the disasters and are seeking international aid.

Credit: Josue Decavele/Getty Images

As the region is pummeled by storm after storm, the leaders of Honduras and Guatemala have called for in increase in international funding to help combat the effects of climate change – which are having an outsized impact on the region.

“Central America is not the producer of this climate change situation,” the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, said at a news conference. “Instead, we are the most affected.”

President Orlando has called on the United Nations to declare Central America as the region most affected by climate change worldwide.

“Hunger, poverty and destruction do not have years to wait,” said Alejandro Giammattei, the Guatemalan leader. “If we don’t want to see hordes of Central Americans looking to go to countries with a better quality of life, we have to create walls of prosperity in Central America.”

Disclaimer: The author of this story has a personal connection with Antonio Herrera, a victim of these storms in Honduras mentioned in this story. The GoFundMe for Herrera was created before this story was written but was included as many GoFundMe fundraisers are when relevant.

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Here’s How Disney Rewarded A Boy Who Gave Up His Disney Trip To Help Hurricane Evacuees

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Here’s How Disney Rewarded A Boy Who Gave Up His Disney Trip To Help Hurricane Evacuees

Jermaine Bell might be the best human to ever reside in Jacksonville, Florida. After 6-year-old Bell had spent the last year saving money for a birthday trip to Disney, he decided to give it all away. As the catastrophic Hurricane Dorian approached the east coast of Florida, millions of Floridians were evacuated. Some went south to Miami while many others drove north. While visiting his grandmother in South Carolina, and having felt the threat of Dorian on his own Florida home, he decided he wanted to do something for evacuees fleeing the South Carolina coast.

You know that saying, “No good deed goes unpunished”? Well, that doesn’t apply to Jermaine Bell.

Jermaine Bell emptied his savings to buy hundreds of hot dogs, chips, and water, so evacuees “can enjoy the ride to the place they’re going to stay at.”

Credit: Disney Parks / YouTube

Bell quickly made a couple of signs and posted them at either end of his street, to let passerby know that they likely had a very cute rest stop in sight. “The people that are traveling to go to other places, I wanted them to have some food to eat, so they can enjoy the ride to the place they’re going to stay at,” Bell told his local news station. “I wanted to be generous and live to give.” 

Bell served nearly 100 evacuees whose days were certainly brightened by his selfless, generous act.

Credit: Disney Parks / YouTube

When families would tell him that they were worried for their homes, Jermaine would begin praying that their homes would be protected. There’s no question that Bell touched those hundred evacuees lives, but he went on to touch many millions more. Once his good deed went viral, Good Morning America conducted an interview inside his own home on his birthday. He told them that he still wanted to go to Animal Kingdom some day and “see lots of lions and have a Lion King party.”

It was his birthday, and Bell forfeited his party for a good cause, with no clue that an entire Disney crew was waiting outside to make all his birthday wishes come true.

Credit: Disney Parks / YouTube

When Disney Parks heard the news, they must have coordinated with Good Morning America to make sure America could experience the satisfaction of seeing Bell’s good deed be rewarded. A representative from Disney knocked on Bell’s door once the interview was “over,” and told him they had a surprise for him in the driveway.

Bell was definitely surprised to see Mickey Mouse in his driveway.

Credit: Disney Parks / YouTube

His jaw remained dropped for at least twenty seconds. The whole time he was interviewing with Good Morning America, Disney staff were setting up a “magical moment” in his very own driveway. A dozen staff stood outside holding Lion King plushies and balloons to yell “Surprise!” In an adorable Disney Parks video, Bell tells us, “When the lady came out and she said come around the corner, when I saw everything, I was just super happy.”

“When Mickey came out, I was just really happy,” Bell gushed.

Credit: Disney Parks / YouTube

Then, the big announcement: Disney Parks was giving Bell an all-expense paid trip to Disney Resort later this month as a dual birthday and thank you gift for his generosity to Hurricane Dorian evacuees. “I’m really excited, because I wanted to go to Disney for a long time,” Bell said. “Never in a million years would we have imagined anything like this from him,” his mom, Lauren Creech told Disney Parks. “Coming up with an idea to help someone else. So this really does instill in him that when you do good, good comes back to you.” 

Now, Bell wants us all to remember to “be strong and if you do good things, you will be rewarded.”

Credit: Disney Parks / YouTube

To top off an exciting magical moment, the whole Disney crew, including Mickey Mouse, sang him a very special “Happy Birthday” song. Of course, the rest of America is still happy-weeping to know that there are still good people coming up in this world. Hope tweeted “While a grown a** man, “leader of the free world” was playing golf. Jermaine bell. SAY HIS NAME.” Twitter is emphatically naming Bell a hero. @_SJPeace_ tweeted, “HE IS A HERO. HIS NAME IS JERMAINE BELL. KNOW HIS NAME.”

There you have it. Having compassion for victims of natural disaster is well received by Americans and American corporations.

Watch the full surprise video below!

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